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Update 4.4: The Mighty Warhawk

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Table Of Contents

The Mighthy Warhawk

Warhawk is a mighty mobile mage that uses his Rocket Launcher to deal damage and maneuver deftly around the battlefield. He excels at controlling large areas using his Vacuum Grenade and Mightiest Barrage and can easily get himself out of trouble if enemies don't CC him down. Get ready to zone the enemy and rule the map with this tiny but mighty Bleekos badboy.

Hero Abilities

MK-II Annabelle (Perk)

After casting an ability, Warhawk's next basic attack has increased range and deals bonus CP damage.

Rocket Ride (A)

Warhawk fires a rocket that deals damage in a small AoE on impact. The blast from the gun is so powerful that the kickback sends Warhawk backwards at the same time.

Vacuum Grenade (B)

Warhawk throws a grenade to a target location. Upon reactivation (or when it times out), it will detonate and pull enemy heroes towards the center, stunning those caught in the blast.

Mightiest Barrage (Ultimate)

Warhawk takes aim and selects up to three locations before firing a missile to each marked spot, dealing damage on impact and scorching the ground. Enemy heroes standing in scorched areas take damage over time and are slowed.


Healing Bomb (Rare)

Vacuum Grenade now also provides a substantial heal to allies in the blast radius.

Rocketeer (Epic)

Rocket Ride's knockback is greatly increased and deals increased damage.

Super Mega Barrage (Legendary)

Mightiest Barrage can now target five locations. The impact damage is decreased but the burn is drastically increased.


'Netherknight' Vox (Legendary)

Arising from the depths of The Nether to join his father in combat, Netherknight Vox will be available for purchase at launch! This scorcher of a skin is sure to resonate with you!

'Summer Party' Gwen (Epic)

Circle the pool floats! Summer Party Gwen is making a splash, so hop in the pool and cool off with this sweet summer skin! She'll be joining the party and available for purchase when the update drops. Remember, Special Edition skins are only available for a limited time so be sure to pick this beauty up!

'Demolition' Warhawk (Rare)

He's a little guy with a big gun and he's got presents for everyone! Demolition Warhawk comes blasting into the fight and is yours for direct purchase at launch. Get yours and destroy the enemy in style!

Summer Sale-A-Bration!

Supper Summer Skin Sales!

What better way to celebrate the start of Summer Season than an awesome sale on your favorite Summer Party Skins? These Special Edition skins are not available for purchase so this is a unique opportunity to get one of your very own through some sizzling summer chest sales! To sweeten the deal, your first pull from a chest for any new 4.4 Skins and Summer Party skins is FREE!

(Note: SE Summer Party Gwen will be available for Opals in update 4.5)

A Glorious Summer Awaits

The Glory is yours my friends! To celebrate the start of Summer Season we are giving everyone a 25% Glory boost for all of 4.4! Get updated, get on and get that Glory!

But That's Not All...

We've got even more special sales coming your way this update. Check the market for special deals and holiday promotions on skins, talents, keys and more! Be on the lookout for new ways to save and to earn!

4.4 Event Modes

Events For All!

Rotating Event Modes abound this Summer and each Event Mode will run for a full week! Check out the schedule below for 4.4's event rotation and get battle ready!:
  • RUMBLE (6/20)
  • ARAM (6/27)
  • 3V3 CASUAL (7/4)
  • ARAM  (7/11)

Friends List Reminder!!

Your Friends List is getting an overhaul in update 4.4! To initiate the refresh process, just update and log in anytime during update 4.4. Any accounts that are not logged in to during this update will lose their Friends List so make sure to log in while 4.4 is active! All of the details on this Friend List refresh and database change can be found in our recent article HERE.

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Missed our article on what bugs we're working on and how we tackle them? Get in the know and read HERE for all the latest news on the Battle of the Bugs!

Balance Changes And Meta

That's not all for 4.4, there's more! In case you missed the latest changes to all the things, head over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the Hero & Item changes coming in Update 4.4!

* Source: Official 4.4 Update Notes

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Anyone can help me. Very i play VG on iPad air. When i playing a few minutes the VG app, is unexpectedly quit. I dont have no idea happen happen , after updtae my ipad on iOS 12.3.1 , i feel this issue. Please help me to resolve this issue

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Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling? If so trying clearing the cache of Safari.

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