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Update 1.21: Samuel, Sales & Summer Kestrel

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Do you feel a chill in the air? Maybe it’s the end of Summer season, or maybe it’s the arrival of a new dark mage hero, whose abilities are sure to cast a shadow over the Halcyon Fold. Update 1.21 represents the last opportunities to unlock Summer skins (including new arrivals Summer Party Kestrel and Phinn) and rank up this season. So savor the last of Summer because Autumn is just around the corner…

Introducing the Final Exclusive: Summer Party Kestrel

The last mystery skin to join the fun is Summer Party Kestrel, arriving in-game with Update 1.21.

Skin Highlights

  • Snorkel and flippers for nautical sniping
  • Sushi-hunting spear gun
  • Basic attack fires a harpoon that sprays water and bubbles on impact
  • All-new aqua-missile Glimmershots
  • Active Camo releases a sea mine into a pool of water, bursting and soaking enemies when detonated
  • One Shot, One Soaked enemy!
  • Dolphin-kick sprint animation

How to Unlock Summer Party Kestrel

Unlock this special seasonal skin by collecting 50 cards in the following ways:
  • Get cards from the special Kestrel ICE Box.
  • Unlock directly with ICE
  • Earn Sunlight from matches to level up. (Some Summer levels will automatically give you a Kestrel card.)
  • Claim Daily Summer Chest rewards, which will sometimes include a Summer Kestrel card, especially if you’ve leveled up your chest a lot.
  • Complete Quests: It’s possible you’ll score a Summer Party card in your quest chest.
  • Maybe get really lucky from a Summer Kestrel card drop post-match
  • Card Parties! Play Casual and Ranked matches every weekend until Summer season ends to get guaranteed seasonal cards after wins:
    • Third win = guaranteed Summer Party Krul card
    • Fourth win = guaranteed Summer Party SAW card
    • Fifth win = guaranteed Summer Party Kestrel card
Note: Summer Party Krul and Summer Party SAW are still available and will be until the end of the season.

New Hero

New Mage Hero: Samuel

Samuel is a dark mage who specializes in not only controlling zones, but advancing and breaking them. He is able to create a large creeping field of darkness that both augments his powers and damages foes. As a high damage-per-second hero, he wields two wands with gunslinger-like speed. He also has area of effect, draining and sleep abilities that round out his fearsome arsenal.

Hero Abilities

Corrupted Genius -(Heroic Perk)

After 6 seconds, Samuel’s next basic attack fires a bolt of dark power at the target, dealing bonus crystal damage. This attack restores some health and energy.

Malice & Verdict (A)

Samuel fires two quick shots from his wands at a target location that impact on the first enemy hit. Samuel can move between the shots. If Samuel is standing inside the field from Drifting Dark, this ability is empowered. While empowered, the shots move faster, travel farther, deal additional damage and burst upon impact dealing damage in a small area. In addition, the cooldown for this ability is significantly reduced.

Drifting Dark (B)

Samuel creates a large field of darkness that slowly drifts forward, damaging enemies who stand inside it. If Samuel also stands inside, he heals for a small amount for each affected target.

Oblivion (C)

After a short delay, Samuel summons a phantasm at the target location, which puts nearby enemies to sleep. Enemies inflicted are unable to move or act. Dealing direct damage to a sleeping enemy with an attack or ability will wake them up.

Mastering Samuel: Hero Breakdown

Learn the ins and outs of each of Samuel’s abilities. Plus find out his best hero-comp synergies and how to play against him if you run into him on the Fold.

New Hero Skins

All these skins will be available the moment Update 1.21 arrives. Even better, these skins will be on sale for a limited time. Get ’em now!

Update 1.21 Skins Sale!

  • Summer Party Kestrel 50% off!
  • Broken Doll Alpha Tier II 25% off!
  • North Wind Reim Tier III 25% off!

Summer Party Kestrel (On Sale: 50% Off!)

Broken Doll Alpha Tier II (On Sale: 25% Off!)

North Wind Reim Tier III On Sale: 25% Off!)

Summer Party Phinn (Available Via Special Giveaways)

This bonus Phinn skin is only available through attending Vainglory live events, official social media contests and by visiting your favorite Vainglory community streamers & content creators for special giveaways. Get all the details here.

Skins Sale Event Returns!

Unlock all skins directly with ICE, including Tier II & III. Here’s how to get ’em:
  • Visit the in-game MARKET
  • Select any hero and you’ll see Tier II & Tier III skins with ICE prices!
  • Some Tier I skins also have special discount prices.
  • Limited time only. Act fast.

New Quests & Quest Improvements

New quests offer plenty of opportunities to “Wreck Bots” and complete quests against our new AI-controlled opponents.

New Quest Sequences

  • Kill 4 Bots / Kill 12 Bots / Kill 30 Bots
  • Win 2 Bot Matches / Win 3 Bot Matches / Win 5 Bot Matches
  • Win vs Bots in Battle Royale
  • Win vs Bots in Standard

New Daily quests

  • Win: Co-Op Bots – Standard
  • Win: Co-Op Bots – Battle Royale
  • Win: Any Bot Mode
  • Kill 10 Bots

New conquests

  • New Conquest Quest: Kill 100 bots

Hero Quests

Players told us they’d prefer for this quest type to not be in Ranked because of instalocking. So, we’ve removed it.
  • Hero quests can no longer be completed in Ranked mode
  • Ensured that hero quests can be completed in all bot modes

Community Quests

Because Update 1.21 was a short cycle, we didn’t quite squeeze in any more Community quests, but we have an ever-growing list of player-inspired quests we want to get into the game. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts.

Submit your quests ideas here!
Punchpop will regularly select more to make into real in-game quests.

