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Longer games in 5v5 and Things that need to change in 5v5 (All opinion)

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Reeeedy » January 3, 2018 12:11am | Report
Longer games in 5V5 (OPINION)
Is it just me or am I the only one that wants longer games for 5v5 ?!?. The speed of the current game mode (casual and rank for 5v5) is basically the battle royal from 3v3 just on 5v5 because thats how small the games are on a bigger map. Yes I know it’s in alpha but I hope that they (semc) increase the games time for 5v5, (as you know I want) I think a good time for 5v5 games is about 30-40 or 35-45 minutes. Anyway thats what I think and I do know alot of people disagree about this, because they want vainglory to be “different” but it’s just to short for 5v5, and it already is diffrent in my eyes. I could name you many specific things that are special to vainglory 5v5.

Things that need to change in 5v5 (OPINION)
I also think that many things need to be altered in 5v5 (and they will alter many things as it’s alpha. I KNOW, lol) things need to be altered (that I think) are as of the following.. the vain crystal defences need to buffed alot, they said it’s there to be a challenge.. it slaps the heros and does so little dammge. And this is what I have seen by spegeti and other players (yes I watch RVS hehe) I have no experience playing the 5v5 so I might be wrong and don’t have a golden ticket :( . The dragons also need to be buffed. specifically I’m talking about there health when fighting because I have seen 2 people take on both dragons and win, that’s not a boss if 2 of 5 people can take them on.
I am sure that these and many other small tweaks will be made to these 2 points and many regarding 5v5. Again this is all my opinion

And so it is completely okay to disagree but please don’t disagree aggressively
Thank you
But what is your opinion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Crazedjellyfish » January 8, 2018 12:05pm | Report
Keep in mind that the system for the Vain Crystal is very new and unexpected, as well as the speed boost from the river. Based on this, it appears that SEMC is just playing around with different ideas for 5v5, so they'll probably tweak, remove, and otherwise adjust the details of the map before its release (as you had mentioned, it's still in alpha phase).

I understand how some players might want 5v5 to be longer, but, personally, I prefer shorter and more fast-paced matches. However, we are each entitled to our opinion, and perhaps SEMC would be able to work in a secondary 5v5 map for those who would like longer/shorter matches, but I suppose the people in favour of faster games could just play 3v3.

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