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Update 4.5: Miho The Swift Sword

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Miho: The Swift Sword

Meet Miho, a fleet footed hyper carry with a razor sharp sword! Miho is a master of duels who zips around the battlefield picking off enemies. With careful use of her Keen Eye perk, enemies are Unguarded and all of her damage is amplified for a short period of time enabling her to quickly take them out. Follow the way of the sword with Miho when the update drops!

Hero Abilities

Keen Eye (Perk)

Instead of energy, Miho uses Focus for her abilities. Miho's abilities apply Keen Eye stacks to enemy heroes. Once her stacks are applied, Miho's next basic attack or Reizan causes them to become Unguarded, stunning and damaging enemies and granting Miho a barrier.

Reizan (A)

Miho teleports, dealing damage to all enemies that she passes through and around the area that she appears. 

Overdrive: This ability is refreshed whenever any enemy becomes Unguarded.

Shingetsu (B)

Miho performs a quick, long range slash that deals damage to all enemies in a line. This ability can be recast immediately until she is out of Focus

NOTE: To cancel Shingetsu, use the red C ability button (shown below).

Tsukuyomi (Ultimate)

After a brief channel, Miho fires a crescent wave of energy from her blade that deals damage to every target that it passes through. Tsukuyomi will also destroy enemy projectiles that it passes through and applies Keen Eye stacks to every enemy it hits.


Death Blow (Rare)

Enemies can no longer become Unguarded but the burst of damage is much greater.

Eclipse (Epic)

Tsukuyomi heals allies it passes through and deals increased damage.

Shunpo (Legendary)

Reizan now can store three charges and deals significantly more damage.


'Poseidon' Lance (Legendary)

Rising from the watery depths of the deep blue sea, Poseidon Lance makes his way on to The Rise in a tidal wave of glory. The King of the Sea will be at your service and available for purchase at launch!

'Wu Xing Forest' Kestrel (Epic)

From the quiet peace of the Greenwood, everyone's favorite archer emerges with a lush new skin. Wu Xing Forest Kestrel will be available for purchase when the update drops!

'Twilight' Miho (Rare)

She's fast, fierce and flawless. As the day closes and gives way to night, Twilight Miho comes out to play. Yours for direct purchase at launch, don't let the sun set on your chance to get this magical Miho skin!

Feature Updates

Moar Levels!

Whats more fun than 200 Levels of Vainglorious goodness? FIVE HUNDRED Levels! That's right, 200 just wasn't enough, so we have expanded account levels all the way to 500! To sweeten the grind, we have added new ICE rewards to level chests for you. Summer fun awaits you on The Fold and The Rise, so get out there, get that XP and level up!

End of Season Rewards

We know it's a little late, but the End of Season Rank Rewards for Spring Season are coming to you in Update 4.5. This time we're doing something a little different, so all players who reached Tier 6 (Credible Threat) or higher will receive a Spring Season reward of 150 Opals! Rather than getting stuck with a skin we choose for you, you now have Opals to use on any available SE Skin! Spend 'em now or save up for that special Opals-only skin you've been wanting. To collect your reward once the update is live, open Vainglory and your Season Rewards Chest will be waiting for you!

Sweet Summer Sales!

Smokin' Summer Skins!

The Summer Party continues in Update 4.5 with super deals on Summer Party skins! These Special Edition skins are not usually available for purchase, so jump on this special opportunity to get them through some sizzling summer chest deals! To start things off with a bang, your first pull from any Summer Party Skin chest is free!

But Wait, There's More...

Want even more amazing deals? We've got a slew of sales coming your way this update. Check the market for special deals and promotions on skins, talents, keys and more! Be on the lookout for new ways to save and to earn!

4.5 Event Modes

Weekly Events For You!

We have rotating Event Modes aplenty for you in 4.5. Event Modes run for a full week to give you time to play all your favorites! Check out the schedule below for 4.6's event rotation and get ready for some fun!
  • RUMBLE (7/18)
  • ARAM (7/25)
  • 3V3 CASUAL (8/1)
  • ONE FOR ALL (8/8)

Friends List Reset, Take Two

Our 4.4 Friends List database migration hit a little snag along the way, so we're rolling it out again in Update 4.5. In case you missed the original communication, your Friends List is getting an overhaul! To initiate the refresh process, just update and log in anytime during update 4.5. Any accounts that are not logged in to during this update will lose their Friends List so make sure to log in while 4.5 is active! All of the details on this Friend List refresh and database change can be found in our recent article HERE. Please note that all references to update 4.4 in the article now apply to update 4.5.

Balance Changes And Meta

That's not all for 4.5, there's more! In case you missed the latest changes to all the things, head over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the Hero & Item changes coming in Update 4.5!

* Source: Official Update Notes

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