Are You Ready to Reim-ble? [2.1] by G01d3n

Are You Ready to Reim-ble? [2.1]

By: G01d3n
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017
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Build: G01d3n's Reim Build

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Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

Are you ready to Reim-ble? Oh how I love lame puns.

This guide is for Reim as a Jungler for update 2.1.

I honestly don't see him viable in Lane or as a Captain, but feel free to write your own guide if you disagree.

Let me introduce myself to previous and new viewers of this guide:

❃ IGN (In Game Username): G01d3n
❃ Highest Ranked Tier: Simply Amazing (Silver)
❃ Main Heroes: Reim, Crystal SAW, Weapon Baron

Be warned, this is a very detailed guide, but I've tried to simplify it as much as possible.

Now then... Let's get moving.

Latest Update Top



The next big update after the biggest update. A bunch of jungle updates and balancing for heroes.


❃ No Changes to Reim (AGAIN???)
❃ New Jungle Changes
❃ Bunch of Hero Balancing

My Overall Thoughts:

❃ Jungle monsters spawning 10 seconds later will change how Reim rotates.
Reim has a good chance of getting the first Jungle Treant that spawns.
Reim is still one of the heroes that can take on the even more powerful Crystal Miner.

Guide Update Top



❃ Updating for the major update 2.1.
❃ Currently editing Crystal Junglers in the Matchups section.
❃ Added new section: Poisoned Shiv VS Aftershock.

Updated Sections:

❃ Pros and Cons
❃ Fighting Tips
❃ Matchups (Weapon and Crystal)
❃ Gameplay (All Sections)

"If you can, kill me. If you can't, run!" - Reim Top

Lore Top

Reim is a grumpy old winter mage who freezes everyone who crosses him. Though he moves slowly, he deals heavy damage to opponents while being surprisingly resilient himself. He holds his own in the lane, but he's particularly effective in the jungle where he can go toe-to-toe against most opponents that he can catch.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Mentality Top

This section explains what you should think as playing Reim if you were in his own body.

Reim is a Skillshot Hero:

❃ All of Reim's abilities require proper aim to maximize their effects.
❃ Having a tough time aiming with other skillshot heroes like Celeste? Reim isn't going to be any easier.
❃ Thankfully, basic attacks don't require proper aim.

Combat during first 8 minutes:

When playing Reim, be aware as to whether the enemies heroes in the Jungle are Melee or Ranged.

❃ 2 Melee:

This is a joke for Reim. Fight with confidence and you have a very high chance of winning.

❃ 1 Melee, 1 Ranged:

Up to the player to decide this one. Play it aggressive or passive depending on your style of play.

❃ 2 Ranged:

Avoid combat. Only fight if your carry is aware and comes down to assist you.

Weaker Early, Stronger Late:

❃ In my opinion, Reim is weaker then most heroes during the early game.
❃ There is a lot of pressure early on to land your A and B abilities, you are a dead man if you miss.
Reim is very strong during late game, as he is able to 2 vs 3 and even 1 vs 3 during teamfights.

Tanky and Powerful, but not the Carry:

Reim is one of the tankiest non-captain heroes in the game.
❃ Don't expect to go 20-0 in every match you play.
❃ Soak up that damage and work as a team to take down the enemy team during teamfights.

You are not Sonic the Hedgehog:

Reim is one of the slowest heroes in the game, only beating out Phinn and Baron.
❃ You may need assistance from your team to catch up to enemy heroes.
❃ Fleeing is much more difficult. Don't expect to teleport out of a bad situation like Lyra can.

Pros and Cons Top

This section will explain the main Pros and Cons of Reim along with a few other Pros and Cons worth mentioning.

Pros [+]

Rock Solid Defense:

❃ As mentioned in the previous section, Reim is super tanky for a Jungler.
❃ He can generate Fortified Health with basic attacks and any of his abilities.
❃ As long as he can stick to his target, Reim is very hard to take down.

Late Game Fighter:

❃ Also mentioned in the previous section, Reim is a late game hero.
❃ He can destroy any melee hero in a 1 v 1 fight and can take on 2 vs 3, 1 vs 3 teamfights.
❃ He can tank a load of damage from turrets and is one the few heroes that can solo the Kraken.


