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Update 4.8: Viola The Musician Magician

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Viola: The Magical Musician

Follow the sweet sound of sacred strings through the forest and you will find new hero Viola; here to save you with her magical songs. Enemies beware when this magical musical support plays one of her Power Ballads! Whether boosting her allies or stopping the enemy in their tracks, she's got the song to save your soul. Let the music play when update 4.8 hits!

Hero Abilities

Melodious Tune (Perk)

Every time Viola casts an ability, she gains a stack of Melodious Tune granting her cooldown reduction.

Harmony (A)

Viola sends out a music note that grants a barrier to herself as well as any allies that it passes through (up to 2 stacks).

Discord (B)

Viola sends out a music note that deals damage to the first enemy it hits.

Power Ballad (Ultimate)

Viola plays one of 4 songs based on her active Harmony and Discord notes that apply various effects when allies or enemies are touched by the aura.

Fleeting Song (A-A-A)

Cleanses movement impairing effects and grants movement speed to tagged allies.

Tempo (A-A-B)

Applies an attack speed boost and cooldown reduction to tagged allies for 5 seconds.

Dissonance (A-B-B)

Applies damage over time and mortal wounds to tagged enemies.

Lullaby (B-B-B)

Applies the Drowsy debuff to tagged enemy heroes that inflicts a ramping slow. After a short period of time, they will be put to sleep.


Fortissimo (Rare)

Viola's Harmony (A) can now stack two additional times and the amount of barrier it grants is increased.

Toccata (Epic)

Enemy heroes that are within Viola's Power Ballad (C) take additional damage while allies take reduced damage.

Rubato (Legendary)

Harmony (A) and Discord (B) have three charges and are refreshed after Viola casts her Power Ballad.


'Occultist' Lyra (Special Edition)

The witching hour is nigh and Occultist Lyra steps into the sacred circle to cast her spell on you! Work a little dark magic of your own with this mystical Special Edition skin coming in update 4.8!

'Medieval' Silvernail (Epic)

With the power of dragon fire on his side, Medieval Silvernail has put down his grog and turkey leg, polished his armor and taken up his mighty crossbow to join the fight against evil. Keep thine eyes open for special deals in Ye' Olde Market Shoppe!

'Encore' Viola (Rare)

What's a magical musical concert without an encore? Rounding out her amazing premiere performance, Encore Viola is coming at you with another Power Ballad! Be on the look out for rockin' deals on this sweet string strumming skin in update 4.8!

Fun Fun Fall Deals!

Awesome Autumn Continues!

Autumn Season is in full swing with a new set of dulcet deals coming to you in update 4.8. Stop by the market and check out special sales and promotions on skins, talents, keys and more. There's a little something for everyone throughout the update so check the market often for new ways to get the content you want and great savings!

Legendary Deals!

Didn't have time to get the incredible new Legendary skins in Update 4.7? Fear not! School Days Celeste, Wu Xing Earth Phinn and Kirin Fortress will be available for direct purchase in the market when Update 4.8 drops!

Balance Changes And Meta

Like to get ahead of the competition each update and stay in the know?  Head right over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the changes coming in Update 4.8 to your favorite Heroes!

* Source: Official Update Notes

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