Vainglory Heroes

Update 3.1 Notes: Play Tony, 5v5 Ranked & Draft

by PsiGuard on March 14, 2018

Update 3.1 is jam-packed with awesome new content you’re sure to love: Taunt and pummel your enemies with the new dwarven brawler, Tony; challenge yourself to achieve your highest rank ever in Spring season; and, for the very first time, dominate your opponents to advance your rank on Sovereign’s Rise with 5V5 Ranked & Draft mode. Get all the Update 3.1 details below. …

New Hero: Tony

Tony is a dwarven brawler who taunts and pummels enemies. Lock down your opponents to help your team land devastating wombo combos, or use his abilities in quick succession to deal massive damage.

Tony Hero + Skin Bundle

Tony is unlockable with ICE only for the first seven days; alternatively, get him and his brand-new ‘Steam Knight’ (Rare) skin in a bundle for 1275 ICE, a 15% discount off the ICE price of both. After the first seven days, you’ll be able to unlock Tony with ICE or Glory.

Hero Abilities

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The Guardian Emerges: The Epic 'Anubis' Baptiste!

by PsiGuard on March 6, 2018

The Horus King has called the Sun God for help, but to escape the Lost Temple, they must face the Guardian: ‘Anubis’ Baptiste!

Model & Effects Changes:
  • Bladed ankh staff with snake details
  • Canine skull & spine headdress with gold details
  • Ankh earrings
  • Metal claws
  • Gold arm cuffs
  • Linen shendyt skirt with gold belt
  • Canine leg bone armor
  • Fearsome mummy shades with green & purple glowing ankh headpins crawl through scarab-infested sand
  • Throws canopic jars filled with skittering scarabs for ‘Bad Mojo’ ability

Permission to Pass

The sealed tombs opened in glowing clouds of ancient, choking sand, skittering with scarabs. The Horus King and the Sun God raced through the mastaba toward the thin light of the temple’s entrance as the growls grew ever louder behind them. The temple door blazed into view, then darkened with the shape of the Guardian. A terrifying laugh echoed around them.

“You have entered the obelisk of the...
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