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Quote | PM | +Rep by MysticMungus » October 10, 2019 3:23pm | Report
Greetings my comrades. I am an old player; I have seen what the vainglory guild system once was, and what it has become is readily perceptible to me. In an effort to manually stir the stagnant river that is the guild system, I have created The Gamer Federation, where we the gamers stand together as a single people, unified against oppression and attempts to stifle the Gamer Way. Further, we shall serve as a beacon of hope to all of those who mourn the days when guilds flourished. If anyone would like to join our cause, add Crazedjellyfish (President of the Federation), and he shall invite you. If you for some reason are not added/do not receive an invite due to technical difficulties, you are welcome to search the guild tag TGF and join manually (it is an open guild).
For both convenient viewing within the guild, as well as a general summary of the guild's laws, the below text is included.

Ye Olde Gamer Articles of Federation
The following text shall detail the irrefutable rules a member of the Federation must abide by:

I. The body of laygamers may propose and execute a legislation if a 9/13 majority (or an analogous ratio) is met.

II. President Jelly and his Federal Assembly reserve complete, irrevocable executive and judicial powers, the former of which can only be vetoed with a consensus detailed in article I.

III. An officer deemed worthy may be appointed Prime Minister; this honorary rank permits said individual to compose a Council of Ministers (maximum 3 members, counting the Prime Minister). All members appointed by the prime minister must be officers as well, and are considered for all intents and purposes Junior Ministers. Junior Ministers aim to embody the will of the laygamer, and give the non-government members representation and agency.

IV. Jelly's presidency shall not be challenged by any legislation or in any way; he is granted immunity from exile. Further, all non-vetoed legislations must go through Jelly.

V. An inactive gamer is not a welcome one. Unless President Jelly has been informed beforehand, a gamer will be kicked immediately if inactive for more than 35.3 days. Even with a valid excuse, a gamer holding a position of power will be ousted from that role if inactive for more than 15 days.

VI. The Federation's national anthem (found on guild tab) is dedicated to the cesspit solo queue has become, and it serves as a reminder to attempt to change that unfortunate fact.

VII. Any gamer that has committed a minor infraction (i. e. mildly disrespecting the national anthem) has a right to request trial by jury and a legal representative (pseudo lawyer).

More to be added]
Thank you, and godspeed. Gamers rise up.

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