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Quote | PM | +Rep by DrMicah » September 12, 2018 10:22am | Report
I find that I like playing Koshka, but am often disappointed by my relative lack of kills. (I get plenty of assists and am quite adept at avoiding getting killed myself.) My build is a tanky one which concentrates a lot on defensive items. I usually go towards getting an Eve of Harvest early on due to its high energy recharge and relatively high crystal power. What would you suggest for a second crystal item? I am uncertain whether something with pure high crystal power such as Shatterglass would be best, or something with a slowing effect such as Frostburn.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by DeathWish » September 27, 2018 8:12pm | Report
Not to judge, but eve of harvest is literaly the worst item for koshka
The lifestal is gives is useless becuz she is a BURST asassin

If you wqnt to get cooldown reduction + crystal power get AFTERSHOCK
Since koshka is a burst asassin, aftershock's pasive is perfect for her
The cooldown reduction is also nice

Since you wanna go tanky, instead of buying a lot of defense items Becuz your enemy can easily buy armor piercing items to counter your defenses
, get SLUMBERING HUSK and PULSEWAVE instead to save inventory space

Second items:
As koshka you almost always have to buy BROKENMYTH ,it pierces armor so buy it when enemy buys defense items

If ypu want pure cooldown reduction,get CLOCKWORK

For pure damage, get SHATERGLASS

If enemy has lifesteal or if you just wanna more damage get SPELLFIRE
(capital "R,E,D,W)

I usualy use any carry, but...., MEH

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