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Banning system should be improved?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Lone Gamer » February 23, 2018 2:34am | Report
Does anyone here suffer from bad teammates or bad match? Idk but most players that i got match with has serious attitude problems. Just this week my rank fall from skill tier 7 to 5 and now i cant rise anymore brcause i keep winning and losing back and forth constantly because i got match with probably player with skill tier 3/4. So much damn troller now since the game has became more famous worldwide with the 5v5 release. I think the devs should improved their banning system at least. Too much overconfident player that think they are so pro because in lower elo they got so many kill because they got match with newbies. No teamwork, play the game by themself and the most amazing thing is they think they can take on 1 vs 3. Wow even pro players cant do that when match up against strong opponent. It is useless when youre pro but your teammates is damn useless ( afk when die a little bit, dont know how to clear the creep wave because only want to kill and got push and turret destroyed, dont know how to rotate, selfish player, only want to use their favourite hero and dont want to learn anything else, that saw fan player think they are so strong by using saw bcause he got so many kill in low elo as most player dont know how to counter saw, got match with taka or flicker but doesnt want to buy flare gun because he is chuck norris, and rush tier 3 boots at early minutes wow no pwer spike, and the most awesome thing they do is chase the enemy into the turret range without considering their situation whether they can survive or not and die miserably). Im sorry but it is frustrating.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Makio » March 10, 2018 11:13pm | Report
everyone suffers from bad matches. you just have to keep playing. the truth is, the one thing you can really control is yourself. keep practicing, and you'll have a few matches where YOU carry the entire damn game to victory. just keep a positive attitude. maybe take a break from playing for a bit even. I had to do that after getting really frustrated in ranked. it helped!!

also very important, join a guild! play with friends! people you trust!

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