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Update 4.0: San Feng, the Patient Master

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San Feng the Patient Master

A grizzled master of the martial arts who turns his foe’s strength against them through timing and discipline.

Hero Abilities

Iron Soul (Perk)

San Feng’s health is fully fortified for a short time whenever he casts an ability.

Tiger's Bridge (A)

San Feng enters a counter stance and his next basic attack dashes to his target. If an enemy hero deals damage to San Feng during this time, he becomes empowered and may immediately move. While empowered, his dash attack stuns his target and deals increased bonus damage.

Overdrive: At max rank, San Feng ignores all negative effects for a short duration.

Divine Fist (B)

San Feng gathers qi before unleashing a powerful burst of damage.

Overdrive: At max rank, San Feng ignores all negative effects for a short duration.

Master's Lesson (Ultimate)

San Feng meditates before pulling in nearby foes, releasing a flurry of strikes around him, dealing damage to and stunning nearby enemies, then sending them flying.

San Feng's Talents

Master's Rebuke (Rare)

Master’s Lesson (C) flings enemies in the opposite direction.

Divine Flurry (Epic)

Divine Fist (B) slows enemies hit and has a much shorter cooldown.

Advancing Tiger (Legendary)

Successfully countering refreshes the cooldown of Tiger’s Bridge (A).


'Athena' Varya (Legendary)

'Ares' Varya (Special Edition)

Athena & Ares Varya will be on sale at launch. Check out the huge discount during their sale week!

'Feathered' Anka (Epic)

Feathered Anka will be on sale in the second week of the release. Check out the huge discount during her sale week!

'Dragon Master' Catherine (Legendary)

Dragon Master Catherine will be on sale in the third week of the release. Check out the huge discount during her sale week!

New Collectibles

We have added a new Social Ping Pack to help celebrate Valentine’s Day! Check them out in your Bag once the update goes live.

The Valentine’s Day 2019 Ping Pack will be on sale for direct purchase in the first week of the release. After that week they will be added to the Collectible Box in the Market. Be sure to pick up the pack before then!

Game Mode Updates

We have restructured our permanent game modes to focus the core experience of the game. The new persistently available game modes in 4.0 will be:
  • 5v5 Casual
  • 5v5 Ranked
  • 3v3 Ranked
  • Rumble
  • Blitz
If you’d like to read more about this decision please check out our article on the subject. As always we will be listening for your feedback!

UI Updates

Match Accept Screen

The oldest piece of UI in our game has finally been updated! The reason this took so long was simply due to priorities being elsewhere, and it is embarrassing to us that this screen actually managed to live through the entirety of the 3.x year of our game without being updated. We saw your feedback about updating that old, busted screen and we were able to get a fresh, new, streamlined Match Accept Screen in for you this release. Rejoice!

New and Improved Friends List

We’ve revamped the look of the friends list to be more reflective of the new Vainglory X style. We’re attempting to do a better job making sure that the entire Vainglory experience is more consistent than it has been. We have also rewritten the chat system in order to improve reliability.

Balance Changes and Bugfixes

Check out the official Update 4.0 balance changes to see the details of the in-game changes this patch.
  • SAW: Activating Mad Cannon now cancels Roadie Run
  • Ozo: Enemies targeted by Bangarang are now revealed
  • Ozo: Fixed a visual bug on Bangarang

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