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Quote | PM | +Rep by ITzxRazZo » October 27, 2019 11:55am | Report
Hey Guys my name is Lark im 22 and im searching for a Professional or Competetiv Team. Its not a must but i want to play with high Tier people to develop my skills and learn something new. I play vainglory for 5 Years and played during the Beta. I was in a Tier 10 only guild back then with my Friends Second account and we were really good in 3vs3. I started to play again after 1 Year and now i have a Goal: Tier 10 in 5vs5. So if u think u are good Enough and u got a nice and active Guild with people over 18+ than invite me and we can play Together! I want to become a Esport Player in this Game and with much luck and Training we can do it together ❤️ My highest Rank in 5vs5 was Tier 9 Silver only SoloQ were it came out new 1 Year ago and Tier 10 Silver in 3vs3.

My IGN is : iTzxRaZzor

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Quote | PM | +Rep by iDeeKoiii » October 28, 2019 6:12am | Report
ayo hmu on twitter @deekoiii and ill hook ya up with our guild. Most of me and my roomates were all tier 9-10 last year, we are all dumb tho and after not playing for a hot minute we forgot our log-ins so we just waiting on 1-2 more ppl to get all the champions they need and then we will be grinding out the 5v5 ranked!

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ITzxRazZo » October 29, 2019 12:31am | Report
Yeah ok will write u mate u playing in Eu?

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