Considerate Bot Teammates

Now when playing with bot allies, they’ll recognize the hero and position you indicate in Hero Select and respond accordingly. Here’s how it works …
  • Select your hero. The bots will assume you’ll play the default role for that hero. Since SAW is traditionally a laner, for example, the AI will assume you intend to play in that position. So, the bots would select a roam and jungle hero to accommodate you.
  • Select your position. You can optionally choose to declare your role in the lobby and that will override the default settings. Select “SAW” and “roam” and the bots will respond by selecting a lane and jungle hero.

Last Update of Summer Season

The days are getting shorter. With Autumn’s approach, we’re nearing the end of Summer season. Update 1.21 is your last chance to rank up and get summer loot! Play as much as possible because when 1.22 hits, Summer’s over.
  • When the Autumn season begins:
    • Your guild fame will start over
    • Your Summer progression will reset and become new Autumn progression
    • Your Summer chest will reset and become an Autumn Daily Chest
    • You will no longer be able to unlock Summer skins
  • So seize the day and rank up, get fame and unlock those last Summer skins. We’ll have a new Autumn theme to introduce in 1.22!

Hero Balance Changes

"Petals’ munions have benefitted from extra munion classes and should behave more intelligently. Petal’s little pets were a bit too easy to take out, leading to her running into energy issues since re-summoning them could get expensive. —Zekent"
- Fixed stuttering when attacking a fleeing target
- Fixed not returning to Petal after killing their target
- Munion health up from 100-­170­-240­-310­-450 + 25% CP to 100-­180-­260-­340­-500 + 30% CP

"Now that Trampoline spawns a seed, there’s no reason to not learn it at Level 1. That being said, you might not be able to summon all three munions by the time the jungle camps spawn! —Zekent"
- No longer requires Level 2 to learn

Spontaneous Combustion
"Bringing the cooldown of this ability more in line with what it used to be while retaining the control Petal players have over explosions. —Zekent"
- Cooldown per charge down from 35­-30­-25 to 30­-25-­20

"Blackfeather was a bit too easy to take down in the early game and had very low health values late. We’re giving him a bit of a bump in both so that he can focus more heavily on offensive items. —Zekent"
- Base health up from 730­-1340 to 782­-1431

"Providing a bit more sustained damage for a Crystal Blackfeather. This change makes it more important for Crystal Blackfeather to take advantage of his basic attacks while his On Point is down. —Zekent"
- Crystal ratio up from 10% to 15% per stack

On Point
"Sharpened Weapon Blackfeather’s sword a bit but also upped his crystal damage against minions. —Zekent"
- Weapon Ratio up from 50% to 80%
- Minion damage Crystal Ratio up from 50% to 70%

- Health up from 761­-1498 to 792-­1595

"Koshka is that much more dangerous when she can get in-and-out of combat faster. —Zekent"
- Movement speed boost up from 2 to 2.5

Pouncy Fun
"Continuing to lean into a get-in-and-get-out assassin playstyle, which should make Koshka much more dynamic in teamfights. —Zekent"
- Cooldown down from 9.0­-8.5­-8.0-­7.5-­7.0 to 8.0-­7.5­-7.0­-6.5­-6.0
- Crystal ratio up from 100% to 120%

Twirly Death
"By bumping up the duration of empowered attacks, Koshka has more burst potential. —Zekent"
- Cooldown down from 8.0­-7.5-­7.0-­6.5­-6.0 to 6­-6­-6-­6­-5
- Duration of empowered attacks up from 5 to 10 seconds

Bright Bulwark
"This ability was intended to be a clutch deterrent to mobility options — not a persistent field that prevents heroes from utilizing their kits. —Zekent"
- Duration down from 2.5 to 2.0

"With other powerful mages in the mix, Celeste’s Heliogenesis needed to be more effective. —Zekent"
- Minion damage changed from 120-­140-­160-­180-­200 + 20% CR to 120-­145­-170-195­-220 + 25% CR

"Lance has evolved into more of a utility roamer, so we are updating his recommended build to match that playstyle. —Zekent"
- Changed recommended items from crystal to utility

Combat Roll
"While Combat Roll has proved to be an important part of Lance’s positioning in battle, being able to back it up with some more damage should grant him more battlefield threat. —Zekent"
- Bonus damage up from 50-­100-­150 to 80­-140­-200

"While Crystal Kestrel is quite strong in certain team compositions, Weapon Kestrel has a more reliable kit and is more effective in most situations. —Zekent"
- Changed recommended items from crystal to weapon

Item Changes

Protector Contract
"More clutch saves? Sounds good to me! —Zekent"
- Charge time down from 20 to 15 seconds

Dragonblood Contract
"While Dragonblood Contract was a good option for dishing out some early game aggression, it took too long to get stacks back, making it tough to justify. —Zekent"
- Charge time down from 40 to 25 seconds
- Cooldown down from 15 to 10 seconds

Serpent Mask
"While the lifesteal granted by Serpent Mask was powerful, it was still overlooked for other high damage options by most weapon carries. —Zekent"
- Base weapon damage up from 75 to 85

Bug Fixes

  • Skaarf’s Dragon Breath will no longer unintentionally silence items for the duration of the ability
  • Targeting rings will no longer stay up for items after the item was activated
  • Fortress’ wolves will no longer stutter when attacking a fleeing target.
  • Bots will no longer buy multiple pairs of boots
  • SAW’s gun barrel will spin up properly
  • Krul’s perk will no longer visually appear to be permanently activated
  • Krul’s sword will properly disappear from his chest while it is in flight
  • You will no longer be granted ambient gold for a single kill if multiple minions/monsters died simultaneously

Summer won’t last forever. Be sure to take advantage of the last days of Sunlight, check out new mage hero Samuel and unlock the many awesome Summer rewards while you still can!
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