Reim has THREE reliable ways to keep enemies immobile.
❃ Slows, Stuns, Roots. SSR. Super Super Rare... OK, I'll shut up with the Card Game Gacha References...
❃ It's too bad Frostburn is a redundant item for Reim.


❃ Very fast Jungle clear time. Can usually solo Jungle without the help of the Captain.
Atlas Pauldron is ineffective on Reim. Slowing his basic attacks won't really stop him.
❃ His abilities have shorter cooldowns then most Junglers, which is very good for any Crystal Power hero.

Cons [-]

Target Practice:

Reim's biggest weakness other than Crucible is ranged heroes.
❃ They will punish Reim if you can't stick to them by kiting you for days.
❃ Smart ranged hero players will target you first knowing this weakness, so be aware.

Slow as a Snail:

❃ Also mentioned in the previous section, Reim's movement speed isn't exactly the best.
❃ He has a very difficult time finishing off fleeing enemies and usually has to rely on the Captain or Carry.
❃ He has no innate escapes which gives him a tough time fleeing.

Early Game Survivor:

Reim has to be very cautious during his early game to avoid making any fatal mistakes.
❃ Although he only needs 2 offensive T3 items for most of the game, falling behind in gold is still bad.
❃ Better pray your Carry has map awareness if you are up against any early game heroes.


Reim being a skillshot hero means missing abilities has higher consequences for you and your team.
❃ His abilities are somewhat predictable and can be dodged with some effort.
Poisoned Shiv & Aftershock. I will explain why in a few sections down.

Skillset Top

This section will explain Reim's skillset and what he has to offer as a hero in Vainglory.

Heroic Perk: Frostguard

Reim's basic attacks deal 15-54 (+90% crystal power) bonus crystal damage over 2 seconds and grant 25% of the damage dealt with this effect as fortified health (reduced against non-heroes).

Reim's attacks and abilities also chill opponents. Basic attacks against targets that are already chilled apply a 60% slow that decays over 0.6 seconds.


❃ This Heroic Perk boosts Reim’s basic attacks by giving fortified health, bonus crystal damage, and a decaying slow.

What is “Chill”?

❃ Chill is a status effect exclusive to Reim.
❃ Whenever he damages an enemy hero, he applies the chill status to that hero.
❃ Once a hero is “chilled”, any follow up attacks by Reim applies a decaying slow to that hero.

Ability A: Winter Spire

Reim summons a spire of ice at a nearby location, dealing crystal damage to surrounding enemies. After a short delay, the spire shatters, dealing heavy crystal damage. 35% of the damage dealt with this ability is gained as fortified health. Damage dealt and fortified health gained is reduced against non-heroes.

This ability deals 25% increased damage to chilled targets.


❃ This ability is Reim's signature spam ability.
❃ Overdrive it ASAP for the extra damage, range, etc.
❃ Make sure you try and aim this correctly as it does increased damage to already chilled targets AND gives you fortified health.

Ability B: Chill Winds

Reim deals a burst of crystal damage to all surrounding enemies (25% damage to minions).

This ability roots enemies who are chilled, temporarily preventing them from moving. A rooted enemy can still attack.


❃ This ability is one of Reim's CC abilities that can cause the status effect of "root".
❃ Combo this ability with Reim's A or C abilities or his basic attacks for maximum effect.
❃ You must know when you have "chilled" an opponent, otherwise you can't "root" an enemy in place.

What is “Root”?

❃ Root is a status effect available to Reim, Lance and Flicker.
❃ Whenever Reim "chills" an enemy hero, he can apply the "root" status to that hero.
❃ Once a hero is “rooted”, that hero can't move for a short amount of time, but can still attack.

Ability C: Valkyrie

Reim summons an ancient valkyrie, devastating enemies at the target location. All enemies are slowed, while enemies closer to the center are stunned and take increased damage.


❃ This ability is Reim's ultimate, which can be used for many purposes.
❃ It is mainly used to disrupt certain heroes ultimates and to prevent enemies from running away.
❃ Aim it well, and it will award you with more damage and a valuable stun which can turn the tides of any battle.
❃ Try to use Valkyrie when your Broken Myth stacks are full for maximum damage.

What is “Stun”?

