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Quote | PM | +Rep by ThaniTheLord » July 22, 2017 6:58pm | Report
So, ive been working on a hero for a bit now, and i think i have him done. It's just an idea, and it will probably get looked over but here goes nothing.
Hit Points: 511 (+53)
HP Regen: 2.71 (+0.23)
Energy Points: 390 (+37)
EP Regen: 2.64 (+0.18)
Weapon Damage: 68 (+6.78)
Attack Speed: 100% (+3.34)
Armour: 24 (+5)
Shield: 24 (+6)
Attack Range: 5
Movement Speed: 3.4

Lore: Deck was the son of a martial artist known as Kayser. Keyser wanted Deck to grow up im his footsteps and become the martial artist that his father never was. Deck; however, didn't care much for martial arts he was much more interested in magic, specifically pyromancy. He would often sneak out when his father went to work and look for books about pyromancy. As he practiced in the arts he soon learned about his strange knack to controll fire extreamly well. One day while walking down the street he walked into a man, he had a big, cube like, backpack that seemed as if levetating to his side. The backpack had a strange sign on it, that he swore he saw before in one of his books. It had the shape of a flame and as it grew closer to the end it changed into the head of a dragon. The man broke the awkward silence between them by saying in an obscure,deep yet inviting voice "So you are the child said to be able to control flames are you?" Deck beying skeptical as to how the man knew how he practiced pyromancy responded with "Maybe, whats it to you?" The man seeming to be worried responded almost screaming "Now child! Hurry and come with me!" Like any other reasonable person Deck thought the old man was just going crazy, untill he heard a large explosion from his fathers dojo. The man grabed Deck from his shoulder, as he did Deck felt his hand, it was incredibly warm, almost hot. He tried to break away but the old man had a much stronger grasp on him than he thought. It was an instant, and as soon as he felt the had everything went dark for just a second then he appeared in a strange land, a forest of some sort. At this point Deck was freaking out but his curiosity was much stronger than his instinct to flee. He asked the man what happend, the man beying amazed at the fact he didnt run like a normal person would, decided to answer his question. The man said the explosion was caused by by people sent by the Storm Queen, specifically to "take care" of Deck. Skeptical Deck asked if he knew why they where after him. The man said "You see, the storm queen sent them to kill you because of her underling, the Storm Queen saw you as a threat and or rival to her underling. Suddenly Deck was filled with horror, throughout the heat of the moment he asked if his village was alright, the man stayed quiet, then out of nowhere he changed the subject, the man said thay ge was part of the Flaming Dragon guild a group of pyromancers who the Storm Queen saw as public enemy #1 but didn't mention anything to the public. Deck was still worried about his village, so he asked what happened to it again. The man pulled out a map and pointed at it. All there was, was a dense forest and a strange orange circle around the center. He said that was were his village "was". Blinded in rage due to his loss he blamed everything on the storm queen an vowed to kill her. Them man stiped him begore he could do anything irrational and told him he was too wrak to do anything, but he would instead join the Flaming Dragon guild and be tought by them. A few years passed and Deck was finnaly able to go to the Halcyon Fold to seek out his revenge.

Heroic Perk: Flaming Rage
When Deck lands a basic attack he gains a stack of Flaming Rage maxing out at 5 stacks. Each stack slighly empowers Deck's basic attacks and add 10 crystal power to his skills.

A: Fire Burst
If Deck is close enough to his enemy he will infuse his fist with fire and jab the enemy dealing 50,90,180,220,280 base crystal damage to the enemy. The skill will have a W.P scale of 125% and a C.P scale of 100%. If you overdrive the skill he hits the enemy a second time, this time with his foot, dealing 100 base damage with a W.P scale of 150% and no C.P scale.

B: Flaming Ray
Deck shoots a ray of fire dealing consecutive damage that lasts for .40s,.45s,.50s,.55s,1s.
Each stack of Flaming Rage will give an extra .6s to the ray. When overdrived each stack will give an extra .10s to the skill. (While using the skill Deck will be stationary) The skill will have only a crystal ratio of 200%. The skill deals 10 base crystal damage per hit only changed by the crystal ration. One hit will occur every .10s.

Ult: Embodiment of the Dragon
Using this skill Deck will go into an emraged stage with a flaming aura around him that boosts his auto attack by 50% ratio to the attck he already had and gives his auto attacks c.p damage with a scale of 150% of his c.p power. He also gains a speed boost ( up to you how much )

So, um thats about all i got, im not a very good drawer so i dont have any splash art, also im not the best at english so im 100% sure there are typos and missuse of punctuation everywhere. Feel free to change everything as you see fit.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ThaniTheLord » July 22, 2017 9:31pm | Report
Me and a friend are working on some concept art by me and a friend i mean a friend.

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