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Quote | PM | +Rep by MaxP » January 7, 2016 1:59am | Report

What is the best counter build for Taka? He seems to be extremely OP in the beginning for Ringo and Krul players. How can I counter him soon enough as a Ringo and Krul player? Should I go for weapon defense or crystal defense or both?

And my second question is how to counter weapon build Gaive? Most people are using his weapon build, but also his skills do alot of dmg? Should I go here for weapon or crystal defense?

Third question: The same for Joule (also weapon build)

Fourth: Skye (Also weapon build, but her normal and skiled attacks do alot of dmg. Which defense build should I use here first hand)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Quote | PM | +Rep by vikings102 » January 8, 2016 12:23pm | Report
Taka is harder to build against in general, but if you are playing krul or ringo you are very weak early game to him, really you need to farm and lay , mines so you know when he is invading so you can try to get the jump on him.

I hate to tell you how to counter wep glaive because I love it so much, but I will, if he is going wep power a metal jacket is good, unless your a support, try to never get metal jacket as a support, but if he is going attack speed, a atlas is better, he is kind of like krul to counter.

As for joule, really the same thing and try to avoid her thunder strike, that is a huge damage ability

Sky is again the same thing, you can dodge some of her abilities and i have found that getting boots that are one tier ahead of hers makes it impossible for her to hit you with her first ability if you jus walk sideways.

Hope I helped

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Quote | PM | +Rep by shagalicious » January 8, 2016 1:23pm | Report
With enemy taka, try starving him ( invade his jungle early), taka is very item dependent, and if he doesnt have a good early game, chances are his late game will suck. X retsu will hurt alot even if hes WP, so armor wont be a great help. As ringo there isnt much you can do, also because you have very different roles, laner and jungler, so generally, with ringo play very safe from when hes lvl 6 and up, cause x retsu is an amazing gap closer. The moment you see him, Achilles shot him, and retreat.
Idk much about krul, but if you build tank early i guess you can out sustain him with your life steal...

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