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Update 1.18 Notes: Lance, Quests & Chests

by Dash on May 23, 2016

Lance (Roam/Tank)

With his unique polearm-and-shield combat style, Lance breaks enemy lines and creates opportunities for allies. Lance can build crystal or utility items to excel in his role as a protector, or he can build weapon items to deal more damage during battle.

Lance Early-Access Period

Lance will be unlockable with ICE only for the first 7 days. Afterward, you will be able to unlock Lance with ICE or Glory.


Partisan’s Technique (Heroic Perk)

Lance’s basic attacks damage every target along their path. However, his attacks are slow to land and attack speed is less effective on him. Instead of energy, Lance uses stamina to activate his abilities. Purchasing items with energy and energy regeneration increases his stamina and stamina regeneration.

Impale (A)

Lance strikes through his opponents, dealing weapon damage and rooting them in place. If this attack hits at least one enemy, Lance will immediately recover from the ability. Overdrive: If this hits an enemy, it also resets the cooldown of Combat Roll.

Gythian Wall...

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Skins Release Schedule: May 27 - June 17

by Dash on May 18, 2016
Find new skins in the Vainglory Market every Friday.

May 27

Supersonic Skye Tier I & II

June 3

Star Queen Celeste Tier III

June 12

Dynasties Blackfeather Tier I

June 17

Supersonic Skye Tier III

Keep an eye on the in-game News section for official skin lore, dev interviews and in-game skin reveals.
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