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The Game is On: Check Out the Legendary 'Tea Party' Grace!

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Grace wandered far from home and came upon a royal tea party without any guests.
Discover the Legendary ‘Tea Party’ Grace below!

Model Changes:
  • Wonderland dress decorated with white rabbits & hearts
  • Bows for her Mary Jane shoes, her dress & her hair
  • Googly-eyed flamingo for playing croquet & bonking enemies

Effects Changes:
  • Flying feather flamingo flaps
  • Pink effects!
  • Freshly animated flamingo
  • Looking glass directional shields for Benediction
  • Panicky squawking sound effects

The Game of Croquet

“Your highness,” whispered a card-in-waiting, “I forgot to send the invitations.”

“Off with its head!” cried the queen, and with a wave of her scepter, the guilty card exploded.

“That was overly violent,” said Grace, collecting the painted rose left behind. She had wandered far and arrived at the queen’s party by chance.

“A guest!” cried the queen, and the cards herded a flamboyance of flamingos and an array of hedgehogs onto the croquet court.

“No, really, I…” began Grace, but a card shoved a flamingo into her arms, and the poor bird twisted its head round with such a googly expression that Grace laughed – until she saw the cards slamming their flamingos’ heads into the terrified hedgehogs. Frightened, Grace stepped on her rolled-up hedgehog and whacked at it as best she could.

The Queen of Hearts went about exploding cards when their flamingos flapped overmuch, or when the hedgehogs crawled away, so that soon there were no arches left and the queen and Grace were the only two players left. So the two retired to the table, where Grace had her fill of cakes, avoiding the bug tea, and the Queen of Hearts announced her party a great success.

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