Vainglory Heroes

Celebrate With Five Special Edition ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf Skins!

by Dash on January 23, 2017

This Lunar New Year, Vainglory celebrates with FIVE vibrant ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins. Choose between Red, Blue, Green and Purple, or purchase the special Sparkler Skaarf bundle in the Market to get a bonus Gold Sparkler skin included!

Model Changes:

  • FIVE different body colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and GOLD!
  • Swirly-curly dragon dance designs
  • Awesome new dragon horns

Effects Changes:

  • Bright sparking basic attacks
  • Firework-shooting Spitfire with explosion pop on impact
  • Firecrackers pile in highly combustible Goop.
  • Lighting the Goop on fire ignites the fireworks!
  • Breathes in sparking Dragon Breath, exhales huge colorful flame with trailing smoke and streaming spirals

How To Get The Skins:

The special Gold Sparkler Skaarf can only be acquired through the five-skin bundle or from a very lucky open of a Mystery Chest. In future updates, Sparkler Skaarf skins will be introduced to the Opals Market, but expect an extremely high Opals cost on the Gold Sparkler skin.

The ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins will become available on Jan....
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Join Vainglory’s Lunar New Year Celebration

by Dash on January 20, 2017

The Lunar New Year is coming! To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, Vainglory is offering big discounts, bonuses and giveaways to start your year off right. This includes a “Twice the ICE” bundle with some of the best savings on ICE for the entire year as well as Mystery Chest Key bundles to give you discounted chances at skins, heroes and hitting those sought-after jackpots! Plus, Vainglory welcomes the return of “Red Envelope” giveaways that reward you every day you open the app during the Lunar New Year celebration. Read on for all of the details …

Lunar New Year Ice Promotion

Awesome ICE bundles available for the Lunar New Year Celebration. Limited time only!

WHEN: Jan. 22 until Feb. 5 at 4PM PST

Unlock special Lunar New Year ICE bundles! Get “Twice the ICE” for a discounted price or purchase the “ICE + Opal + Epic Key” bundle to get a brand-new Epic Mystery Chest Key. The new Epic Mystery Chest guarantees a skin and a hero in every chest and a chance at a 1 million ICE jackpot! With unprecedented payouts, grab your Epic Mystery Chest Keys now!
  • One-time only “Twice the ICE” bundle 1300 + 1300 = 2600 ICE for $9.99.
  • One-time only...
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Update 2.1 Notes: Blitz Mode Beta & Epic Mystery Chest!

by Dash on January 18, 2017
New Blitz Mode beta offers Vainglory's first five-minute gameplay mode. Plus, there's a new Epic Mystery Chest to unlock with an unprecedented 1 million ICE jackpot, a new Supporter Badge, a new Lunar New Year map skin, new hero skins and much more. Let's check it out...

New Mode: Blitz Beta

Blitz Beta is a new gameplay format designed for short, five-minute sessions. It is still very much in development and will likely evolve with time, based on community feedback.

Let's say you have a set amount of time to play a game. Maybe you're on a bus and your stop is coming up or you're waiting in line at the movies. Wouldn't it be great to be able to jump into Vainglory and know exactly how much time it would take to finish a match? That's the thinking behind Blitz. Whereas Battle Royale and Casual matches are objective-based and can go on indefinitely, Blitz is the first mode in Vainglory to have a countdown timer and a definitive end. Now, you...
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