I'm not going to explain this because if you are a gamer that doesn't know what a stun is, then I feel really sorry for you. Not even joking.

Items Top

This section will explain the items in the build I use for Reim.

I will also mention some replacements for Metal Jacket if you are facing different situations.


Eve of Harvest:

Eve of Harvest is the bread and butter for Reim's build.
❃ Lifesteal synergizes well with the fortified health he gains from his Heroic Perk.
❃ Energy gain and regen is very important for a crystal/ability reliant mage.
❃ Extra crystal power helps him do more damage and gain more fortified health.

Broken Myth:

❃ The stacks allow Reim to gain back massive amounts of health with Eve of Harvest and fortified health with basic attacks and any of his abilities.
❃ The shield pierce is great for enemies building an Aegis or Fountain of Renewal against you.
❃ Extra crystal power also equals more damage and fortified health.

Alternating Current:

❃ Usually not needed past the Blazing Salvo stage, but is great if you can spare the gold.
❃ Synergizes well with Reim's Heroic Perk by providing even more crystal damage to his basic attacks.
❃ Extra Attack speed restacks his decaying slow and "chill" effects faster on his basic attacks.
❃ Extra crystal power just means more damage for him.



❃ Pretty much a reflex block for Reim.
❃ Use this item to avoid very dangerous stuns and silences from enemy heroes.
❃ Provides the shield needed to tank damage from enemy Crystal Powered heroes.

Metal Jacket:

❃ Synergizes well with Reim's naturally high health.
❃ This item helps reduce the damage you take from criticals, which can really sting if left unnoticed.
❃ Provides the armor needed to tank damage from enemy Weapon Powered heroes.


Journey Boots:

❃ My preferred choice for Reim since these are the best boots for chasing down enemies, a trait that Reim lacks.
❃ A good choice for when you can land your abilities reliably and have one hero on your team that can chase.
❃ You don't have to buy another item to upgrade this from Sprint Boots, you just need gold.

Halcyon Chargers:

❃ A good choice when against a very mobile team, such as two ranged carry heroes.
❃ The energy from Eve of Harvest not enough? Energy recharge should help out.
❃ As if Reim's cooldowns aren't low enough, but hey, the shorter the better right?

War Treads:

❃ A good choice when your whole team consists of two or more slower heroes who need to chase as a team.
❃ A good choice when your Captain forgets to build it.
❃ Gives a bigger health bonus than the other boots making you even more tanky.


Atlas Pauldron:

❃ A good replacement if there are multiple high attack speed enemy heroes.
❃ Look out for Breaking Point, Tornado Trigger, Bonesaw, or Alternating Current on the scoreboard.
❃ Good choice for Reim since he can stick to a hero and apply the effects without missing.

Fountain of Renewal:

❃ A good replacement if the enemy team is double or even triple Crystal power.
❃ Double Fountain of Renewal is really strong and underrated.
❃ Extra shield plus health just boosts the tankiness of Reim.


❃ Still can't catch up to enemy heroes? Get this item if you are really having that much trouble.
❃ Don't forget to activate it, otherwise there will be no slow.
❃ Extra health makes you tougher to take down.


❃ A good replacement if that Taka/ Kestrel/ Flicker is just annoying the heck out of you.
❃ Good for controlling vision in the jungle if your Captain doesn't buy it.
❃ The cooldown reduction and energy recharges works out well for Reim.

Poisoned Shiv & Aftershock Top

Aside from Crucible which is usually built by the Captain, the two biggest items that all Reim players need to watch out for are Poisoned Shiv and Aftershock.

Poisoned Shiv:

❃ One of the newest items added to Vainglory since update 2.0 which reduces healing.
❃ This item affects the life steal from Reim's Eve of Harvest and his fortified health.
❃ Reducing both of Reim's main perks can really hurt his sustain in battle.


❃ An item that has been around in Vainglory for a while now.
❃ This item can take 15% of Reim's health with a basic attack.
❃ Despite being tanky, Reim will lose a base set amount of health each time.

If you see an enemy Jungler or Carry with one of these items, prioritize killing that hero first.

If both enemy heroes have these items, choose the one who you think is doing more damage.

Fighting Tips Top

This section will give you some tips for different fighting scenarios including Jungling, Ganking, Teamfighting and Escaping.


