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Welcome New VaingloryFire Admins!

by PsiGuard on April 12, 2019
Hey guys! It's my pleasure to introduce some of my fellow team members who will be helping out around VaingloryFire starting today.

Wayne3100 is the master of attention to detail and will be taking care of patch updates, adding new heroes, and just generally keeping our databases spick and span.

Hades4u has a passion for running events that bring the community together, and he will be bringing that passion to VaingloryFire by running community events and site giveaways.

miyari might not be seen on-site too much, but she will be managing our Twitter and Facebook pages - so that she can share your awesome creations with the Vainglory community at large and let them see that we’re here to help!

Please welcome Wayne3100, Hades4u, and miyari to VaingloryFire...
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Update 4.1 - Start of Spring Season

by PsiGuard on March 13, 2019


'Yin Yang' San Feng (Rare)

'Exoframe' Skye (Legendary)

'Dark Siren' Lorelai (Epic)

'Tidal Enchantress' Lyra (Legendary)

'Contender' Alpha (Limited Edition)

All players that achieved a rank of Tier 6 or higher during the Winter 2018-2019 Season will earn the new Contender Alpha Skin. Check your Chests & Keys inventory for the special Chest containing this Limited Edition skin!

New Collectibles

Spring Season is here and what better way to celebrate than a shiny new Spring themed social ping Pack! Look in your Bag for a preview of these cuties once the update goes live....
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So Long, Battle Pass, and Thanks for All the Sunlight

by PsiGuard on March 7, 2019

Let’s just jump into this. The current Battle Pass and its structure isn’t living up to your – the players’ – expectations. And honestly, it isn’t what we wanted the Battle Pass to be when we first set out to create it. Phew! Don’t we all feel better now that we said that out loud?

Ultimately, we tried to design a Battle Pass that was an easy decision players could make to add value and meaningful progression to their time playing Vainglory, but due to several factors including:
  • 3 months long and tied to seasons
  • 100 levels of specific rewards with no clear guidance on how to advance
  • Rewards being only relevant to a subset of players
  • Confusing Sunlight currency

as well as a large variety of currencies & items in the game that can and needed to be given as rewards, the playerbase understandably never viewed the Battle Pass as the slam-dunk decision we intended it to be. As a result we were left spending an inordinate amount of time and effort designing and maintaining a system that you, the players, simply didn’t engage with or find much value in.

As of Update 4.1, the current Battle Pass and Sunlight systems as we know them will not be renewed for Spring Season.

Moving forward, we’re updating our...
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