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Quote | PM | +Rep by xxxSHADOWxxx » February 7, 2016 8:38am | Report
Vainglory has so much to it. I've played for a long time and I still feel I'm pretty good and I play every night but I know I can be wayyyyyy better. Where do you all get your info? The real in depth stuff. Like when exactly to use crucible(for each character)? Or to even get crucible? Should I get defense piercing wp/cp item? How do I know which item to get when I'm playing again a saw(or any hero)? What if they have 1 or more stunners on there team? Should I get serpent mask? Will this wp item help my forward barrage? I'm looking for questions far beyond the "you need to get aegis if they have a shatter glass"

I don't need those questions answered in general. I just need very very in depth guides to read about, so I can learn more. I can't seem to really find what I need. I'm looking for stuff to explain vainglory's every nook and cranny.

Post up your best reads/finds.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Frantik » February 7, 2016 12:08pm | Report
I've been looking for these answers everywhere but it seem u have no choice exept u learn all of them yourself.
I'm not gonna give u direct answers to ur questions but I think I'm able to give u some of my own hope it helps:
Never use Koshka's ult when there are double tanky stunners like Glaive and Joule in the enemy team,do all the damage by using a and b rapidly and kite,
Never trigger fountain in beginning of the fight, wait 'till u see at least two players are below half of their :-P
When u have taken one or two towers of the enemy and ur already in enemy's base and all the ults come upon ur head,don't panic and run away, srsly its waste of time, cause If u back off, the game is lost .one death in exchange for two or three kills does worth it.
In early game if urb jungle, don't try so hard to bring the enemy jungle down so hard, the tanks are way weaker than u think early game, try to lower the enemy jungle's HP to half and if they were still there, ping ur own supp to attack and finish of they're supp.
When there is a fight for kracken coming up and the enemy Catherine or Ardan keep face checking ur hiding spots, ping ur allies to lower his HP by at least 20% and than its ur time to gank, ping ur supp to chase him off till all appear.
If the enemy is too aggressive or ganking a lot, make armor or shield ur priority, even if ur ringo and do need lots of items.
Never follow the enemy jungle to score a kill if u know ur laner is not like the enemy laner who jumps down emmiditlay to help his allies, in these situations keep two flairs with yourself and gank the enemy laner about 10 times in 15 mins if it was safe,don't try hard to kill him, u need ur hp. The enemy lane will ping his allies to come and help him and this is when u should run to enemy's jungle and clear all creeps spool fast.
These few tips I learned by some pros or either by myself, right or wrong I try them most of the times hope it helps.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Synchronyze » February 8, 2016 9:21am | Report
I'm working on a very in-depth Ardan guide, although the skills and tips can be applied to most heroes in general. Expect that soon! :D

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