❃ As of update 2.1, walk down to the two small Jungle minions first, then rotate up.

❃ Use your Winter Spire to kill the Jungle minions faster. Only auto attacks won't cut it.

❃ The treant's root shouldn't bother Reim at all, just destroy it as you would a normal jungle minion.

Reim should attack the minions first instead of the Captain, especially if that Captain has a weak early game ( Catherine, Fortress). His fortified health and fast jungle clear makes this possible.

❃ Please don't use Chill Winds to kill jungle minions. It drains too much energy.

❃ Make use of the Crystal Miner when being invaded.

❃ Unsure about a bush? Throw a Winter Spire into a bush. If you see a health barrier pop up on Reim's health bar, there is an enemy hero in that bush.


❃ In general, try not to gank too much, Reim sucks at ganking by himself.

❃ Focus on farming unless your Lane is in deep trouble.

❃ Try to avoid ganking until you have at least a pair of Travel Boots.

❃ Always have your Captain initiate a gank.

❃ Try not to overextend on a turret during early game.

❃ During Mid and Late game, Reim can tank the turret damage pretty well during a gank.


❃ Make sure your Boots are useable before starting a teamfight. Reim is poor at chasing and running away, so having those active could change everything.

❃ Let your Captain check all bushes without a Scout Trap or use your Winter Spire to check.

❃ Target the hero your Lane is targeting. If he is a moron and attacks the enemy Captain first, prioritize the enemy carry. Most melee heroes know not to mess with Reim first.

PROTECT YOUR CARRY AT ALL COSTS! They are your main source of damage. Although Reim can win 2 vs 3 fights late game, you will most likely lose a team fight before late game if your carry dies.

❃ Use Valkyrie to stop ultimates that can be disabled via the stun and spam Winter Spire as much as possible.

❃ Use Chill Winds when an enemy hero is trying to escape then follow up with your other abilities. Make sure the enemy has been "chilled" from any of your abilities or a basic attack, otherwise, they will get away.

Glaive cannot escape Chill Winds when rooted with Afterburn nor can Skye with her Suri Strike ( Joule's Rocket Leap, Rona's Into the Fray, etc.). Chill Winds completely immobilizes heroes and denies their escape skills for a short period of time. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.

❃ 2 vs 3? STAND YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT. Reim has a much higher chance of winning an unfair matchup than escaping. Trust me.


❃ If you really must run, then run... An ideal situation to run is to prevent an ace.

❃ Use your boots. They will greatly increase your chance of surviving. Also don't forget to activate Fountain of Renewal if you have it.

❃ If you have guts, basic attack the pursuers or throw an aimed Winter Spire then use Chill Winds to root them, then activate your boots and get the hell out of there.

❃ If you have voicechat, ask your Captain to build War Treads. I don't know how many times I've gotten my butt saved when my Captain got us out of a sticky situation with War Treads. If you are a Captain main, please buy War Treads when you have Reim as the Captain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Recommended Combos Top

This section has some combos that I recommend when using Reim.

Some have been mentioned previously, but I might as well recap them while I'm at it.

You can feel free to come up with your own combos as you continue to play as Reim.

Early Game Fights:


When Ganking (From The Bushes):

/ / -> BASIC ATTACK -> -> /

-> / / -> BASIC ATTACK -> ->

When Teamfighting:

/ / -> BASIC ATTACK -> -> ->

When Chasing:

/ / -> BASIC ATTACK -> -> /

When Escaping:

/ / -> (IF YOU HAVE IT)


BASIC ATTACK / -> -> / /

Synergy & Matchups Top

Vainglory is a team based MOBA.

Without a good understanding of who to team up with and who you are going up against, winning will be quite difficult.

This section will cover the synergies with Reim and my thoughts on why they do or do not.

It will also cover matchups against Reim for every hero including both Crystal and Weapon builds.

Each hero will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Remember that these are MY OPINIONS. Others may think differently then I do.

Captain Synergy Top


❃ My Rating: 10/10
❃ Pairs well with close combat fighters like Reim.
Quibble locks heroes in place with a stun for Reim.
Polite Company buffs up Reim's tankiness and can draw in enemy heroes.
Forced Accord brings enemy heroes directly to Reim.


