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Update 4.3: Leo, The Bladebreaker

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Leo The Bladebreaker

Let's give a real hero's welcome to our newest addition to the Vainglory roster. Meet Leo, the Bladebreaker, a brawny bodyguard with a jet powered sword. Leo is a veritable powerhouse in Lane or Jungle, gathering up enemies and crushing them. Make sure to keep up your Turbo Blade stacks for a huge movespeed boost. Read on to learn more about this big bad bruiser and his monstrous blade!

Hero Abilities

Turbo Blade (Perk)

Whenever Leo uses an ability, the turbo engine on his blade engages, granting him bonus movespeed (up to 3 stacks). Leo's basic attacks are slow but deal damage to all targets in front of him.

Crushing Strike (A)

Leo charges his blade before striking down in front of him dealing heavy damage to enemies in the area.

Jet Cyclone (B)

Leo briefly charges his blade before dashing to his target location, damaging and slowing enemies around him.

Overdrive: Slow duration increases at max rank.

Lion's Might (Ultimate)

Leo briefly charges his blade then jumps in the target direction, damaging enemies in the area and empowering himself with Lion's Might, granting additional effects on his other abilities. If there are enemy heroes near Leo, he will use Lion's Fury instead, shoving all enemy heroes in a target direction and stunning them before leaping to them and unleashing two great strikes on them.
  • Lion's Might - Crushing Strike (A) - Deals bonus damage and causes enemies to bleed for 4s.
  • Lion's Might - Jet Cyclone (B) - Deals bonus damage and roots enemies instead of slowing them.


Sonic Turbine (Rare)

Turbo Blade (Perk) grants additional movespeed as well as weapon power & crystal power.

Mocking Slash (Epic)

Jet Cyclone (B) taunts enemies hit and passively grants additional defense.

Lion's Roar (Legendary)

Lion's Might (C) empowerment is extended and is no longer removed when using other abilities.


'Netherknight' Ardan (Legendary)

Can you feel the heat?? Rising from the fiery depths, Netherknight Ardan will be available for purchase at launch! Check out the smokin' hot discount during his sale week!

'Medieval' Ylva (Epic)

Fetch me yon turkey leg and bring me my mead! Medieval Ylva shalt be available in Ye Olde Market for direct purchase once the update droppeth. Keep thine eyes open for substantial savings during her sale week!

'Rebellion' Leo (Rare)

Everyone loves a rebel, especially one with a cause. Rebellion Leo will be here to fight the good fight, and yours for direct purchase at launch. Everyone also loves savings, so be sure to check out the huge discount during his sale week!

Hero Celebration!

Hero Sale Extravaganza!

A huugggeee hero sale is coming in 4.3! All heroes will be available at discounted prices this update. This includes a major ICE price reduction on the entire roster of heroes. You'll also see a reduction in Glory cost for most of the heroes (some up to 80%!). Along with recent changes to XP, level expansion and rewards that came to you in update 4.2, these promotions will give you the opportunity to build your hero pool faster and easier. Look for these awesome hero promotions when Update 4.3 hits!

Leo Available For Glory On Day One!

WHAT??? We're kidding right? Nope! For the first time ever, our new hero for 4.3 will be available for glory upon release! In addition to the huge hero sale this update, Leo will no longer be 'ICE only' for the first week, and can now also be purchased for glory. (Note: there is an updated glory cost increase for newest hero).

4.3 Event Modes & Sales

Events For All!

Looking forward to your favorite event mode? Check out the schedule below for 4.3's event rotation and get ready!:
  • RUMBLE (5/24-5/27)
  • ARAM (5/31 - 6/03)
  • 3V3 CASUAL (6/06-6/10)
  • ARAM  (6/13 - 6/16)

Sales! Sales! Sales!

As always, we've got plenty of special sales coming your way this update. From super sweet skin sales and tantalizing talent top-off's to holiday happy hours, we've got you covered. Along with new ways to save, be on the lookout for new ways new ways to boost your earnings!

Bug Fixes

  • Taka now exits stealth when activating Charm.
  • Fixed a bug with the calculation of the bonus attack range granted by Baron's Ult. Previously, the listed attack range at levels 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 of his Ult was 5.9 / 6.3 / 6.7 / 7.1, but his actual range was 5.9 / 5.9 / 6.7 / 8.3. His listed and actual attack range is now 5.7 / 6.3 / 6.9 / 7.5.
  • Fixed a bug on Caine's Triple Tap (A) that caused it to have a shorter range than intended.

Balance Changes And Meta

But wait...There's more! Want to see the latest changes to all the things so you can be prepared to bring your 'A' game? Head on over to Balance Notes now to check out all the Hero, Item, and Meta changes coming to you in Update 4.3!

* Source: Official 4.3 Update Notes

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