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Update 3.9: Magnus, the Arcane Prince

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Magnus the Arcane Prince

A powerful arcanist with a penchant for Arcane Magic decimating enemies from afar!

Hero Abilities

Arcane Rite (Perk)

Whenever an enemy is hit by any of Magnus’ abilities, they are afflicted with an Arcane Mark for 4s. Magnus’ abilities have additional effects when hitting marked enemies. Additionally, Magnus can basic attack a marked target to consume the mark, exploding it for bonus crystal damage.

Mystic Missile (A)

Magnus fires a magic missile in the target direction, dealing crystal damage to the first target hit. Hitting an enemy with Arcane Mark scatters the missile, dealing crystal damage to all nearby enemies.

Chrono Driver (B)

Magnus sends a disc of time in the target direction that returns to him, dealing crystal damage to all targets it passes through. Enemies with Arcane Mark are briefly stunned.

Seraphim Flare (Ultimate)

Magnus gathers arcane energy in the target direction for 1s, dealing crystal damage to all targets in the area afterwards.Deals 40% bonus damage to enemies with Arcane Mark. If an enemy hero dies within 0.3s of getting hit by this ability, they will explode in Arcane Magic, launching Mystic Missile to all nearby targets.

Magnus' Talents

Mystic Seer (Rare)

Arcane Mark lasts longer and marked targets are revealed.

Arcane Alchemist (Epic)

Arcane Mark is not consumed when basic attacking a marked target. Magnus passively gains attack speed.

Infinite Arcana (Legendary)

All ability cooldowns are reduced upon hitting an enemy hero with an ability.


'Masquerade' Magnus (Rare)

Masquerade Magnus unlocked as Level 1 reward in the Winter Battle Pass.

'Snow Bunny' Gwen (Epic)

'Festive Bunny' Gwen (Special Edition)

'Black Diamond' Gwen (Special Edition)

Black Diamond Gwen unlocked as Level 100 reward in the Winter Battle Pass.

'Snow Queen' Celeste (Legendary)

'Contender' Kensei (Limited Edition)

Contender Kensei unlocked by reaching Tier 6 in either 5v5 or 3v3 Ranked queues.

New Hats & Collectibles

Just in time for the snowy holidays! We have added two new hats: Santa Hat and Royal Crown Hat and a new Social Ping Pack of adorable Frosty Friends. Check them out in the Inventory menu once the update goes live.


Before crafting a Hat, make sure that it’s compatible with your favorite heroes and skins by tapping on the question mark.

Events & Game Modes

This winter, three brand new game modes are coming to Vainglory. Each game mode will be event based (special occasions, weekends etc) so make sure to check the game often to see what this week’s event is!


You asked for it! All Random All Middle (formerly Battle Royale) arrives on the 5V5 map!


Rumble on the fold brings 5 versus 5 players to the Halycon Fold (classic 3V3 map)!

One For All

This holiday you are all getting a special gift. Perhaps you asked for it. Perhaps you never knew you wanted it! Or perhaps your worst nightmare is right around the corner. Have you ever wanted 5 Saws on your team? Do you dream of a CP Saw, a WP Saw, and a Sawport? (And two extra Saws for good measure.). All for one pits teams of 5 of the same heroes versus a team of 5 of the same heroes. Queue the mayhem.

Winter Map

Last, but certainly not least, the Winter 3v3 map returns this update!

Winter Battlepass

Changes are a comin’! Winter brings a fresh new Battle Pass! Stay tuned for a detailed look at the exciting new rewards, more rewards, and more ways to earn Sunlight! TLDR: More, better.

Balance Changes and Bugfixes

Check out the official Update 3.9 notes for information on changes to ranked, the new hero mastery system, meta changes and more!

Also check out the official Update 3.9 balance changes to see the details of the in-game changes this patch.

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