❃ My Rating: 9.5/10
❃ Can cover up Reim's weaknesses. Can slow enemy heroes using her Heroic Perk.
Imperial Sigil can heal and provide a much needed speed boost for Reim.
Bright Bulwark snares enemy heroes for Reim making it hard to escape from him.
Arcane Passage allows Reim to teleport to chase or retreat based on the situation.


❃ My Rating: 8/10
❃ Pairs up with heroes who need to get close to their targets such as Reim.
Binding Light offers a double "root" combo with Reim that is tough to escape.
Fairy Dust provides such a strong slow for Reim to land his abilities.
Mooncloak can get Reim close to his target almost undetected.


❃ My Rating: 7.5/10
❃ Pairs up with heroes who need their target to stay in place. Reim can benefit from this.
Impale also offers a double "root" combo with Reim that is equally tough to escape.
Combat Roll + Gythian Wall can stun or knock heroes back to Reim.
❃ Can't help Reim escape with abilities...


❃ My Rating: 6.5/10
❃ Pairs up well with heroes who have a strong early game (not Reim) and has very good disruption skills.
Merciless Pursuit locks heroes in place with a stun for Reim.
Blast Tremor is a very good disruption skill that allows Reim to charge in.
❃ Many players build shield first when they see an enemy Catherine which lowers Reim's overall damage output.


❃ My Rating: 6/10
❃ Pairs up well with squishy heroes (not Reim) and can trap enemy heroes in an enclosed space.
Vanguard provides good early game protection for Reim and a slow if timed right.
Gauntlet traps enemy heroes allowing Reim to land his abilities easier.
❃ Has no viable stuns that can really benefit Reim.


❃ My Rating: 4/10
❃ Pairs up well with squishy heroes and heroes who rely heavily on their basic attacks (not Reim).
Gift of Fire gives a decent heal for Reim during early game.
Agent of Wrath doesn't boost the ability damage for Reim...
❃ Many players build shield first when they see an enemy Adagio which lowers Reim's overall damage output.
❃ Very unreliable stun.


❃ My Rating: 2/10
❃ Pairs well with early game heroes and heroes who are strong at chasing (totally not Reim).
Truth of the Tooth provide a temporary speed boost, but Reim needs to know who Fortress is choosing to attack.
❃ Selfish B ability.
Attack of the Pack is a decent distraction, but no stuns, or any CC to help out Reim.

Carry Synergy Top


❃ My Rating: 10/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build and very, VERY mobile.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Forward Barrage OP.
Death From Above can stun for Reim and prevent enemy retreats.


❃ My Rating: 9.5/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Achilles Shot provides a useful slow for Reim.
Hellfire Brew can finish off enemies anywhere in the map for Reim.


❃ My Rating: 9/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms decently in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Buckshot Bonanza provides an AOE slow for Reim.
Aces High can stun and combo with Reim's stun.


❃ My Rating: 8/10
❃ Moderately Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane, but usually runs low on energy before rotating down to a teamfight.
Glimmershot = Crazy Burst, One Shot One Kill = 360 No Scope across the map.
❃ Has a stun, but it's kinda unreliable and takes a lot of timing to pull off.


❃ My Rating: 7.5/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane, but has a tough time doing damage when rotating down for a teamfight.
Wait for It has a nice silence for Reim, Pulse has a slightly noticeable slow as well.
❃ Late game hero, team has to be careful during early game.


❃ My Rating: 6.5/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms decently well in Lane, but does not rotate down often.
Porcupine Mortar gives a nice slow. Ion Cannon, if it lands. Ouch.
❃ Late game hero, team has to be careful during early game.


❃ My Rating: 6/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane, but does not rotate down at all.
Suppressing Fire provides a nice slow for Reim.
❃ Puts extreme pressure in the lane, but it often leads to him getting targeted and killed...


❃ My Rating: 5/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build, but is a Melee hero.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Rocket Leap can stun and combo with Reim's stun.
❃ Crystal path does not go well with Reim at all.


❃ My Rating: 4.5/10
❃ Strong Weapon Power Build, but is a Melee hero.
❃ Has a bit of trouble in Lane, but can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Feint of Heart leaves a trail that can speed up a chase for Reim.
❃ Doesn't have much CC such as a stun or slow to support Reim. CP path isn't so viable with Reim.


