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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » October 30, 2015 5:34pm | Report

We've updated our comments for guides, wiki and videos to a new threaded style!

  • Threaded comments to help you keep track of discussion and reply directly to questions about your guide

  • Comments now appear in reverse chronological order by default, but can be sorted by oldest or most popular

  • New comment voting! Comment scores will help authors determine what feedback other users agree with, as well as give readers an easy way to show they agree or disagree with a comment

We really hope you guys enjoy this update and that it facilitates easier and better guide discussion. :)

As always let us know your thoughts!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Alucard0023 » November 1, 2015 6:26pm | Report
Great Update Commend :) :D

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Quote | PM | +Rep by naveenuzumaki » November 4, 2015 6:40am | Report
hey keep the free skin rotation


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