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Quote | PM | +Rep by Raz256 » September 2, 2018 9:18pm | Report
Listen... I'm not one to complain much about anything. Vainglory has been a better part of my gaming and I find pleasure in it. But don't come into a casual match with me and start recommending item builds for me. I wasn't born yesterday. When I come into a match I am curtious to all players I meet and play with. Pick whoever you want. Play whatever position you want. I don't care. But when you start questioning my build path and my intuition about how the game plays out.... Forget it. The recommend button option was a stupid insert to this game from it's inception. No one listens, and if you think I'm going to start you are crazy. It is casual play people, your prescious rank isn't going to matter in it so dont... Just don't. I played three games before two matches that I played and our team synergy was off the hook. I even had a match where it looked like we were going to lose cause of a person who wouldn't stop complaining and we still won cause we didn't quit. But the two matches that bothered me the most we're two recent matches where two people were recommending that I obtain certain items. Of course I was the captain... Go figure, and because his dumbass decided to go into their jungle and try to steal their camps, and was failing cause they didn't have vision is not my problem. If I as a captain don't think we should enter a jungle cause we don't have the right team comp to enter, then don't go in. Don't start blasting me cause you keep dieing and need vision. If you feel compelled to do so... Buy your own ****ing vision. Flares are cheap and you can go in at your own risk. I'm not your pack mule and I will do whatever you recommend I do. This is a team game, and if you choose to go off on your own, prepare to face the consequences. Sorry if I waisted anybody else's time but I figured if I pointed this out that SEMC would notice this and remove the stupid button. Thank you for your time.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by pernica » September 10, 2018 12:44pm | Report
You can rewrite your comment in a more concise and direct way and send it to SEMC.
I agree with your point here and I don't find it useful in a match at all.
People use this for trolling and bullying in SA server: when someone feels superior and wants you to know about that, they recommend the Nulwave Gauntlet, which means you have "no hand" or "no finger" skill.
Or they recommend an item you already have such as the fountain or crucible, indicating you should learn how to use that after they died in a stupid way for the turret or in a kamikaze 1x5 team fight.
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