❃ My Rating: 4.5/10
❃ Decent Weapon Power Build, but is mainly a Crystal Power hero.
❃ Has a bit of trouble in Lane, but can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Spontaneous Combustion has a slow that can help out Reim.
❃ Holy moly, she is pretty squishy. Will get melted if no defense is built.


❃ My Rating: 4/10
❃ No Viable Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Core Collapse can stun and combo with Reim's stun.
❃ Seriously squishy as hell. Protecting her will be difficult.


❃ My Rating: 3.5/10
❃ No Viable Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
Goop is a slow, but it's kinda unreliable since it's usually set aflame...
Dragon's Breath has an interesting mechanic, but it's speed boost is only used for escaping...


❃ My Rating: 2/10
❃ No Viable Weapon Power Build.
❃ Farms well in Lane and can rotate down easily to support a Jungle teamfight.
❃ Glass Cannon. Oblivion would be good if a hero didn't immediately wake up after being hit.
❃ I'll be honest, he's a pretty selfish hero... If only he had a weapon build.

Matchups: WEAPON Top



❃ My Danger Rating: ???/10
❃ TBA. Need more gameplay data before I can write an analysis.


❃ My Danger Rating: 7.5/10
Reim is very strong against WP Junglers, but slippery heroes such as Taka can pose a threat.
❃ He can dodge your abilities easily with Kaiten.
❃ Bring Flare Guns to counter his Kaku.
❃ Be wary of the mortal wound that X-Retsu can apply.


❃ My Danger Rating: 7/10
Alpha basically has two lives if you don't take her out during her reboot state.
❃ An amazing chaser with Prime Directive and it even has a slow as well.
❃ Her Core Charge has better lifesteal with her weapon build.
❃ Your best chance to take her out is after she uses her ultimate Termination Protocol.


❃ My Danger Rating: 4.5/10
❃ Claims to be the 1 vs 1 King, but Reim is a big threat to his throne.
Dead Man's Rush and Spectral Smite gives him some decent sustain.
❃ Atlas = gg wp, get rekt m8.
❃ Watch for the stun from From Hell's Heart (lol).


❃ My Danger Rating: 4/10
❃ Another Lifesteal fighter if she builds Serpent Mask.
❃ She can use Into the Fray to chase or retreat.
❃ Watch out for the mortal wound on Foesplitter.
❃ Do not stand in Red Mist, try and get out or use your Valkyrie to stun her.


❃ My Danger Rating: 3.5/10
❃ Lifesteal fighter like Reim with his heroic perk Hunt the Weak and Bloodsong.
Afterburn makes Glaive slippery when it's up and watch out for the knockback.
Reim can tank Twisted Stroke with not too much trouble.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is very weak. Has no weapon ratios to any of his abilities.
❃ Slippery, but does not pose a threat in a WP build.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is not viable. No analysis needed.



❃ My Danger Rating: 10/10
Skye is the biggest counter to Reim in the game so far. I literally cry every time I face her.
❃ She is super mobile with her Suri Strike and basic attacks that Reim has so much trouble even touching her.
Forward Barrage's damage output is cancerous on a slow moving target like Reim.
Death From Above not only can stun you, but also block off any route of escape.


❃ My Danger Rating: 8.5/10
Vox doesn't even have to get close to Reim to ramp up his damage.
❃ Kiting with Sonic Zoom has never been any easier on a slow moving target like Reim.
Pulse can slow you down.
Wait for It slams a shockwave of silence right in your face.


❃ My Danger Rating: 8/10
Baron is surprisingly mobile in his WP build, enough to kite Reim pretty easily.
❃ Bully him during early game when he is weak. You will regret letting him get to late game.
Porcupine Mortar can apply an annoying slow on you.
❃ Watch out for the splash damage on his basic attacks and that terrifying Ion Cannon damage.


❃ My Danger Rating: 6/10
Ringo can be annoying with his kiting, but he is still within range of Reim's attacking radius.
Achilles Shot has an annoying slow which hinders Reim's already poor fleeing and chasing ability.
Reim can't escape from Hellfire Brew, but he's slow enough already and can tank it reasonably.


