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Update 4.6: Ishtar The Ancient Evil

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Ishtar: The Ancient Evil

After thousands of years locked away, Ishtar emerges, an ancient evil here to destroy the enemy...much to her delight. Ishtar summons her Blades at will, and manipulates them to do her bidding. This blade wielding battle mage uses her basic attacks, and those of her Blades to dominate the battlefield, leaving only destruction in her wake. Unleash the ancient power within when the update drops!

Hero Abilities

Demonic Decree (Perk)

Ishtar's basic attacks deal crystal damage and scale with her overall crystal power.

If Ishtar performs a basic attack in the presence of a Blade, it will also perform a basic attack dealing bonus CP damage.

Shadow Razor (A)

Ishtar fires a Blade in a straight line that travels toward the target location, dealing damage to all enemies that it passes through. All existing nearby Blades are commanded to dash towards the target location.

Blade Whirl (B)

Passive: Gains attack speed per level.

Active: Ishtar and all of her Blades perform a spinning slash, dealing damage in an area around them and slowing enemies hit. Landing Blade Whirl gives Ishtar a movement speed boost.

Ascension (Ultimate)

Ishtar destroys all existing Blades before creating four new ones near her. Afterwards she becomes empowered, gaining a new basic attack as well as additional lifesteal and movement speed.


Indomitable (Rare)

Ishtar gains a stack of Indomitable on each hero kill or assist and loses one on death. Each stack grants bonus armor, shield and vampirism. (up to 10 stacks.)

Pinnes and Needles (Epic)

Ishtar's Blade Whirl (B) now will root targets and deal increased damage.

Relentless (Legendary)

Every time a Blade is summoned, Ishtar gains additional attack speed for 10 seconds (up to 20 stacks).


'Oni' Kensei (Legendary)

Stepping out of your nightmares and onto the Rise, Oni Kensei joins the fight. Whether this fearsome ogre god is here to protect or destroy, he can be all yours for purchase at launch!

'Genie' Flicker (Epic)

Your wish is his command! Our favorite Bleeko's has a magical new look with this fun and colorful skin. Just a rub of the lantern and, poof! Genie Flicker will be available for purchase in the local souq when the update drops!

'Orchid' Ishtar (Rare)

There cannot be dark without a little light, even for the demon blade herself. Both beautiful and terrifying all at once, Orchid Ishtar is in full bloom in 4.6 and yours for direct purchase at launch. Don't miss it!

Feature Updates

New Blitz Mini Mode - Blitz: Reloaded!

The fast paced and frenzied havoc of Vainglory's Blitz Mode has been a long time favorite, and while our Brawl modes are a shorter format than standard matches, we're kicking it up a notch. Introducing Blitz: Reloaded (beta)!

Blitz: Reloaded still holds the main objective of being the first team to reach 15 points, but in this revamped version, you'll have faster out-of-combat regen, shorter cooldowns, higher starting levels and more. There's even an extra shop by each team's second turret to save a little time. Why, you ask? Because time is of the essence in new mini mode Blitz: Reloaded, which ends in two minutes instead of five! That's right, two minutes of all out fun is headed your way! This new fun mode will be in beta during update 4.6 while we gather your feedback and polish it up. So brush up on your Brawl skills and get ready for the ultimate turbo takedowns with Blitz: Reloaded in update 4.6!

Summer Sales For Saavy Shoppers

Summer Skins Roundup!

Last Call! The season is winding down, but the Summer Party is still going! Update 4.6 is your last chance this year to get that Summer Party Skin of your dreams. These Special Edition skins are not usually available for purchase, so make sure to get yours before they're gone with our best Summer Skin Chests ever!

New Deals & More...

Everybody loves amazing ways to get the content they  want at great savings. We've got you covered with a whole new set of sales coming your way in update 4.6. Check the market for special deals and promotions on skins, talents, keys and more!

4.6 Event Modes

Weekly Fun Modes!

Weekly rotating event modes abound in update 4.6 and we're keeping One for All in the group this round! Event Modes run for a full week to give you time to play all your favorites! Check out the schedule below for 4.6's event mode start dates and get ready gamers!
  • RUMBLE (8/22)
  • ARAM (8/29)
  • 3V3 CASUAL (9/5)
  • ONE FOR ALL  (9/12)

Balance Changes And Meta

For all of you players who like to stay in the know and crunch the numbers, head right on over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the changes coming in Update 4.6 to your favorite Heroes, Items and Talents!

* Source: Official Update Notes

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