Vainglory Heroes

Update 3.8: Inara the Protector of the Forest

by PsiGuard on October 12, 2018

Thank you for bearing with us for two more weeks while we focus on quality improvements for this update cycle! We are continuing work on several features that will come out over the next few months that will make a big impact to the game experience, but we’re excited to share things we were able to accomplish for this update.

Let’s meet our new hero, Inara, the Protector of the Forest first, followed by some new seasonal skins and collectables. We will also take a quick look at the new unified lobbies in Brawl modes, and finally the first round of changes in the 3.8 meta.

Inara the Protector of the Forest

Wielding her dual glaives, Inara thrives in the jungle with boosted movement speed and vision empowered by the treants native to Sovereign’s Rise and the Halcyon Fold. Playing as Inara, the jungle is uniquely your home more than any other hero, so be on the look out for opportunities to take out enemies foolish enough to wander into your domain, or go on a little adventure to steal the bounty of the treants in the enemy jungle! Because, why not?!

Inara is only unlockable with...
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Update 3.7: Yates the Reclaimer

by PsiGuard on September 4, 2018

Autumn season has arrived! Log in to collect your end-of-season Summer payouts — including a FREE ‘Contender’ Kestrel Skin if you reached Credible Threat Bronze. Then, pull in unsuspecting victims with the armored commander, Yates the Reclaimer. Looking for a new skin? Check out Yates’ brilliant ‘Crimson Wolf’ Rare skin or the futuristic and chic Legendary ‘Cyber’ Krul. Want to add a lil’ flair to a skin you already own? Craft a Hat for it in your Player Inventory! Read on for all the details…

Yates the Reclaimer: Sidestep or Get Rekt

Hailing from the frigid lands of Campestria, Yates is a Captain who specializes in reeling in unsuspecting victims with his A ability, Wolf’s Maw.

Follow up a successful Wolf’s Maw with a stun and your high-powered carries will delete anyone who’s too slow on the sidestep or Reflex Block.

OP engagements aren’t Yates’ only trick, though, as he is an impactful crowd controller: Keep enemies in check with his B ability, Overwhelm, to create a shockwave in the area around him, stunning affected enemies.

Provide emergency assistance or engage from across Sovereign’s Rise or Halcyon Fold by using Yates’ ultimate ability, Iron Mandate, to leap to any location on the map, slowing and damaging any enemies you land...
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The Vainglory Heroes Are Getting Ready for the Autumn Season Party

by PsiGuard on August 30, 2018

Autumn is Almost Here

This summer has been great, but we can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for the Autumn Season! Celebrate the start of the season with us by dressing our heroes for the party: use different types of hats and, if you want, add some confetti or serpentines.

You have until Monday 10th, September at 5PM PDT to send us your original work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After that, we will be selecting all winners and announce them during the following week.

The Awesome Rewards:

  • Ten entries will be selected globally as staff favorites and will receive the hero for update 3.7 and all Update 3.7 skins.
  • Three entries will be randomly selected regionally and will receive 1000 ICE each
Drawing is not your thing? Don’t worry! Be sure to engage with as many entries as you can on Social Media. For the ten global winners, we will be selecting a random winner who has liked their entry – a total of ten random winners will get 250 ICE each! (Be sure to have your IGN as a comment or on your profile)

Official Rules:

  • Include #Vainglory #VaingloryArt #HatsOn
  • You post must not start with...
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