Reason for Drop: Lost Armor Pierce in Ability A, Easier to Build Against.
❃ My Danger Rating: 5.5/10
Kestrel used to be a force as a WP Carry, but she's been toned down. (Thank God)
Glimmershot hurts, but not as much her CP path.
Active Camo allows her to kite with Glimmershot, bring those Flare Guns.
❃ Tank One Shot One Kill for your Carry, you do not want that ultimate hitting your Carry.


❃ My Danger Rating: 5/10
Gwen's basic attack range is the lowest among snipers, allowing Reim to close in easier.
Buckshot Bonanza has an annoying slow, the reveal isn't so bad considering Reim sucks at ambushing.
❃ She can escape your CC abilities with Skedaddle.
Aces High is an annoying stun, but there is time to block it.


❃ My Danger Rating: 3.5/10
SAW is a sitting duck, almost impossible for Reim to miss his abilities.
Atlas Pauldron is a 100% must buy when facing him.
Suppressing Fire pretty much tells you when he is ready to fight.
❃ Watch out for Roadie Run and Mad Cannon when below 1/3 heatlh.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is very, VERY rare. No analysis needed.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is not viable. No analysis needed.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is not viable. No analysis needed.


❃ My Danger Rating: N/A/10
❃ Weapon Build is not viable. No analysis needed.




❃ My Danger Rating: ???/10
❃ TBA. Need more gameplay data before I can write an analysis.



❃ My Danger Rating: 10/10
Skye is the biggest counter to Reim in the game so far. No matter what build she is.
❃ Just as mobile as her WP version, except her Suri Strike hits much harder.
Forward Barrage hurts. It really does.
Death From Above does all of the things in the WP build, but hurts more.


❃ My Danger Rating: 9/10
Celeste has immense poke damage and range with all of her abilities and Reim does not like that.
❃ For Reim, walking over Celeste's Heliogenesis is like walking over a minefield.
❃ She has Core Collapse, a stun with a low cooldown.
❃ Her ultimate Solar Storm can hit Reim across the map.


❃ My Danger Rating: 8.5/10
Kestrel's CP path is a pain to deal with compared to her WP path.
Glimmershot not only hurts more, but it does more splash damage as well.
❃ Carry Flare Guns to counter the very long Active Camo time.
❃ Same with WP Kestrel, tank One Shot One Kill for your carry. Expect it to sting more.


❃ My Danger Rating: 8.5/10
Petal can kite Reim pretty easily with her pets and it's tough to take down all 3 at once.
❃ Don't step on those Brambleboom Seeds.
❃ She can chase and boost her damage with Trampoline!.
❃ Her ultimate Spontaneous Combustion is hard to avoid due to the slow before the explosions.


❃ My Danger Rating: 8/10
Reim is a prime target for Samuel's Corrupted Genius perk due to his low mobility.
Malice & Verdict hurts, try your best to force Samuel out of his Drifting Dark.
❃ Save your boots for Oblivion, the sleep only lasts until you take damage.


❃ My Danger Rating: 6.5/10
Reim can take the extra damage from Skaarf's Fan the Flames with fortified health.
❃ Low mobility makes it hard to dodge Spitfire.
Goop makes Reim even slower, but he's slow from the start anyways.
❃ Getting close to Reim is dangerous, so Dragon's Breath is risky for Skaarf to try.


❃ My Danger Rating: 5.5/10
❃ CP Gwen is tougher to deal with due to her immense poke damage.
❃ Garbage auto attacks and heroic perk is rendered useless against heroes.
Buckshot Bonanza and Aces High do a lot more damage and have the same effects as a WP Gwen.


❃ My Danger Rating: 4.5/10
❃ Insane, like INSANE late game. Bully him early game to slow his gold income.
❃ Garbage auto attacks after early game ends.
❃ All his abilities are dangerous after he hits Level 10 and gains first overdrive.
❃ Watch for Suppressing Fire, that is your best chance to take him out.


❃ My Danger Rating: 3.5/10
❃ A Potato until Level 12 even as ranged, take him down early game and he can't do ****.
❃ Useless heroic perk and Ability B only helps if Ringo builds Alternating Current.
❃ Watch out for the shield-ignoring ultimate, Hellfire Brew.


