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Why does no-one like Lorelai?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by HarleyKill » April 15, 2018 5:37am | Report
Lorelai is one of my favorite characters to play because she's different from everyone else. But there are a few things that she could be buffed/nerfed on. I think she only excels at prioritizing a single player. Compare her Lorelai's Slashdown CC to Lyra's Imperial Sigil:

    Ally Speed Boost
    Enemy Slow

Imperial Sigil:
    Ally Speed Boost (+ Burst)
    Enemy Slow (+ Burst)
    Ally Heal pool (+ Burst)
    Damage Dealer (+ Burst)

I also think that Heroic Perk is a little 'off'. It's the empowered abilities I don't get. If Lorelai didn't have this passive, wouldn't she already have pools on the ground anyway? It puts her at a disadvantage because she has to sacrifice her perk for an effect that would already be there. What I'm trying to say is, if her perk wasn't there, would her abilities be invisible? Also, every other Captain has at least 2 damaging abilities, Lorelai has one. Just saying.

Another problem I have is why she doesn't she use that huge Pearl for something, it just slows you down.

Things that could be changed about Lorelai (not saying all of these)

- Change her Role
Maybe if she's not a good captain, maybe just change her playstyle completely to a Mage Carry. She's already got the empowered basic attack. I wouldn't mind this, I just want people to start playing her in 5v5 more often. If Lorelai was changed to a Cp Carry the abilities I would give her would be:

Heroic Perk: Fishfood
Lorelai's basic attacks deal crystal damage that is infused with a special solution that drives sea creatures crazy for it (sort of like blood for sharks). This scent wears off after a while if not refreshed by Lorelai.

Ability A: Feeding Time
Lorelai sends her Pirahna friends in the target direction, damaging all enemies in their way. Enemies with Fishfood on them take twice the damage twice as fast for as long as the Fishfood lasts. Overdrive: Pirahnas spread out wider and travel furtherer

Ability B: Dive Mirage
Lorelai dives into the ground becoming intangible to walls and structures. She cannot be targeted while in this mode nor can Lorelai attack, cast abilities or items. After she emerges, she creates a small pool around her that attracts jellyfish inside. jellyfish slow enemies inside and roots targets suffering from Fishfood. Enemies can see her glowing figure underground. If Lorelai emerges underneath a wall or structure, she becomes stunned. She cannot swim in out of bounds areas (3v3 behind Kraken spawn) Additionally, she dodges all enemy abilities they may have going after her (Ringo's Ult). CP increases the time she spends underground.

Ultimate: Fetch
Lorelai sends her pet clam/shark to fetch her pearl that she sends off with her target enemy. Her pet chases the target, and once it reaches the target, it shoots out of the ground to damage and applies Fishfood to the target while snatching the pearl and then dives back into the ground, stunning the target. If her target has Fishfood while Lorelai casts the ability, her pet travels and strikes faster and further.

The abilities don't have to be these ones, these are just the things I would like to see. This skill set may look OP but the statistics behind it will balance her out.

- Change her Ult
Her ultimate seems to not affect the team as much in 5v5 since there are so many people to protect. Maybe 2 charges or maybe give all allies in a pool a barrier each upon casting. Or even make the casting faster to block fast projectiles (like kestrels Ult).

- Add another feature to Empowered abilities
Timing her abilities is hard. It's even more difficult when don't even know you're in a pool. Sometimes when I used a Fishfood and try to place it where my target is going, it somehow becomes empowered and gets there too soon. So what I'm thinking is maybe an empowered Fishfood the stun also applies mortal wounds and the empowered splashdown roots enemies upon casting the ability on their location.

- Add some of her pets in the mix
Maybe add her pets and friends to help her abilities.

-Make pools heal
Maybe allow pools to heal allies or at least deny enemies the chance to heal in her pool. This means enemies cannot heal or be healed while standing in a pool and allies heal while in a pool.

Anyway, these are just some of the things that I think should be considered to help improve Lorelai and the way people think about her. I would love to hear what you think about my suggestions and maybe some of yours.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by sesamii » April 16, 2018 10:24pm | Report
Lorelai was one of the first heroes I ever got, but IMO, she seemed to weak, but fun to play. I really like your idea of "FishFood" and the heroic perk, as she doesn't do enough damage and I think that solves the problem. However the other 2 ideas are a little too similar to other heroes' abilities, but they are quite creative.

I think one of Lorelai's major issues is her damage output and the overall "lagging feel" of her character. Nearly all other captains can dish out a fair amount of damage while still building utility, but Lorelai just doesn't seem capable of doing that. Also, her B takes WAY too long to deploy, and becomes almost completely nonviable in a desperate escape situation.

Your post inspired some new ideas for me, so i'm just gonna post them here:

Ability still stays the same, however, after the clam stuns the enemy, it leaves behind a pearl that only ally heroes can collect. This temporarily boosts speed and defense by 10% for 2 seconds

Basically the same as before, but instead, Lorelai throws her pearl on top of an ally hero, which creates the bubble, and when the bubble pops the pearl turns into a whirpool and drags any enemy into the center of it for 5 seconds (does not deal any damage).

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Quote | PM | +Rep by HarleyKill » April 19, 2018 6:22am | Report
I like it. I was also thinking for Waterwall should just be changed to a Waterwall that can be useful for the whole team. For example:

Change Waterwall from a single ally barrier to a literal wall. This wall is a semi-circle shape that blocks and reflects incoming projectiles. Allies who walk through get a temporary CP, WP and speed buff. They also get a temporary barrier and become protected against all movement impairing effects. Shooting through a waterwall will allow it to pierce shields and armor depending on which one is applied. After the shield wears out, the water will fall off of them and onto the ground as a pool (splashdown). The wall can be placed in front of her or an ally, depending on whose range circle she chooses


Change waterwall to a tidal wave that moves in the target direction, covering allies with water. Allies covered in water get a temporary barrier and their attacks deal bonus crystal damage (x% of Lorelai’s crystal power). Afterward, the water drops and creates a splashdown on the ground The Tidal wave also pushes back enemies and stuns them if they hit a wall. They also give enemies covered in water but this one denies them of healing and temporarily using any items or abilities.(Width = Width of Splashdown).
Empowered: Bigger Barrier, Buff, and Bonuses. Also faster travel speed.

Keep in mind, all of the bonuses are just an idea and are not necessarily needed.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by CrazyAsianNinja » April 20, 2018 7:16am | Report
Lorelai just needs some tune-ups in my opinion, as I don't think any major reworks are necessary with this hero.

All her abilities just need faster deploy times and/or more charges and/or less cooldown
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Inxent » April 20, 2018 9:13am | Report
Honestly speaking, Lorelai was my love. She was really balanced when she was introduced. The moment they took her stun duration down, she got nerfed badly. That 1 sec duration was the main thing Lorelai used to save her life or the teammates'. I really want some love back for Lorelai and they should give her more HP. I don't understand why introducing a powerful hero and then nerf them? Lorelai was so balanced that I loved her, but still just because people started making YouTube videos saying she is "OP", they nerfed her. I bet give new players Lorelai in the game and they won't be able to figure out how to play with her properly. Bring her in her original state and people would love her.

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