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Quote | PM | +Rep by kokting » November 2, 2015 12:26am | Report
I feel that weapon build for vox is better but I see many people using crystal can I ask why ?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Referi_Jerator » November 5, 2015 1:27pm | Report
Read his heroic perk. Here's half of it.
'Vox's basic attacks also deal 34-68 (level 1-12) +35% of crystal power as bonus damage...'

Also check out his abilities for ratios.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by xDeletex » December 18, 2015 4:31am | Report
Actually, VOX is good at both. Not great, but good
For me, WP Vox is better then CP Vox
SB + BP rocks...

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Quote | PM | +Rep by vikings102 » December 20, 2015 3:14pm | Report
Depends on how you ply him.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by uncrudable » December 20, 2015 5:21pm | Report
Because while statistically it shows that cp Vox is useless his basic attacks have a ratio for cp and his abilities with CP are really crowd controlly and with his ult, if you line it up. It'll do insane damage with CP, much more then WP will do.

While weapon works on Vox, CP can still be argued as much much better.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by xXWhiTeDyNasTyXx » December 22, 2015 2:41pm | Report
Vox is actually better with CP. The damage he does with CP and his abilities are way stronger compared to WP. Just need to build right. AC, SG, BM are the three main CP Items he needs and he'll be OP.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by longdongkim » December 24, 2015 2:11pm | Report
So without giving you all the stats or read-heroic-perk BS peptalk, here's the real in game scenario:

Vox Crystal damage output mainly relies on his ult, especially if you have Broken Myth.

It does massive massive damage to other laners or anyone squishy. Basic attack doesn't do **** tho.

However, if his ult misses, he can easily be bursted down. If you like to kite people you should get WP. If you like to jump in a gank and do some massive damage right away, go for CP.

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