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Update 3.8: Inara the Protector of the Forest

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Thank you for bearing with us for two more weeks while we focus on quality improvements for this update cycle! We are continuing work on several features that will come out over the next few months that will make a big impact to the game experience, but we’re excited to share things we were able to accomplish for this update.

Let’s meet our new hero, Inara, the Protector of the Forest first, followed by some new seasonal skins and collectables. We will also take a quick look at the new unified lobbies in Brawl modes, and finally the first round of changes in the 3.8 meta.

Inara the Protector of the Forest

Wielding her dual glaives, Inara thrives in the jungle with boosted movement speed and vision empowered by the treants native to Sovereign’s Rise and the Halcyon Fold. Playing as Inara, the jungle is uniquely your home more than any other hero, so be on the look out for opportunities to take out enemies foolish enough to wander into your domain, or go on a little adventure to steal the bounty of the treants in the enemy jungle! Because, why not?!

Inara is only unlockable with ICE for the first 7 days. After that, you’ll be able to unlock her with ICE or Glory.

Hero Abilities

Sacred Grove (Perk)

Inara summons wisps around nearby treants, gaining vision and allowing her to leap to them. Killing a treant grants Inara a movement speed boost for few seconds.

Dance of Leaves (A)

Inara spins with her blades, dealing damage to and slowing nearby enemies.

Banishing Kick

Inara leaps backwards and kicks away enemies, dealing damage to and summoning a wisp on affected enemies. She may leap to marked enemies she has kicked for the next few seconds. Enemies knocked into a wall are stunned.

Nature's Wrath (Ultimate)

Inara rallies nearby allies, granting them movement speed. Reactivate this ability to dash in target direction, dealing damage to enemies.

Inara's Talents

Dance of Mending (Rare)

Dance of Leaves (A) also heals Inara and her allies.

Banishing Might (Epic)

Banishing Kick (B) knocks targets further.

Sacred Warrior (Legendary)

Inara gains invulnerability for a short duration whenever she dashes or leaps.

'Nightblade' Inara (Rare)

'Black Cat' Flicker (Special Edition) & 'Trick or Treat' Malene (Special Edition)

'Headless' Idris (Special Edition)

'Rainblow' Glaive (Legendary)

Unified Lobby in Brawl Modes

All lobbies are belong to us! We have unified the lobby experience for all game modes. Chat with your teammates and pick the best team comp for your next Brawl match!

Dev Stream Returns!

Did you miss us? We missed you too! We’re super excited to bring back the Dev Stream on Twitch and get a chance to say hello, show off our latest work, and play some matches with you. We plan to go live every other Friday at 2PM PT, but don’t forget to follow our Twitch channel to get notified when we go live next!

Collectibles, Balance Changes and Bugfixes

Check out the official Update 3.8 notes for the full details on the upcoming changes to Vainglory.

Also check out the official Update 3.8 balance changes to see the details of the in-game changes this patch.

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