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‘Summer Party’ Krul Hype!

by Dash on June 22, 2016

The first skin to join the fun is Summer Party Krul, arriving in-game June 24. You can unlock this seasonal skin with ICE or through collecting special Summer Krul cards from post-match spoils, chests, a special ICE box and Summer events.

Alternate Fates: ‘Summer Party’ Krul Lore

In the hour after the patrol of dawn, when the sun rose and the groms and the kooks crowded the whitewater, as the wind chopped and sprayed the waves, I paddled the surfboard of doom toward shore in a rush for crunchy sustenance. In the deep sandy trench I saw it: a gliding fin rising off the surface, a carnivorous monster hunting its prey: a snorkeling damsel just under the surface.

My last heartbeats pounded in terror as I, without a thought for my life, dropped into the next wave and snaked in between the beast and distressed lady. I carved the face and caught air, landing the board square between the bladed jaws of my horror. Thanks to my shredding expertise, that lady lives to this day.

I was not graced thus by fate. In my tangle with the great shark, my bitten board was thrust into my heart and my life damned ever after.

Not for thanks did I this heroic deed, but for my lost honor.
To be...
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Lyra Lore II: ‘The First Mistake’

by Dash on June 21, 2016

‘The First Mistake’

Lyra’s replacement arrives in Trostan…

Remarkable, Lyra thought, how quickly the settlers had mixed Gythian with the rough syllables of the Grangor tongue to create the language of Trostanian. Lyra never deigned to speak it, but understanding Trostanian was essential in the multicultural port town, no matter what garish throaty things it did to the lyrical Gythian syllables. Only five years ago, her barriers had melted the Halcyon glacier and already the settlement had become a growing, respectable town. Dockside inns filled to bursting with taxpaying travelers seeking their crystal fortune, adding their native nomenclature to the evolving language. On the docks, sailors called to one another in fluent Trostanian as they passed crates down the ramps from the ships’ tenders to the docks.

Lyra, escorted by her Grangor guide, disciplined her expression into sobriety, but her eyes shone as they darted around the dock. Golden-cloaked Gythian soldiers emerged from a tender hefting ornate chests and crates. With an impatient but formal gesture of greeting she approached the most decorated of the soldiers, a silver-templed man holding the hand of a small boy. “I was told my replacement would be of the...
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