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Vainglory’s 2016 Best Moments And 2017 Resolutions!

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As the year winds to a close, Team Super Evil is taking stock of all it has to be thankful for in 2016: a passionate community and an exciting esports season that culminated in an epic World Championship. With so many fantastic moments to choose from, we decided to ask you, our exceptional community: What are your favorite moments of 2016 or your resolution for 2017? Was your favorite moment that time you stole the kraken with a Scout Trap? Did your cold, black heart swell at the release of Samuel? Are you planning to get to Simply Amazing next year?

Tell us your greatest Vainglory achievement or your most memorable Vainglory moment from 2016 and follow up with your plan and resolution for 2017! Post your most memorable moment from 2016 and your resolutions for 2017 using the hashtag #VaingloryNewYears for a chance to win two Mystery Chest keys!


  • Dec 29th – Jan 3rd


  • Up to 10 winners receive two Mystery Chest Keys each


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    • Include the tag #VaingloryNewYears
    • You must include your IGN in the post
    • Your post must not start with the @ symbol
    • You must be following our official @Vainglory Twitter
    • You can enter as many times as you like
  • Facebook
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