Vainglory Heroes

Coming In Update 2.3: Charms Preview & All-Access Passes

by Dash on March 24, 2017

A new Update is on the horizon and with it a whole bunch of new features. What sort of features you ask? Well how about taunts, dances, and emotes. But that's not all there are a whole lot more features coming in the Update 2.3 including Passes(the replacement for Boosts). To learn more check out the official release below.

Charms & All-Access Passes

In our recent “Developer Update: A Look Into 2017” video, we showed the first glimpse of Talents — a major new system in progress. Talents will be felt throughout the app, and the underlying work going into it unlocks a world of new possibilities. A number of new incoming features resulted from Talents tech, and we’re previewing two of them in Update 2.3: Charms & Passes.

Taunt, Dance & Emote With ‘Charms’

Charms brings new options for personalizing your reactions during matches by expanding the social pings menu. Players who acquire a Charms Pass temporarily unlock a new emote option that does three things:
  • Performs a custom taunt animation: Each hero has a unique animation players can use to express themselves, whether that’s putting the exclamation point on triple kill or...
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Introducing The Epic ‘Elite Force’ Baron Skin!

by Dash on March 22, 2017

Look to the skies! Elite Force Baron is spreading his fiery wings as he makes his way to the Halcyon Fold, and he's ready to set off a few explosions. To learn more about the new Baron skin, check out the official release below.

‘Elite Force’ Baron descends with wings of fire into the Halcyon Well to find his scout overwhelmed by Churn Worms!

Check Him Out In Game:

Model & Effect Changes
  • Black and gold exo-armor
  • Flight helmet with holographic display
  • Thrusters ignite to create flaming plasma ion wings when Jump Jets are in use
  • Multi-ordinance launcher

Alternate Fate Lore: Disarm!

By Sugarvenom

Twenty meters down the Halcyon Well, Baron’s navigation and communication systems malfunctioned. He watched the HUD on his visor flash with readouts as he descended, his thrusters burning, into the glowing blue crystal cave. “Manual override,” he said, and the rocket launchers, porcupine mortars and ion...
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