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Make The Most Of Weekend Summer Card Parties

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We’ve seen a lot of great enthusiasm and turnout for Vainglory’s Summer events. But there’s been some confusion from players about the Weekend Summer Card Parties. In order to clear up the skies a bit, let’s address the opportunities for rewards available to players throughout the weekend.

What Are The Weekend Rewards?

  • 1st win = guaranteed Rare card
  • 2nd win = guaranteed Epic card
  • 3rd win = guaranteed Summer Party Krul card
  • 4th win = guaranteed Summer Party SAW card
Weekend Summer Card Parties are an opportunity to get increase your card collection and get some awesome new skins. In 1.19, each Saturday and Sunday players could win a random Rare card with their first win, a random Epic card with their second win and a Summer Krul card with their third. But now with Wednesday’s release of 1.20, there are even more rewards to be had. Players who win a fourth game during these Weekend Summer Card Parties will win a Summer SAW card. In essence, the more you play, the better your rewards.

When Can I Get Rewards For Wins?

  • First weekend event: 5PM PDT Friday – 5PM PDT Saturday
  • Second weekend event: 5PM PDT Saturday – 5PM PDT Sunday
  • Pro tip: Use your Summer Chest timer to track when each event will begin & end.
The weekend isn’t one day long, and neither is this party. Let’s say you won four games on Saturday and got both a Summer Krul and a Summer SAW card. Great. Well you can come back on Sunday and again get Summer Krul and SAW cards for your third and fourth wins, respectively. Two weekend events. Two opportunities to get fantastic rewards. These events run on the same timer as your (unrelated) Summer Chest, so you can track the time remaining in each weekend event to make sure you get in your wins before it resets.

How Do I Unlock A Summer Party Skin?

Unlock the Krul or SAW seasonal skin by collecting 50 cards in the following ways:
  • Get cards from the special SAW ICE Box.
  • Earn Sunlight from matches to level up. (Some Summer levels will automatically give you a seasonal card.)
  • Claim Daily Summer Chest rewards, which will sometimes include a Summer Krul or SAW card, especially if you’ve leveled up your chest a lot.
  • Complete Quests: It’s possible you’ll score a Summer card in your quest chest.
  • Maybe get really lucky from a Summer Krul or SAW card drop post-match
  • Card Parties! Play every weekend all Summer season long to get a max of 2 Summer Party Krul cards
  • AND two Summer Party SAW cards per weekend.
  • Or, simply purchase a seasonal skin outright with ICE. When the Summer ends, the skins are gone!

The Weekend Summer Card Parties are a great way to get not only important cards for your collection, but also get the new Summer Krul and SAW skins. In order to unlock Summer Krul or SAW, you’ll need 50 cards for each or unlock a skin with ICE. Of course, Weekend Summer Card Parties are just one way to unlock them.

Summer won’t last forever, and sadly neither will these opportunities to party! So play every weekend to get the cards you need for these special seasonal skins.
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