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Look Ahead: What to Expect from Vainglory in January and February

by PsiGuard on January 8, 2018

Vainglory’s next two updates will usher in a new era, with the release of 5V5 Early Access and the public worldwide release in milestone Update 3.0. But there are other large changes coming to Vainglory as well, including a UI revamp, an account level cap increase, an entirely overhauled skins system and changes to skins pricing. Here is an information megapack on what to expect in the coming months. …

Update 2.12 & Milestone 3.0 Plans

Please note that Vainglory does not control the app approval process and timing, and we also always reserve the right to push back release dates based on QA and technical assessments. All dates are approximations.

Update 2.12

  • Expected release: Jan. 29-31
  • Highlights:

Golden Tickets

  • Golden Ticketholders gain in-game Early Access to Vainglory 5V5! This is different from our Alpha testing environment you saw unveiled at the World Championship and may have seen in videos from teams and YouTube creators since. We will continue to invite more players who...
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