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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » May 21, 2015 5:48pm | Report
We have a few recently added features on VaingloryFire we hope you guys will enjoy!

Hero Matrix on the Home Page

First off, we've added a hero matrix to the home page to give both new and old users instant access to top guides for each hero. We felt this was a more direct and user-friendly method of getting to guides from the home page, as opposed to the old Hero Box that had one click access only for the free heroes.

This new matrix also includes the free and newest champ info, so you can still know who is free this week by visiting the home page!

To make room for this we had to remove the sliding banner, but we feel like it's worth it. In addition, by removing the banner you will be able to get to the news faster. :)

Tabs on Hero Wiki Pages

To go along with this update we've added tabs to each hero's wiki page! This allows us to give you easy access to hero guides as well as their abilities and other info. This also means we can add more information in the future, such as lore and skins, without making you have to scroll for days to get to it!

Hero Matrix Filter for Browse Guides

Last but not least we've added a hero matrix as a filter in the browse guide page. This should be a little faster to filter by champ than the old dropdown list. :)

We hope you enjoy these updates, and as always we're open to feedback / suggestions! If you have any thoughts just drop a comment in this thread. We'll be sure to read them all!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by raijubeast » May 23, 2015 9:20am | Report
Nice i want to play new heroes
i want to play this game far us i can, tnx to the developer

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