Vainglory Heroes

Hotfixing Tension Bow + Mid-Update Balance Realignment

by PsiGuard on November 7, 2018
Source by Wolf_Hands

Update 3.8 came with some big shifts in the meta meant to push Vainglory towards a new direction (clearer roles, rewarding active and skillful gameplay choices, etc.). With so many moving parts, we’ve been keen on monitoring the data from our backend and, just as important, listening to player feedback through all sources.

Some of the changes implemented in 3.8 didn’t quite hit the mark though. With a longer patch period, we are introducing some further adjustments to shift the meta. That way we can bring everyone that more interesting, strategic, and ultimately, more fun game we promised.

With all this in mind, we pushed out a hotfix to address Tension Bow immediately and then in the coming weeks will deploy a mid-update balance realignment – Update 3.8.5 – to get the meta back on track towards our goals and tackle some pain areas.

Tension Bow Hotfix

We’ve completed testing on a hotfix for Tension Bow and felt it was critical to push this change out sooner rather than later. Changes include:...
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Sunlight for Darkening Days

by PsiGuard on November 5, 2018

Everyone get hyped for Battle Pass!

Between now and the end of the season we have lined up in rapid succession; a series of events to get you through the darkest of days. That’s right friends; Sunlight is coming!


Over the next six weekends; you will find events showcasing ways to earn huge amounts of bonus Sunlight! At least three weekends will include Sunlight bonuses in Spoils of War. Other weekends will feature custom-tailored events bursting with Sunlight. You could say they’re lit.

This weekend we will be kicking off with the 100 Point Challenge where you’ll earn points by playing matches (points vary per match). Unlock a special reward for every 25 points you earn. Pace yourselves, as this event runs from Nov 2 until Nov 12 at 4PM PST! (find additional details on the events tab in game!)

The grind to Battle Pass Level 100 is a struggle! If you’re one of the players who has already reached the top, well done! You’ll receive a Spoils of War key when each challenge begins. If you’re still working towards the top—we’ll be raining sunlight every weekend to...
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Update 3.8: Inara the Protector of the Forest

by PsiGuard on October 12, 2018

Thank you for bearing with us for two more weeks while we focus on quality improvements for this update cycle! We are continuing work on several features that will come out over the next few months that will make a big impact to the game experience, but we’re excited to share things we were able to accomplish for this update.

Let’s meet our new hero, Inara, the Protector of the Forest first, followed by some new seasonal skins and collectables. We will also take a quick look at the new unified lobbies in Brawl modes, and finally the first round of changes in the 3.8 meta.

Inara the Protector of the Forest

Wielding her dual glaives, Inara thrives in the jungle with boosted movement speed and vision empowered by the treants native to Sovereign’s Rise and the Halcyon Fold. Playing as Inara, the jungle is uniquely your home more than any other hero, so be on the look out for opportunities to take out enemies foolish enough to wander into your domain, or go on a little adventure to steal the bounty of the treants in the enemy jungle! Because, why not?!

Inara is only unlockable with...
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