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Update 4.1 - Start of Spring Season

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'Yin Yang' San Feng (Rare)

'Exoframe' Skye (Legendary)

'Dark Siren' Lorelai (Epic)

'Tidal Enchantress' Lyra (Legendary)

'Contender' Alpha (Limited Edition)

All players that achieved a rank of Tier 6 or higher during the Winter 2018-2019 Season will earn the new Contender Alpha Skin. Check your Chests & Keys inventory for the special Chest containing this Limited Edition skin!

New Collectibles

Spring Season is here and what better way to celebrate than a shiny new Spring themed social ping Pack! Look in your Bag for a preview of these cuties once the update goes live. Then head over to the market and grab yours!

The Spring 2019 Social Ping Pack will be on sale for direct purchase in the first week of the release. After that week they will be added to the Collectible Box in the Market. Be sure to pick up the pack before then!

Balance Changes and Bugfixes

Check out the official Update 4.1 balance changes to see the details of the in-game changes this patch.
  • Jungle Monsters and bosses no longer attack Scout Cams or Scout Traps
  • 5v5 Vain Crystal no longer attacks Scout Cams
  • Pulseweave no longer deals damage while the owner is dead
Loving Vainglory on PC? You’re about to love it even more! We have added the ability to create custom keybindings for PC players. After the update releases, you should see these new options in your Settings menu.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ewalk » March 15, 2019 6:37pm | Report
i think the lazy attack function is not working on this update? its really hard to play on PC while attack and moving when just click click your mouse anyway

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