Vainglory Heroes

Introducing the Legendary 'Tea Party' Petal

by PsiGuard on April 9, 2018

‘Tea Party’ Petal is hosting the most exclusive party since the Dark Parade – just make sure to obey her rules!

Model Changes:
  • Queenly red and gold dress with heart detail
  • Gold and red crown with heart-tipped antenna
  • Gold scepter topped with a heart-shaped ruby
  • Brambleboom seeds are now white roses that have been painted red!
  • Playing card munions with chomping heart faces and Vainglory logo backs
  • Bouncing, flowery, pink and gold tea cup Murgle vehicle

Effects & Animation Changes:
  • All new suite of animations!
  • In brush, teacup rolls to the edge of its saucer for safe peeking
  • Jumps and attacks with pink sparkly sunlight from scepter
  • Munion cards run, spin & chomp, and float to their deaths
  • Cards Spontaneously Combust with an explosion of red rose petals
  • Bouncy teacup run with royal battle charge sprint!
  • Leaps, spins & holds scepter aloft while recalling
  • Scratches under her crown with her scepter
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