Vainglory Heroes

Check Out the Rare 'Heartless' Alpha

by PsiGuard on January 18, 2018

The Tin Queen’s friends have come to save her from a misguided uprising. Discover the finale to this three-part story with ‘Heartless’ Alpha!

Model Changes:
  • New tin body with bronze filigree detailing
  • Funnel hat
  • Beautiful face, red hair & red bow paint job
  • Axe with red blade & missing heart

Read Part One: The Theft of the Wizard’s Brew
Read Part Two: The True Conspiracy

Part Three: Melting Day

The lion and the scarecrow followed a line of marching minions, each carrying a bowl of ice cream, to the tin castle’s tin courtyard. Tin flowers bloomed all around a tin fountain from which steaming coffee bubbled. At the top of the fountain stood the Tin Queen of the West....
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