Vainglory Heroes

‘Broken Doll’ Alpha Tier II Is Here!

by Dash on August 25, 2016

Dig deeper into the toy box to discover ‘Broken Doll’ Alpha Tier II, the pretty-prettiest of the dollies with a plan to save a little girl …

Check Out Her In-Game Footage:

Skin Highlights

  • New scissors weapon!
  • Pretty-pretty dress
  • Golden dolly joints
  • Shiny bows on her shiny booties
  • Fancy lady’s top hat

Tier II Alternate Fate: Pretty-Pretty

You think she’ll come back to us? You’re dumb. She can’t come back know why? Because she can hear the quiet inside voices of the grownups and grownups are afraid, so they make her stay in a little room with a little window.

You have just that ugly jacket but I have the pretty-pretty dress and the pretty-pretty hair so I’m the prettiest so I’m in charge and we aren’t going to wait any more. You take your knife and I’ll take this sharp thing I found in Mama’s sewing room and we will go to the Bad Place and save her from the Bad People and if they try to stop us we will put our sharp things into their soft-soft eyes, and she will never have to eat the candy again, and we will play house just her and us dollies forever and ever and…...
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Super Evil Heads To Seattle: PAX West & North America Summer Live Championships

by Dash on August 25, 2016

Super Evil Megacorp is coming to Seattle! We are excited to announce the North American Summer Live Championships and our participation in PAX West 2016. From Sept. 2-5, the Super Evil Team will be joining Twitch’s booth on the convention floor. Drop by to say hi to Vainglory’s developers and streamers, and then join us at the North America Summer Live Championships hosted just down the street at Amazon’s HQ!

PAX Details & Fun:

  • Unlock the Summer Party Phinn skin at our booth!
  • Sign up to get our newest hero, Samuel, for free!
  • The first 50 people at the Twitch booth each day will get a Vainglory drawstring bag.
  • Find our Lyra cosplayer, tweet a picture with her with the hashtag #VaingloryPAX16 to win a Vainglory shirt.
  • Tweet #VaingloryPAX16 for a chance to win ICE and prizes!
  • Meet the devs: Zekent, PlayoffBeard, EvilFinn, ReadyPlayer1, TheRealKrul and streamers ShinKaigan, WattieX, unseenoutlaw and Cr4zyDoc.
  • Your PAX badge includes free entrance to the NA Summer Live Championships, or tickets are available to the championships independently on...
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