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Quote | PM | +Rep by soda122 » November 7, 2015 9:08pm | Report
I usally go for roam cathrine and I use boots-aegis-clockwork-fountain of renewal-crucible-metal jacket. It's super tanky but It can't really do damage. Should I replace one of my def items with crystal item?
And which one should I replace and replace with

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Halcius » November 8, 2015 8:25am | Report
Sorry if this sounds harsh but your build is too selfish. Aegis & Jacket should never be bought on a support Catherine.
You won't need to do damage if your carrys are staying alive and have sufficient funds.

Replace those 2 with contract and pauldron or mines/flares. Even a shiversteel or Bonesaw are better purchases than Aegis & Jacket.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by asiankatemoss » November 9, 2015 9:57am | Report
Why go for roam catherine if your concern is damage output? Good support roles try to get as many assists as possible - not steal kills from the carry. Your job is to lock in weak and dying heroes for your team to kill. Also I agree with Halcius your build is kind of selfish. Substitute the metal jacket for atlas pauldron or better yet warhorn/contraption and take out the aegis for aftershock if you want a bit of punch with your merciless pursuits

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Quote | PM | +Rep by cC8. » November 12, 2015 8:37pm | Report
i don't know if selfish is the right word for the build, given that an ALIVE catherine is (usually) much more valuable to her team than a dead one. if they know they can ignore your tank, they will just ignore her until you are dead, then take her out, or leave her to turret mine while they take your jungle. aegis gives her another single block, on top of the crucible team block, to save from the ace, plus the big mage defense. if she's weak to weapon taka, her ability to protect her team disappears with her, so metal jacket kind of makes sense.

in answer to the question, yes that's too tanky. id trade the fountain for shiversteel (cath is deadly with slow) - fountain is handy, but not as handy as slowing them down so celeste or taka can finish the job. and make the metal jacket vs aegis decision based on which of the opponents is dumb enough to attack you most. if they ignore you and go for your attacker, start longbuilding an aftershock for late game via a very-helpful hourglass to start instead of the crystal. never buy the crystal until late game so they will never see it coming.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Curtj5 » November 20, 2015 8:37am | Report
I've tried both and I prefer Catherine with aftershock. You're only going to get a few kills so the guy that said you are kill stealing is incorrect. The greatly increased damage from this single item is well worth it.

What I'm not sure of is what the maximum cool down reduction is, because you are still going to need clockwork, so not sure if it's going over a cool down cap having both items, which wouldn't be optimal, but either way I still prefer it.

Don't wait to finish building it until late game, either, it's very useful mid game.

Edit: actually that guy is right. Dont prioritize Aftershock. Maybe just get the crystal power and finish building it late game.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Aligian » December 28, 2015 4:35pm | Report
I usually main catherine, and basically have to if i want to push tiers. Good support is hard to find. But anyways, Catherine, the omega tank-*itch that i hate seeing on a enemy team paired with Koshka. Cath+Koshka= shut them down early or you're going to be entering another match quickly.
Enough of that though.... The build. This is what i do and its different for every match.
IGC + potions, basic. 1 or 2 rounds in jungle i go to the shop. Now, before i buy i ask myself whats going on? is our laner getting pushed hard?- boots + defense early. Is our laner doing really well?-Stormguard banner + whatever (swift shooter, mines, boots, hourglass, ect.) Stormguard banner helps farming faster, and in that you will be working towards a warhorn or contraption anyway, so depends on how things are going.

Rest is based on a competent team--

High health heroes, cath, ardan, phinn, ect (PPL stacking LOTS of Health!!) --Aftershock

Ahead early game (enemy team lost 2+ turrets & cant keep Minion mine) Breaking Point-- why? BP can put the nail in the coffin very early, and especially if you have a level lead. Can also have aftershock + BP, it does Insane damage if the enemy team doesnt understand roles--Like having 2 high health heroes, Cath + Phinn, or Phinn + Ardan. Ive been in those matches, AS + BP decimates.

Losing? Stack defense the best you can. Try to take a minion here and there. Do not play tag in the lane. The longer you're in the bushes waiting the less gold you're earning. Go jungle if the laner is ok. Now, i recommend while playing Cath to constantly stun, jump out stun, run away. Build those stacks. When you make the late game you'll be a beast. Weapon speed (Krul)-- Atlas Pauldrons, Stuns (Kosh,cath)--Crucible, Fountain is a must for every catherine imo.

Dont be selfish, build team items. Cath should NEVER have a metal jacket, Aegis, or Tension Bow!!!! N E V E R !!!!!
If you want weapon power go BP.

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