Vainglory Heroes

Coming Soon: ‘Baewitched’ Celeste & ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Petal (Special Editions)

by Dash on September 29, 2016
Vainglory has been cast into darkness by Petal’s eternal enemy, the Bleekos! Introducing the new Special Edition versions of ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Petal and ‘Baewitched’ Celeste — spooky new designs based on the original Limited Edition favorites.

‘Pumpkin Spice’ Petal (Special Editions)

Model Changes:
  • Special edition change: White pumpkin head with stitched mouth
  • Special edition change: Stripes and curlicue tentacles
  • Flesh-eating fruit Murgle with crazy eyes
  • Tombstone seeds
  • Skeleton munions
  • Candlelit spookiness

‘Baewitched’ Celeste (Special Editions)

Model Changes:
  • Special edition change: “Good” witch white dress
  • Broom-ride sprint
  • Cauldrons drop from the sky, bubble and explode into supernovas
  • Magic circle Core Collapse

How To Get These Special Edition Skins

Upon release, these Special Edition Petal and Celeste skins will be available in the Market for Opals only.

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'Apprentice' Samuel Is Coming Soon!

by Dash on September 28, 2016

What if, rather than fostering with Lyra, Samuel was sent to the Mage Academy for his instruction? ‘Apprentice’ Samuel is a student of Nethermagic, ready to take the reins from the Headmistress.

Skin Highlights:

  • Wool coat emblazoned with the Gythian Mage Academy’s emblem
  • Wand holster with baldric
  • Krakenshell spectacles

Alternate Fate Lore: The Door at the Top of the Stair

By SugarVenom

On the cold Haunting Night, the students at the Gythian Mage Academy tucked up in bed with hot bricks by their feet and fires glowing in the hearths, their doors locked. The most provincial students had shoved bureaus and chairs up against the doors, as if that would protect them.

Not Samuel. He had not even unbuttoned his uniform wool coat. His wand, Malice, was snuggled in his buckled baldric. At lights out he’d pulled his quilt up to his chin and waited, listening into the dark, until he heard the girl-ghost’s whisper: The supervisor’s poured his drink. He won’t bother you now.

In the pitch black he unfolded his spectacles and crept through the academy where he’d lived since he...
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