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Update 4.9: New Friends & Fall Fun

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Fall season brings many changes with it, and change is in the air for Vainglory as well! Autumn is traditionally a time to give thanks and celebrate friends; and that's just what we're doing as Vainglory goes Rogue! We're super excited for this incredible new direction for Vainglory and are working hard to keep bringing you all the things you love. Not sure what all this means? Check out the article here for more info. We are giving special thanks to the teams at Rogue Games and nCORE Games; and especially to all of you, our players for joining us on this amazing journey. You are why we do what we do! Read on for all the details on what's coming in Update 4.9!


'Jewel Thief' Koshka (Epic)

Oooooh, SHINY! Hide your valuables, Jewel Thief Koshka is sneaking up on you to snag your precious gems with a little feline five-finger discount. Tiptoe into the market and get your claws on this epic skin when the update drops!

'Wu Xing Metal' Leo (Epic)

With persistence, strength, gilded armor and the tempered steel of his massive blade, Wu Xing Metal Leo will strike fear into the heart of your enemies. He is judge, he is jury, he is yours in Update 4.9. Keep your eyes open for all the ways to score this epic elemental skin!

'Wu Xing Water' Magnus (Legendary)

Water, at once both peaceful and powerful. Swirling on to the Rise, Wu Xing Water Magnus is bringing the storm! You'll drown your enemies and turn the tides as you surge into the fight. Sail on into the shop and check out the deals on this legendary liquid skin coming to you in update 4.9!

Super Seasonal Sales!

Fabulous Fall Season Deals!

Fall continues rolling along and winter will be here before you know it! To sweeten your season,  we have a whole new set of stellar sales headed your way! Drop in to the market in update 4.9 and check out all the special sales on skins, talents, keys and more to make your autumn even more awesome. Be sure to check the market often for new deals and great savings!

Special Holiday Savings!

The Holiday Season is just getting started and we've got you covered! Be on the lookout for super special holiday deals headed your way for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get the celebration started!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Viola's Sleep wasn't being properly resisted by Phinn's perk.
  • Viola's abilities will now appropriately auto-aim when quick casting in Joystick mode.
  • Ishtar's minions now correctly show Magnus' mark when struck by his abilities.

Stay tuned for more bug fixes coming to you next update!

Balance Changes And Meta

  • Want to know the latest tweaks to your favorite heroes?  Hop over to the Balance Notes now to check out all the changes coming in Update 4.9!

* Source: Official Update Notes

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