Vainglory Heroes

Update 3.10: Ylva, the Northern Wolf

by PsiGuard on January 22, 2019

Ylva the Northern Wolf

A northern huntress that stalks her prey while preparing the perfect ambush with stealth traps and surprising damage.

Hero Abilities

Hunter's Sense (Perk)

Ylva can detect the location and movement direction of enemy heroes through walls and brush, as long as they are moving and within her vision range.

Charge Shot (A)

Ylva charges her weapon, causing her next basic attack to deal bonus damage based on the time spent charging. After it reaches full charge the attack will also stun. While active, Ylva is slowed. Reactivate to cancel.
Overdrive: At max rank, the time it takes to reach full charge is reduced.

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3.9 Winter Battle Pass: Staying Lit

by PsiGuard on December 12, 2018



Winter Season brings some exciting changes to the Battle Pass & seasonal Sunlight progression system!


While we felt pretty good about the rewards players could earn in Autumn 2018, we heard that some players weren’t feeling like the Battle Pass was a good pickup until pretty late in the season. We want Battle Pass to feel like a no-brainer from the start, so we’re making sure that the Winter Battle Pass has awesome rewards throughout – and much earlier!

We’re adding a brand-new skin at Battle Pass Level 1: Masquerade Magnus (Rare). Masquerade Magnus will remain exclusive to the Battle Pass throughout the Winter Season. You’ll also start getting cooler stuff sooner — For example, Gold Chests, not available until level 69 in Autumn, are available in this season’s Battle Pass starting at level 21! We also heard from players that they had too much Essence and not enough Blueprints, so we added some Blueprints (one Rare, one Epic, and one Legendary) to the Battle Pass and two additional Blueprints chests to the Free Pass. As always, the Battle...
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Update 3.9: Magnus, the Arcane Prince

by PsiGuard on December 10, 2018

Magnus the Arcane Prince

A powerful arcanist with a penchant for Arcane Magic decimating enemies from afar!

Hero Abilities

Arcane Rite (Perk)

Whenever an enemy is hit by any of Magnus’ abilities, they are afflicted with an Arcane Mark for 4s. Magnus’ abilities have additional effects when hitting marked enemies. Additionally, Magnus can basic attack a marked target to consume the mark, exploding it for bonus crystal damage.

Mystic Missile (A)

Magnus fires a magic missile in the target direction, dealing crystal damage to the first target hit. Hitting an enemy with Arcane Mark scatters the missile, dealing crystal damage to all nearby enemies.

Chrono Driver (B)

Magnus sends a disc of time in the target direction that returns to him, dealing crystal damage to all targets it passes through. Enemies with Arcane Mark are briefly...
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