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Update 2.12 Breathes Fresh Air Into Vainglory's UI

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Quote | PM | +Rep by PsiGuard » January 8, 2018 11:03pm | Report

Visual Refresh

When we launched Vainglory, it was just a thin glimmer of what it is today in every way. However, one thing we lost along the way as we added a robust feature set was a clarity in visual message with our front-end experience. With Update 2.12, we are taking very firm steps aiming to reclaim some of the cleanliness we all miss from those days when the game was much simpler.

Some Structural Changes to Note

You now get into a match via the PLAY menu, which you get by tapping the new giant Play button in the middle of the home screen. There are now only five big buttons on the main lefthand navigation. Elements that no longer are on the left now live in smaller icons along the top, which is also where you’ll now find a permanent home for your account info. (Just tap on it to launch your profile.)

A Brief Note on the Aesthetic Changes

Lively. That’s about the last term I’d use to describe our interface previously — and yet it’s something I’ve wanted you to feel for a long time. In Update 2.12 and beyond, expect to see more energy, life and care invested in making your out-of-match experiences much more pleasant. This step marks the first in our journey to improve the look overall. It doesn’t end here.

iPhone X

We didn’t want to push out a simple “app-stretch” and have a suboptimal experience for early adopters of the new iPhone, so we took a moment to build out the right tech to support it and make it a great experience. I’m pretty happy with the results. It feels really lovely to have the game fill out the gorgeous new screen.

As always, please pass along thoughts and feedback positive or negative my way @Kraken_SEMC on Twitter.

—Your friendly neighborhood Kraken

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Quote | PM | +Rep by phucanh_tm » January 30, 2018 1:52am | Report
The new UI sucks!

I have just updated the new version of Vain today, the first look is interesting. The map seem was upgrade to more vertexes, it look impressive and smoothly. But I will not talk about it this time, this time is for UI system. After trying some rounds to get match, I think the old UI is better.
1. The old UI have combo box(dropdown), it look not beautiful layout as the new one but it is more effective, user change mode very fast and easy. With new UI, user have to go back and forth again and again
2. If you monitor user eyes and their fingers, you will see the path of action, they have to change the focus area too much with difference kind of size/rect of UI element.
3. With old UI, user can see all the mode, setup ... in a place -> easy to understand and navigate. The new one with cooler graphic but slowly navigation. Try around, you will see
4. In the battle, after a match, the result board look messy (I really like the old version, clear and easy to focus on information. The new one seem to copy from "Act of Arena" - mobile version of LoL). I think it is downgrade step!

After all, I love the way you made this game awesome day by day and also understand this upgrade is for 5vs5 battle with much more UI element and information display to user. I also concern about this update before it happened, but this result is not as my expected.

What do you guy think?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by CrazyAsianNinja » January 31, 2018 8:56am | Report
This new UI is not really an issue if the buttons worked. I'm having problem with the X's I think the hitbox on them are really small because I can't close any windows the game gives me.

I also think that the self-promotion should be dialed down a bit. Having advertisements pop each time I finish a match and return to the menus is really annoying.
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