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Coming Soon: ‘Shiro Kage’ Taka Tier III!

by Dash on October 26, 2016

At long last, ‘Shiro Kage’ Taka Tier III X-Retsus onto The Halcyon Fold! This is our most technologically advanced skin to date, featuring new effects, animations, lore and an awesome new visual effect when his Ki stacks hit max.

‘Shiro Kage’ Taka Tier III Model Changes:

  • Wild winter fur
  • Samurai armor
  • Bone switchblades
  • Kaku turns Taka into a tanuki statue

Special Effects & Animation Changes:

  • At full Ki stacks, Taka’s look transforms with new glowing, flaming effects
  • New Kaiten flip
  • Updated X-Retsu attack
  • New powerful recall
  • Basic attacks even more vicious!

Alternate Fates Lore: The Unloved Dead

By Sugarvenom

The legend of the Shiro Kage grew as winter settled upon House Kamuha. Maza sent her best assassins after the shadow that plagued her, but only their heads returned. She hired bounty hunters, but the enemy had been tracked to the Tangled Wood, and everyone feared the unloved dead who lived there. The rumor grew...
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