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Update 4.7: Legendary Times

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Update 4.7: Legendary Times

The lazy days of the sweltering summer are over and the season comes to a close. Now it's time to make way for Fall and an awesome Autumn Season! We are kicking things off with not one, not two, but THREE Legendary Skins for you! We've got end of season rewards, changes to Blitz Reloaded and more for you in Update 4.7. Read on for details and let's get this party started!


'School Days' Celeste (Legendary)

Class is back in session and there's a new student ruling school! School Days Celeste is the star of the show as she joins her fellow classmates. Go to the head of the class and check out the awesome deals for this smart skin!

'Kirin' Fortress (Legendary)

Mythical creatures and fantastical beasts abound, but none compare to the mighty Kirin Fortress; protector of the pure, and punisher of the wicked. Unleash the dogs of war upon the enemy with this legendary skin! Be on the look out for special discounts on chest pulls during 4.7!

'Wu Xing Earth' Phinn (Legendary)

Strong, stable and solid as a rock, WuXing Earth Phinn is coming for you! The legendary effects on this amazing new skin will pull you in and before you know it you'll be hooked! Look for special deals on this ground pounding bad boy in 4.7!

Feature Updates

Blitz: Reloaded, But Better!

We've taken your feedback and made some changes to our newest mode Blitz: Reloaded (beta) We want all our Brawl lovers to have a chance to shine in this short fun mode,  so we have taken Talents out of the mode allowing for a true head to head, fast and frenzied skill match up. We also added a bit to the timer to give you more opportunities to take out the enemy without going the full 5 minutes of our regular Blitz Mode. Fire up your favorite heroes for even more turbo takedowns with Blitz: Reloaded in update 4.7!

End Of Season Rewards

End of Season Rank Rewards for Summer Season are on their way to you in Update 4.7. All players who reached Tier 6 (Credible Threat) or higher will receive a Summer Season reward of 150 Opals! Save up for a super special skin you've been wanting or go hog wild in the shop today, its totally your choice! To collect your reward once the update is live, open Vainglory and your Season Rewards Chest will be waiting for you!

Awesome Autumn Sales

Blueprints And Talents And Skins, Oh My!

Fall Season gets rolling with a whole new set of sales coming your way in update 4.7. Head over to the market and check out all the special deals and promotions on skins, talents, keys and more. There's a little something for everyone throughout the update so check the market often for new ways to get your favorite content and great savings!

Balance Changes And Meta

For everyone who like to stay ahead of the game and be ready for action when the update drops, head over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the changes coming in Update 4.7 to your favorite Heroes, Items and Talents!

* Source: Official Update Notes

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