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frustration has almost reached its limit!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by B3ATZ » January 24, 2018 4:06am | Report
Okay so here's the problem, I am stuck on T5 silver because i'm constantly being put with people on T4 silver. In almost every game that I am put with T4 players I know i'm going to lose and I do lose. Too many of these players choose the wrong heroes and end up feeding the enemy team. The matchmaking system is seriously BROKEN!

At one point I was even placed with a Rock solid player, Ridiculous! Its just getting to the point where I want to delete Vainglory and not play the game ever again. If I were on T5 bronze I wouldn't be bothered too much by this, but on T5 Silver, really? like come on! Why can't they just place me with people who are in the same tier?
And Plz dont reply telling me to "Just play in a party" or "try and do your best for the team" BS.

Btw I am also playing on the SEA server, the most Toxic Server out there. Most of the players on this server cant even speak English aswell making it all the more worse.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Crazedjellyfish » January 24, 2018 12:05pm | Report
I understand the feeling. This used to (and sometimes still does) happen to me. My advice is to try improving on your own play, and analyzing patterns in the enemy's play that could potentially be exploited. For example: if they have lots of gap closers, and tend to engage hard at the start of a teamfight (like a lot of players at that tier), try playing using a form of "Guerrilla warfare", so to speak. Get lots of vision on the map, hide in strategic positions, and essentially use your unreliable allies to bait the enemy into a more favourable position. This is a very specific example, bear in mind, so there are many other ways of exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Also, the reason you're getting T3 players is probably due to their MMR. Their matchmaker rating can increase based on certain circumstances, causing them to get paired with those of higher skill tier. Therefore, you get paired with those people because they have the same (or close to the same) MMR as you.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Lone Gamer » February 21, 2018 1:24pm | Report
I think you dont have to struggle anymore on rising your 3v3 rank because some people said 3v3 rank will be removed in the future. Im not sure though but yeah i share the same frustration with you. Bad players are everywhere in SEA server. Just yesterday my rank fall from skill tier 7 to 5. Losing streak makes me so frustrated. I started thinking twice about spending too much time on playing vainglory.

Here a tips if you want to ranked up quickly:

1. Learn to use alpha and if you use her dont follow the recommended item. Buy her this 2 core item which is dragons eye and aftershock. Believe me youre going to work wonders. Really effective against most heroes that are squishy. Heroes thats should be watched out are skye, saw, reim, krul.

2. Try to play all heroes in a casual or bot matches and understand how they function before using heroes youre not comfortable with so that you can use any hero when you got that one selfish player that only wants to use taka or saw when drafting/picking heroes. If you gain understanding of all heroes, you essentialy know a grasp of the situation when playing. For example, grace has too much healing so you counter buy buying poisoned shiv(mortal wound reduce healing effect or lifesteal effect).

3.Try to add that pro player that you encounter during matches so you can party with them. Always add as friend that play very pro captain though(that super fast reflex block with crucible). Some friend that I add was the same skill tier with me suddenly rise up to skill tier 10. He probably got a good match up

4.Practice your reflx block its important that 2 second stun really can disrupt the whole team fight just as example though.

5. Practice positioning as well by that i mean where to place your unit. For example, if youre using ringo you shouldnt be in the front line. Try to play safe by kiting or surprise attack.

6.Most important thing is learn stutter stepping. This technique is very important. You can learn it in youtube. By stutter stepping you can attack and move(only a little bit but with higher attack speed it became more effective) at the same time. You can also use it with your abilities such as joule second skill ( i forgot) to stutter step.

6.Itemization is also important. Dont just follow the recommended item its cancer. Thats only for beginners. You should buy to counter their build or to adapt to situation when needed. Some of the guide in vaingloryfire is outdated. So you should understand what does the item affects your power spike so you can make your own item build

7. Watch the video in Vainglory. It helps

8. Practice your finger movement on the touch screen. Calm down and carefully tap. This happens a lot when in tense situation in a teamfight you would make random mistakes by colliding with your other index fingers and dont know what to do.

9. Try to learn from your mistakes or matches ask yourself why youre losing. Bad players are unquestionnable though because its useless when youre so pro but that one unskilled player feed the enemy team. By playing many matches you should know by now i assume you know. For example, you use taka frequently and from your experience you know that he is strong early minutes by buying 2 blade(20 wp each) and keeping his ki stack at 5 when jungling.

10. Seriously dont play when network connection is poor its frustrating and play in your top condition. I mean get enough sleep, eat well. Dont neglect you daily life needs. It affects your mind and ruin your making decisions when playing. I always sleep late bcause i got too much time in my life haha lol but its true and it hurts my head

11. Become a good player. Respect your teammates. Dont rude pinging them when they died bcause maybe its your fault. Maybe he died in lane bcause you fail to clear the jungle quickly and fail to rotate to your teammates. However, that exception goes to trolling players just dont make them more annoying by pinging them. One tap of ban is enough.

12.Dont play continuosly for five hours thats tiring. Your mind feels tired you should rest for 30 minutes. Play 5 matches continuosly is enough with a bit rest between matches if youre like me playing at night.

13. Look at previous tips

Thats all. So long but i hope it helps.
Thanks for reading though.
If you want to ask more just pm me

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