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Update 3.7: Yates the Reclaimer

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Autumn season has arrived! Log in to collect your end-of-season Summer payouts — including a FREE ‘Contender’ Kestrel Skin if you reached Credible Threat Bronze. Then, pull in unsuspecting victims with the armored commander, Yates the Reclaimer. Looking for a new skin? Check out Yates’ brilliant ‘Crimson Wolf’ Rare skin or the futuristic and chic Legendary ‘Cyber’ Krul. Want to add a lil’ flair to a skin you already own? Craft a Hat for it in your Player Inventory! Read on for all the details…

Yates the Reclaimer: Sidestep or Get Rekt

Hailing from the frigid lands of Campestria, Yates is a Captain who specializes in reeling in unsuspecting victims with his A ability, Wolf’s Maw.

Follow up a successful Wolf’s Maw with a stun and your high-powered carries will delete anyone who’s too slow on the sidestep or Reflex Block.

OP engagements aren’t Yates’ only trick, though, as he is an impactful crowd controller: Keep enemies in check with his B ability, Overwhelm, to create a shockwave in the area around him, stunning affected enemies.

Provide emergency assistance or engage from across Sovereign’s Rise or Halcyon Fold by using Yates’ ultimate ability, Iron Mandate, to leap to any location on the map, slowing and damaging any enemies you land on.

Yates is only unlockable with ICE for the first 14 days. After that, you’ll be able to unlock him with ICE or Glory.

Hero Abilities

Devastation Flail (Perk)

Yates can combo up to three basic attacks within a short time of each other for increasingly powerful effects.

Second Hit: Bonus damage and gain a small movespeed boost.
Third Hit: Bonus damage and gain a large movespeed boost.

Wolf's Maw

Yates extends his flail forward, pulling in the first enemy hit.


Yates gathers energy before releasing a shockwave around himself, stunning affected enemies.

Iron Mandate

Yates leaps to the chosen location, dealing damage and slowing enemies while granting allies a barrier.

Overwhelm will not disperse until Yates lands.

Note: This is a global ability which means it can be cast anywhere in the map.

Yates' Talents

Extended Hooks (Rare)

Wolf’s Maw (A) has increased range.


Devastation Flail's (Perk) third hit deals greatly increased damage.

Rapid Response (Legendary)

Iron Mandate (Ult) completes much more quickly.

'Crimson Wolf' Yates (Rare) and 'Contender' Kestrel (Limited Edition)

'Cyber' Krul (Legendary)

The Undead 1V1 champ is getting a new Legendary skin! Get ‘Cyber’ Krul in three different variants; here’s how to unlock your favorite version:
  • Cyber Krul Prototype (White)
    • At launch:
      • In a special box
      • In the All Box
      • For direct purchase
  • Cyber Krul (Red)
    • At launch:
      • In a special box
      • In the All Box
      • Not initially available for direct purchase
  • Cyber Krul Prime (Blue)
    • Only unlockable by by reaching Battle Pass level 100

New Collectables, Features, Balance Changes and Bugfixes

Check out the official Update 3.7 notes for the full details on the upcoming changes to Vainglory.

Also check out the official Update 3.7 balance changes to see the details of the in-game changes this patch.

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