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Coming Soon: ‘Winter War’ Catherine (Special Edition)

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More than a decade has passed since Catherine fled the Storm Queen. When the Stormguard catches up to her, she’s working as a mercenary in a cold, faraway war…

Upon release, this skin will be available in the Market for Opals only.

Model Changes:

  • Special edition change: Black and red colored uniform
  • Redesigned arcshield
  • War kilt, boots & beret
  • Eagle pauldrons
  • Fur-lined cloak
  • Stylish glasses

Read The Lore: 'The Shield And The Bow'

Catherine sits up straight in the general’s tent, gasping out of sleep, drenched in sweat despite the cold night. A magic arrow protrudes from the chest of the man beside her, glowing blue in the dark.

“Kestrel,” she whispers.

The fur beneath her dead lover squelches with his blood when she rises. She dresses in silence, though she knows there is no need for quiet; she is alive because they want her to be …

Read the rest of the story here.
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