❃ My Danger Rating: 3/10
❃ CP Baron is a walking splash damage turret. Harrass him early game so he can't build up power.
❃ Stop his Jump Jets and he will have nothing else to run.
❃ Predict where his Ion Cannon will land then dodge/block it and the fight will turn your way.


❃ My Danger Rating: 2.5/10
❃ Spread out. Don't let CP Vox bounce his attacks and he will be a laughing stock.
❃ 1 v 1s with CP Vox is a joke, despite being a ranged hero.
❃ Be wary from the slow from Pulse and the silence from Wait for It.

Gameplay Top

Remember that Reim is a LATE GAME HERO.

Don't get cocky during the early game or you will regret it. Trust me.

This section will be some tips from me on how to play during each phase of a casual/ranked match and what items to buy.

Early Game Top

❃ Buy your Crystal Bit, Oakheart and Halcyon Potion and start at the last two minion on the bottom side of your jungle.

❃ Be wary when you arrive to the bottom, determine whether the enemy Jungler is a ranged or melee hero before making a decision to fight or play passive.

❃ Teleport back to the shop after first wave clear. There you should buy a Heavy Prism and a pair of Sprint Boots to help prepare for an enemy jungle invade. Stock up on potions, having at least two until you get your Eve of Harvest.

❃ If the enemy team decides to invade your jungle... Ping your carry immediately to come down and assist.

❃ Focus on farming. Don't gank unless you are sure you can kill the enemy carry or if your own carry is in trouble.

❃ Do not invade the enemy jungle, unless you have won a jungle fight.

❃ Try and get an Eve of Harvest and a pair of Travel Boots before the 8 minute mark.

❃ Make use of the Crystal Miner as soon as it spawns. Reim can use the extra help if the enemy decides to invade.

Mid Game Top

❃ If you played it safe and not get completely overrun by the enemy team, you should have bought a Piercing Shard and Kinetic Shield.

❃ Upgrade your Oakheart into a Reflex Block to prepare for the enemy team's abilities and ultimates.

❃ Upgrade your Travel Boots into the boots of your choice when you can.

❃ You should be decent in team fights now, since you have Valkyrie now. Just don't overdo it. Make sure the fight is fair and not against you. Reim isn't strong enough yet to take on a 2 vs 3 battle.

❃ You are the Jungler. Make sure your Minion mine is safe and that your jungle has Scout Traps placed throughout your side of the jungle. Use this map to find some good placements for traps.

❃ Also keep track of the Gold Mine. Put a Minion Candy on it if you think the enemy team is going to attempt and steal it. Plan to attack it when it is almost full or when you have killed 1, 2 or all 3 of the other team's heroes.

Late Game Top

❃ By now, the Kraken should of spawned, and Reim should be at pretty much full power during teamfights.

❃ You should of finished Broken Myth and Aegis by this time and should of purchased a Coat of Plates and a Blazing Salvo.

❃ Upgrade your Coat of Plates into a Metal Jacket. Unless... you have some doubts.

❃ Then ask yourself this:
❃ Finish Alternating Current if you have the gold.

❃ Pay close attention to the Kraken. It can be a game changer. Similar to the Gold Miner, only capture the Kraken when it's safe to do so or after an ace. Use Valkyrie to finish the capture or steal it from the other team. If you have time to take down enough turrets to reach the Vain Crystal, ignore the Kraken and just proceed towards the Vain Crystal and the remaining turrets.

❃ Don't forget to buy Crystal Infusions when you need them. A good time to buy them if you have the extra gold is during an attempt to capture the Kraken, pushing with the Kraken, and before a critical team fight.

Conclusion Top

Thank you for reading my guide about Reim and I hope it helps in your future endeavors.

I will make updates whenever possible or when a new version of the game comes out.

Feel free to add me on Vainglory if you play in the NA server.

Upvote this guide if you think it helped you and I appreciate any and all support.

Let me know if you have any questions about Reim in the discussion section and I will post answers to the ones I find most useful in the following FAQ section of this guide.

May the fold be with you.


Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section.

I am refreshing this section because of the major update I made to this guide.

Any questions I feel like are worth sharing to the whole community, I'll post it here.

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