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Announcing Bonus Season Payouts: Summer Party Cards

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Summer Season Rewards & Reminders

The leaves are changing and it’s too brisk for flip-flops. That can only mean that Autumn is just around the corner. While you may be loathe to put away that bathing suit, the end of the Summer season is also a time to celebrate because it’s payout time! In addition to the usual rewards based on guild fame, we’re adding bonus Summer Party cards based on your seasonal level to help players get those Special Edition skins.

Bonus Reward Summary

  • Everyone from seasonal Level 1 & up will receive bonus Summer Party cards.
  • The higher your seasonal level, the more total bonus cards you’ll receive.
  • With the inclusion of these card bonuses, thousands upon thousands of players will have participated enough in Summer (Sunlight from matches + weekend card events) to unlock Summer Party
  • Krul or Summer Party SAW at no charge.
  • You still have two more weekends to participate in card events and improve your season-end bonuses!
The better your seasonal level, the better your rewards will be. This will be a bonus payout separate from the seasonal guild payout. Higher levels will receive more total cards, so play as much as possible to collect maximum Sunlight before the season ends.

Remember Guild Fame!

Like in previous seasons, you’ll receive a payout of Glory and/or ICE based on your guild level. Important reminder: You must be a full “Member” of your guild (based on participation) and not just an “Initiate” to receive payouts. Initiates don’t get payouts, so if you’re an initiate, play more matches with guildmates now to advance your tier!

Another Bonus Payout: Season Chest Key

Your season-ending payout will also include a key to the new Season Chest. Use the key to open the chest and receive a hefty reward. In fact, it’s possible for the Season Chest to grant an instant skin unlock or jackpot of other currencies.

No Ranked Skill Tier Reset For Autumn

  • Your Ranked skill tier will not reset at the beginning of Autumn season.
  • We intend to introduce “skill tier decay” in the future, whereby neglected accounts will gradually drop in skill tier. (You must play regularly on that account to prevent decay.)
While there is very real and substantive work being done now to improve the Matchmaker, we realized that we also had a matchmaking perception problem. In many cases, players believed a matchmaking pairing was poor because of a visual skill tier disparity between themselves and their allies. If you’re Hotness and get paired with two Just Beginning allies, you understandably assume the Matchmaker did a poor job. But in reality, all those players had remarkably similar hidden Matchmaking Ratings (MMRs). For more about the difference between VST and MMR, read this.

By no longer resetting Ranked skill tiers, these skill tiers will become more and more accurate representations of a player’s true skill over time. You won’t run into any more Just Beginning players who are actually at Hotness skill level. The end result is easier-to-understand Matchmaking where the players you’re paired with visually match your skill tier far more often, creating more confidence in the quality of the match.

Additionally, we will most likely introduce “skill tier decay” at a future date. This would be to ensure that players don’t “retire” accounts following the removal of seasonal skill tier resets. In order to maintain your skill tier, you’d have to play on that account regularly. The skill tier on neglected accounts would degrade over time.

So, play matches now (ideally with guildmates) to maximize your end-of-season payouts. And remember to play every weekend remaining in Summer during the Summer Card Parties to earn Special Edition skin cards. Summer season ends Sept. 14, so you still have time!
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Rajpatel33091 » September 1, 2016 5:39am | Report
But if the update comes out won't the summer skins go away, because it's gone start new season so even if you get the summer card, you can't do anything if they remove the skins form the market. So my question is that are they going to remove skins from market after we update the apps form App Store? I hope not so we get that awesome summer skins!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by DragonMaster03 » September 1, 2016 5:54am | Report
The update is on September 15 not the 14 so you have a day. I think that's what it is or they will leave the option and put a longer timer on it.

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