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Introducing the Legendary 'Tea Party' Petal

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‘Tea Party’ Petal is hosting the most exclusive party since the Dark Parade – just make sure to obey her rules!

Model Changes:
  • Queenly red and gold dress with heart detail
  • Gold and red crown with heart-tipped antenna
  • Gold scepter topped with a heart-shaped ruby
  • Brambleboom seeds are now white roses that have been painted red!
  • Playing card munions with chomping heart faces and Vainglory logo backs
  • Bouncing, flowery, pink and gold tea cup Murgle vehicle

Effects & Animation Changes:
  • All new suite of animations!
  • In brush, teacup rolls to the edge of its saucer for safe peeking
  • Jumps and attacks with pink sparkly sunlight from scepter
  • Munion cards run, spin & chomp, and float to their deaths
  • Cards Spontaneously Combust with an explosion of red rose petals
  • Bouncy teacup run with royal battle charge sprint!
  • Leaps, spins & holds scepter aloft while recalling
  • Scratches under her crown with her scepter

The Queen's Tea Party

Not to be outdone, the Queen of Hearts went about planning her own lavish tea party. But when she discovered what tea was (leaves ripped from unsuspecting plants, then dried in the sun and boiled!), she was aghast. Tea, she proclaimed, would be made from there on with bugs. And so insects were collected in droves from under rocks and inside dark cabinets, then flavored with salts and honey and bagged up. In the palace courtyard, a long table was set with a white cloth and clean dishes and piled with cake and biscuits and steaming teapots. The queen herself proceeded, with great fanfare, down her freshly mowed croquet court to the long white table, only to discover that no guests had arrived…

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