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Update 1.7 Notes: The "Player Love" Patch

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » August 5, 2015 1:57pm | Report

Update 1.7 has been entirely devoted to community love and game health. When we say “we’re listening,” we mean it … and we took an entire update cycle to address the deep-rooted player pain and feedback we’ve heard time and again. We’ve focused on fundamental technical improvements, which means there’s not a lot of wiz-bang in 1.7. But these changes — individually and together — make every match feel better and create new possibilities for casual and competitive players alike.

  • Major improvements to basic attacks, making them more reliable during lag
  • Eradicated issues where Catherine’s stun, SAW’s shank and Glaive’s knock-back would sometimes not trigger (along with other similar issues).
  • Heroes will no longer attempt — then fail — to attack during chases (a.k.a. melee stutter).
  • Heroes will continue to basic attack even when lagging.
  • Heroes with very high attack speed will attack at full speed despite lag.
  • Stutter stepping/animation canceling still provides the same skill-based advantages.

  • Jungle monsters no longer disappear in brush “blind spots.” Note: These blind spots in the map needed to be fixed individually. If you find a blind spot that we missed, please report it to [email protected] so we can fix!
  • Brush line of sight: When you are visible in brush because you have recently attacked or been attacked, your health bar will no longer dim, correctly indicating that enemies can still see you even though you are in brush.
  • One extra fun surprise from Margouillat that players will discover quickly!

  • Placing a large number of Scout Traps on the spawn platform no longer prevents it from healing you and your allies.
  • Tapping your hero portrait in hero select to choose a position no longer causes the game to “freak out” and lock you out under specific conditions.
  • Android: Notification icon on Lollipop now displays correctly.
  • Android: Fixed crash on startup for HTC One M8 and Vega phones.

  • Shiro Kage Taka Tier I
  • Paragon Catherine Tier II & Tier III
  • Stormlord Ardan Tier II
  • SAWborg Tier II
  • Killa-Joule 9000 Tier II

“You don’t always get the card you want. Now, as requested by the community, you’ll be able to turn your unwanted cards into the elusive cards you need. With our tap-and-hold system, it should help make sure you don’t destroy a critical card on accident. Oh, also remember you can craft a card from anywhere you can examine cards — even from the GET SKINS section of the Market.” —Kraken

  • Destroy unwanted cards, breaking them down into their Vainglory “Essence.”
  • Use Essence to create the cards you need to finish skin theme tiers!
  • The amount of Essence required to craft a new card is determined by the new card’s rarity.
  • To create and destroy a card you must tap and hold the DESTROY CARD button to prevent the accidental creation and destruction of valuable cards. The duration of this action is determined by the rarity of the card. The higher the rarity, the longer you have to hold to create and destroy.

  • Open the Scoreboard to mute teammates who are spamming pings or behaving unpleasantly.

  • The party captain can place the team into a BOTS game through a new drop-down menu.

  • There are now four spectator slots in Private matches.

  • Larger active items now includes smaller icons for the rest of your item build.
  • Tapping on your hero portrait in hero select will open and close a description of how that position is typically played.
  • The term “support” has gone back to “roam” because of how multifaceted the job is.
  • Hero names have been replaced with hero portraits on the scoreboard.
  • You can change your thumbs up/thumbs down and friend invite selections freely until you hit the FINISH button.

  • To accelerate card collecting and skin weaving, we have lowered the price of the Glory Box from 749 to 479! You can now get more cards by drawing card packs more often from the free Glory Box. Happy card collecting!

  • Lane minions spawn at 5 seconds into the match (instead of 10s). The initial last-hit becomes available in lane at 35 seconds into the match.
  • Jungle monsters spawn at 20 secs into the match (instead of 30s).
  • Taking a Minion Mine increases lane minions’ value by +5% gold instead of +10% gold.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Yangusbeef » August 6, 2015 1:47pm | Report
The basic attack changes a very much appreciated. However, saw needs some kind of rework or buff because at this point of time he is at the bottom of the barrel of heroes, so to speak. (He is the worst hero and I think a lot of people will agree with me. He is too slow to be helpful in team fights or to dodge the 300 damage fire balls from scaarf and stars from Celeste. Saw is my favorite champion, but he is worse than petal at this point!)
I never play scaarf but I have him as my avatar to mess with people.
I am a young pizza cat, even though I hate koshka.
IGN: Yangusbeef
Rank: Pretty good. It fluctuates between bronze, silver. and gold, but I usually never go under or over that.

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