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VGF Update - Guest Voting & Patch Sorting

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Guest Voting

What is Guest Voting?

Guest votes are votes cast by VaingloryFire users who are not registered or logged in. Anyone who uses VaingloryFire will now be able to cast their vote on any guide. Guest votes are tracked separately from member votes and each guide will have two different scores stored internally; one based on only member votes and the other made up of member votes and guest votes combined. Only the highest of these two scores will be shown on your guide and in the listings, so the inclusion of guest votes will never lower your guide score.

We already have vote manipulation protections in place, as well as requiring a valid captcha for every guest vote.

Why Are We Adding Guest Voting?

We've found that fewer and fewer users are logging in to cast votes as time goes on. We want guide scores to accurately reflect the opinions of VaingloryFire users, and many of those users use the site without logging in.

Guest voting allows these VaingloryFire users to offer their opinions on your guides, which gives you guide authors more feedback on your work and if your guide is well-received, a higher place in the listings! Having more votes also means more accurate guide scoring and ranking, especially for guides with very low vote counts.

We're excited to open up voting to guests and get you guys more votes! Let us know what you think of the new guide scoring and voting changes coming to VaingloryFire in the comments.

Guide Sorting by Patch

In addition to the overall quality of a guide, one of the most important things a prospective reader needs to know is whether or not the guide is up to date. If you've been checking the listings recently, you'll notice we've added patch tracking to help readers know which guides are relevant to the current Vainglory meta. Each guide will receive a tag showing the version of Vainglory from when the guide was last updated. Every time you update your guide, it'll receive a tag in the listings that shows off the fact that your guide is ready for the newest patch!

Guides will be sorted according to Patch number first, followed by the guide score. This change is meant to reward guide authors who consistently keep their guides up to date with every update to the game. Sorting by patch also allows readers to quickly find the most up to date information for the hero they're searching for. If you're a dedicated guide author who ensures your guide info is always updated, you'll receive a higher spot in the listings over authors who don't update their guides.

If multiple guides are on the same patch, the scoring system takes over when sorting them. This means your guide score is still important as it represents the quality of your guide to your readers and it's used to sort guides from the same patch. Keep on updating your guides and make them the best they can be and you'll be rewarded with the top spots in the listings!

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