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Quote | PM | +Rep by SamuraiJack » May 23, 2016 9:28am | Report
Just reposting cause someone suggested that I post this here. These are obvious suggestions but obviously not everyone seem to know these. So read it for what it's worth. It'll save your team lots of headache and you'll see pings!!!

Hello everyone. Just a few thoughts on VG strategy that may be helpful for the beginners and/or the unaware:

1. If you pick Lane make sure you are laning not jungling. I know this sounds obvious but too many people mark jungle and then end up in the lane or vice versa. Laners are usually squishy (ringo, kestrel, vox...) so when you go into a team fight situation, don't run into the fray, instead wait and shoot from a distance. If you run into a fray, you will die first...100% of the time if the other team is decent. Initiating and running into a team fight is usually done by your tank/roamer.
2. Roam usually means you are going to build a bit tanky so you can take the hit for the group. Why choose Catherine as a roamer (not jungler or laner) and then try to build CP or WP. Play the role.
(usual roamers are Phinn, Arden, Catherine... sometime Glaive and Adagio)
Possible build: Warhorn, fountain of renewal, Crucible, and a defense to start... you want to grab items that will benefit the whole team cause you are a support.
3. If you are a laner don't over extend ... you are gonna get ganked. Otherwise buy a mine trap (50g) and lay some out so you know when the enemy is waiting to gank you. When you get ganked, you are feeding the enemy gold. So you are hurting your own team not just you, whenever you die!
4. After the first turret is down on your enemy side or your side, laning becomes more dangerous so be very very careful. I would suggest learning to have the enemy minions near your turret so you won't get ganked easily or follow your group around as a team.
5. Don't try to fight 2v3 - you will lose if you are the two. Or 1v2 - again you will lose if you are the "1".
6. Play as a team, don't be soloing around and neglecting your team because the whole game will be lost.
7. Don't give up! Finish until the end. Don't give up cause your team got wiped a few time. One of the fun part of VG is that one good fight can turn the game around.
8. Lastly, play to finish the game and if you lose, think about how you could have built your stuff differently and may have turned the game around. Don't just fume...think and respond to various situations. Enjoy! Hope that helps.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by vikings102 » May 23, 2016 10:15am | Report
Put it in a guide, not repost it

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