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Update 3.5 (Anka): Eviscerate Enemies with the Elusive Assassin

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More polish. An elusive assassin. Pings! Oh the adorable new Minion and Kraken pings. Check out each of Update 3.5’s offerings below…

Anka: An Elusive and Bursty Assassin

Tiptoe around the Halcyon Fold and Sovereign's Rise with Anka, a crafty new assassin who's as squishy as bubble wrap, but can deal massive damage in the blink of an eye.

Initiate your attack with Anka's A, Shimmer Blade, to throw a dagger in a selected direction. Once your blade makes contact with its target, tap again to blink to your victim then hit 'em with her B, Dance of Blades, to deal even more damage.

For Anka's next trick, activate her Ultimate ability, Mirage, to dash in a targeted direction and split off into three clones that deal damage to enemies they pass through. During this dash, Anka is invulnerable.

Anka is unlockable with ICE only for the first seven days. After the first seven days, you’ll be able to unlock her with ICE or Glory.

Hero Abilities

Glythian Promise (Perk)

After a short cooldown, Anka’s next basic attack on an enemy hero becomes Execute Strike, dealing bonus crystal damage equal to a percentage of the target’s missing health. Additionally, Anka fully refreshes Execute Strike and Shimmer Blade upon getting a hero kill or assist.

Shimmer Blade

Anka throws a dagger in the target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. When the dagger hits an enemy, Anka can reactivate the ability within a short duration to blink next to the victim.

Dance of Blades

Anka throws five knives in a cone, dealing damage to all enemies the knives pass through. Each additional knife after the first deals damage equal to [ExtraHitModifier] of the initial damage.


Anka dashes in the target direction as she splits off three clones, becoming invulnerable during the dash and dealing damage to enemies she and the clones dash through. Her clones dash back to her momentarily afterwards, dealing damage to all enemies in their way.

Anka's Talents

Gale Blade

Bonus movespeed on reactivating Shimmer Blade (A) is increased and lasts longer.

Gythian Tempest

Gythian Promise (Perk) refreshes all abilities on hero kill/assist. Anka passively gains crystal power.

Crimson Blade

Shimmer Blade (A) has greatly increased range, lower cooldown and increased damage.

Collect 'Em All: Get the New Kraken & Minion Pings

They’re adorable. They’re collectable. They’re here! Communicate with style while you kick *** with Kraken and Minion pings. Each set contains five unique pings to show off. Individual pings from both sets have a chance to drop in your Spoils of War (look for them in the Market, too!). You must collect the entire set to use them in game.

Want to see which pings you own? Tap on your Player Inventory from the home screen, then on your pings.

Rank Up. Get Rewarded. Hit Credible Threat Bronze During Summer Season to Get an Exclusive Skin

Here’s another opportunity to earn an exclusive skin just by playing ranked matches during Summer season:
  • Climb to Credible Threat Bronze anytime during Summer season
    to get a FREE unannounced Kestrel skin
  • Once you hit Credible Threat Bronze, you qualify for the skin, even
    if you drop in rank
  • This custom Kestrel skin will be included in your end-of-season rewards
  • It doesn’t matter whether you hit Credible Threat Bronze in 3V3 or 5V5; both count!

That’s all there is to it. Start climbing in ranked to make sure you secure an exclusive Kestrel skin!

Save and Share your Best Matches with Friends

Seamlessly share your best matches by tapping on a new end-of-match Share Button. Tap this button to take post-match screenshots, then share them with your friends using your favorite social platform.

Adding More Coats of Polish Throughout

  • Hero names are now visible on tiles in the Ranked draft lobby
  • Check out Anka’s gorgeous new splash art on the home screen
  • The tutorial now has a completion screen.

Dodge Penalty Popup Updated for Visual Clarity

Guilty of dodging a match? Enjoy a newly designed popup screen that tells you exactly how many Rank Points you’ve lost. Finish what you started!

Hero & Item Balance Changes

Check out the official post for the full details on all balance changes coming with update 3.5.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Fixed a bug:
    • With Grumpjaw’s Grumpy on joystick controls
    • Where Kinetic was considered a melee hero
    • Where Kinetic’s Tracer Shots buff icon was displaying incorrectly
    • Where Rook’s Decree triggered off non-heroes
    • Where Pulseweave’s slow was incorrectly calculated
  • Added a setting to toggle camera lock and camera zoom buttons
  • Added Healing Flask icons to the spectator HUD which display their cooldown

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