Vainglory Heroes

Brand New Special Edition 'Red Lantern' Gwen & Reza!

by PsiGuard on February 15, 2018

‘Red Lantern’ Reza & Gwen guard the doors to the Netherworld in their alternate fate lore.
Participate in the 2018 Red Lantern Event to determine the outcome of the story!

'Red Lantern' Gwen

Model & Effects Changes:
  • Conical hat with steel point & openings for bunny ears
  • Red silk-wrapped ponytail tipped with a red lantern
  • Red cheongsam dress with flower detail and heart cutout
  • Pink cowgirl boots with gold dragon detail
  • Light pink socks with red silk ribbon
  • New year dragon revolver
  • Firework-firing crossbow
  • Lucky red envelope for Aces High ability

'Red Lantern' Reza

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Update 3.0 (Sovereign's Rise)

by PsiGuard on February 13, 2018

It has finally arrived. Vainglory 5v5 is the last puzzle piece in the vision of what Vainglory was always meant to be — and we’re so excited to NOW put this category-defining experience in your hands. It’s a milestone four years in the making, and we’re so grateful you’ve taken this journey with us. See you on the Rise!

Vainglory 5v5

Vainglory 5v5 is finally here! This new map and mode includes a ton of additions and alterations to the classic Vainglory experience. Beware of the Vain's new defenses, including Halcyon Missiles and Rupture Cascades. Six new items come to the mode, including shiny new teleport boots which can beam you to allied locations on the map. New jungle monsters grant orbs of power that are dropped on death and can be picked up by another hero.

Apart from the added content, Vainglory 5v5 offers a new strategic experience for players. With 3 lanes, 10 heroes, an expansive jungle, more objectives and completely free camera controls, there’s many more opportunities to outthink your opponents to claim victory. Employ new team-wide strategies to catch your...
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