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Quote | PM | +Rep by MyIgnIsTaken » May 9, 2018 7:56am | Report
Hello I am nightH4wk a casual EU player. I’m curently looking for a team who I can play and improve with I’m a botlaner mostly playing vox gwen kestrel rona ringo and bf i can play pritty much play all day on work days starting from 17:00 pm GMT+3 and on week days pritty much all day I can also be placed in jungle since I’ve been learning a bit from vpl and from KeanuNakao but I’m a better laner than jungler. I’m curently poa gold. been stuck in that position for 3 seasons now so I’m curently looking for a team so I can improve I mostly for communication use discord I can vc I’m 15 years old
So yeah. If u are interested feel free to contact me on my gmail. [email protected]
Ty for ure time

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Quote | PM | +Rep by EKnova » May 15, 2018 5:08am | Report
Hey bro, we have a guild that can use a bot laner or 5v5. If you want you can check it out if you wanna. Currently my team and I hitting into POA gold once we hit 10 we will be focussing purely 5v5 to 10 too.

Discord VS too, whatsapp for instant messaging and we starting some content too to get out there

If you keen to play with us we will gladly team up

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