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Summer Skins Event: Directly Purchase Tier II & Tier III Skins!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Dash » July 15, 2016 11:13am | Report

There’s no hero skin coming out on Friday, July 22, so we thought we’d do something special instead: For the first time ever, players will be able to directly purchase Tier II and Tier III skins. Whether you want to unlock that elusive Death Metal Krul Tier III, Vox’s ultimate skin or any other on your wish list — now’s your chance to score the skin regardless of card progress.

When Is This Crazy Skin Event?!

  • Unlock all skins directly with ICE from Friday, July 22 at 11AM PDT until Update 1.20 comes out!

How To Unlock Skins During The Sale

  • Visit the in-game MARKET
  • Select any hero and you’ll see Tier II & Tier III skins with ICE prices!

Check Out ‘Bargain Hunter’ Card Boxes

Prefer to craft skins by collecting cards? We’ve got you covered during this special event as well.
  • Get cards at reduced rates with limited-time Bargain Hunter Boxes.
  • Find boxes of different sizes and varieties.
  • Check back frequently to make sure you don’t miss any deals.
  • Visit the in-game MARKET and tap GET CARDS.

Get More Sunlight

Want more Sunlight to level up your Summer Chest for better daily loot? Wearing skins in matches grants bonus Sunlight in Spoils of War. And the higher the skin tier, the more Sunlight it grants! So, take advantage of this special event to accelerate your progress. Soak up the Sunlight with a new-look hero.

Do I need To Unlock Skins In Order?

Yup, the tiered skins system still applies. So, if you want to unlock a Tier III skin directly with ICE, you will need to own the Tier I & Tier II skin for that hero already. You can of course use your card collection and the special Bargain Hunter Boxes to craft prerequisites with cards.

Directly unlock skins starting Friday, July 22 — and remember to check every day for new Bargain Hunter Card Boxes!
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Xcavator776 » July 21, 2016 1:06am | Report
Will the tier 2 and 3 skins cost 900 ice like the tier 1 skins or will they cost more??

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