Vainglory Heroes

Celebrate the Joy Festival with the Special Edition 'Mall Santa' Reim!

by PsiGuard on December 8, 2017

What gifts do you want for Joy Festival? Head to the mall and tell Santa! Read on to learn more about ‘Mall Santa’ Reim and guess who’s making their Joy Festival wishes in the all-new lore!

Model Changes:
  • Bushy white beard
  • Cozy red, fur-lined costume with Santa hat, white gloves and black boots
  • Mistletoe in case of kisses
  • Santa and Rudolph in one! Glowing nose and antlers for foggy Joy Festival Eves
  • Candy cane staff wrapped with blinking, multi-colored festival lights!

Alternate Fate Lore: Whaddya Want?

Alright kid, whaddya want? Keep it snappy. Got a long line of drippy-nosed kids behind you and the store is closing. Catnip, a ball of yarn and a laser pointer? Can’t say I’ve heard that one before, but who’m I to judge? Off you go. Yeah yeah yeah, Happy Joy Festival.

We got robot kids coming through now? Fine; whaddya want? To be a real girl again? These kids today expecting miracles. You’re getting a dolly,...
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Announcing the 2017 Vainglory Worlds Wallpaper Contest

by PsiGuard on December 1, 2017

The amount of jaw-dropping talent oozing from Vainglory community never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to fan art. Starting today, you’ll have a chance to win awesome in-game loot by showing off your best artistic work ahead of the 2017 Vainglory World Championship. Read on for more details …

How it Works

From November 29 – December 5, send us your original Vainglory Worlds wallpapers. Your submissions can be themed around anything from the event and EACH SUBMISSION will have a chance to win an EPIC MYSTERY KEY. One winner from EVERY REGION will be selected on December 10.

This Vainglory Worlds, which you can watch LIVE from December 14 – 17 at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore or via, will be the biggest moment in Vainglory history, including marquee matchups from some of your favorite professional teams as well as the global unveiling of Vainglory 5V5 in an epic showmatch. It’s not an event you want to miss!

Official Rules

  • You must follow our...
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