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Hammers Esports is proud to announce that we are open for recruitment to community & competitive players!

About Hammers Esports:
Founded under the name “Halcyon Hammers” in 2015, Hammers Esports found its roots in Vainglory and has been growing with the game ever since. We have consistently groomed championship talent with several first place finishes and many appearances in VG Championships. With the release of Vainglory 5v5, we are more excited than ever to welcome new and old players into our guild to build a community and foster the next generation of top-tier players.

Requirements to join:

- Must be 14+ years old
- IGN competitive history searchable on
- Minimum player tier history: T8+ Simply Amazing (flexible)
- Must be a member of the Hammers VG Discord
- Ability to voice chat in group games
- Stay active, semi-competitive, and help the HAMFAM build FameXP
- Participation in guild "Family Feud" nights on our official stream earns bonus rewards!
- Keep a positive attitude in-game and IRL. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated.

To apply, visit our discord.!

Additional information:
HAMMERS ESPORTS will be building an automated guild and community rewards system to acknowledge our most active and contributing community members! Stay tuned for details on rewards and the exclusive feature release of the HAMMERTIME AI.

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