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Can i add people from other regions?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by DestinyVZLA » July 11, 2015 4:12pm | Report
That`s my question. Im signed on South america and id like to add as friend other people from a different region, for example, north america. I can add them using the button of add friend? Or i need to make a new account in other region?. If i can add people from other regions, leave your nickname and i will add u so we can play. Im level 8 and a half :p. DestinyVZLA, thats my nickname.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Nightmare5436 » July 22, 2017 8:10pm | Report
Contact [email protected]

send them a message with the following

Your in-game username

Your email that is associated with your account

Your current region

The region you want to transfer to

A good reason to explain why you want to change
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