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Make a Splash with the Special Edition 'Summer Party' Blackfeather!

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Tie back your man-bun and grab a swordfish by the tail. It’s ‘Summer Party’ Blackfeather time!

Model & Effects Changes:
  • Glorious blonde man-bun
  • Stealthy dark beach shades
  • Stabby sword-FISH!
  • Flowered swim briefs & breezy open Hawaiian shirt
  • Rosy lei
  • Leather wrap bracelet & flip flops
  • Splashy, fish-slapping new sound effects
  • Heartthrob stacks appear as white hibiscus flowers that turn pink at full stacks
  • New spraying, waving water effects!

Collect them all!

Summer Party Krul
Summer Party SAW
Summer Party Phinn
Summer Party Kestrel

The Perfect Summer Date

On the beach, every guy will have an impressive volleyball spike; even undead dudes can carve waves. Men seeking summertime romance must take to the sea. I suggest you take your favorite vixen on a moonlit boat ride, compliment the cut of her bikini and hand-squeeze some mango juice. If your date is not overcome with passion, jump into the water and grab a swordfish by the tail. Emerge from the sea, salty and dripping, and challenge the boat’s captain to a duel, making sure that the captain is your best wingman. Win the duel in spectacular fashion, with one arm outstretched to catch your darling when she swoons.

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