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Quote | PM | +Rep by Ohei » August 3, 2015 4:04pm | Report
Name : Kelthan
Title : The Vampire Lord of the East Tower
Type : Support

Heroic Ability : Vampire Bats
When Kelthan dies, he turns into bats allowing him to flee and recover. He gains 1% health each second in this form. (+1 per level). And he has a 5 second respawn timer. This ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds, so if he dies with the cooldown up, he has to wait for the death timer.

Ability 1 : Swarm of Bats
Sends out his bats in a direction, if it lands on a enemy hero, it starts procing crystal damage and crystal life steal for 15% each. The bats stay there for 5 seconds then return to Kelthan for reuse. The cooldown doesn't start until they return. Cooldown for 30 seconds. Overdrive changes the percentage to 25% instead.

Ability 2 : Empower
Kelthan uses up some of his life to power up him and nearby allies for 15%. Including minions, cooldown is 60 seconds. Overdriving this ability changes the cooldown to 30 seconds but increases the life loss.

Ultimate : Mass Confusion
Kelthan fires a AOE blast around him, causing enemy minions to switch sides temperarly. This lasts for (5/15/30) seconds. The cooldown doesn't start until the effects are over or the effected minions die. Cooldown is 60 seconds.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Ohei » August 3, 2015 5:58pm | Report
Name : Bael
Title : The Dark Lord
Type : Lane

Heroic Ability : Dark Heart
Dark Heart is a buff that adds crystal power for each stack he has, max of 100. Each minion he kills gives him 1 stack of Dark Heart, each Enemy Hero he kills gives him 5 stacks of Dark Heart. When he dies he loses all of his stacks. If he dies with 100 stacks he explodes on death dealing AOE damage around him dealing his original crystal damage.

Ability 1 : Dark Core
Bael puts down a orb of Darkness in a area, slowing enemies in the area around it, and dealing crystal damage. When it disappears it explodes dealing additional crystal damage. Cooldown 30 seconds. Overdriving this ability makes the core stay longer and deal more damage.

Ability 2 : Dark Aura
Beal activates a Aura that deals constant damage to those who get too close. The aura increases crystal damage while active. Cooldown 60. Overdriving this ability increases the time the Aura stays, and increases the crystal damage buff.

Ultimate : True Darkness
Bael transforms into his true form, amplifying his crystal damage by (5%/20%/40%) and changes his abilities to match his new form. Cooldown 120. The cooldown doesn't start until he reverts back. Form lasts for 60 seconds.

Ultimate Heroic : True Evil
If Dark Heart had 100 stacks when you transform, you automatically gain a stronger version of Dark Aura. When you kill a minion it explodes dealing AOE damage.

Ultimate Ability 1 : Evils Heart
Bael places down a stronger version of Dark Core, except it pulls them in, and explodes dealing massive crystal damage. Damage depends on the skill level of the original skill. And if overdrived, it applies a stun on impact of the blast.

Ultimate Ability 2 : Teleport
Bael marks a spot and teleports there, when he lands at his destination it explodes dealing crystal damage. Damage depends on origional skill level. If the origional skill was overdrived, the cooldown is cut in half. Cooldown 60.

Ultimate Ability 3 : Void
Bael starts casting a ancient AOE spell. When he finishes he summons a dark flame that puts a debuff on enemies that slows them down and deals constant crystal damage to them. If they die with the debuff they explode dealing AOE damage around them. Cooldown 60.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Bootylicious » August 3, 2015 8:25pm | Report
Glad to see you're full of ideas, but... Some of this stuff is REALLY overpowered lol
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Ohei » August 4, 2015 10:41am | Report
Lol. I'm just creative tho. :3 They don't need to be exact, they can be tweaked and changed. It's just that it's a origional idea. :3

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Yangusbeef » August 4, 2015 11:25am | Report
Passive: I like it but you need to put some restrictions on it like range and duration

Ability 1: make this 1 bullet at a time with a short cool down. Overdrive just decreases CD, increases damage, and slightly increases the range when it is not locked on. Deals(50/70/90/110/150 Crystal + 50% Crystal) CD:(4/3.5/3/2.5/2/0.5) not locked on: (500/800) locked on: (800/1200)

Ability 2: Needs to have low base range and high range when locked on. Prioritized closest target. Dies after 10 seconds of hero not being within 500 range. Deals(10/30/50/70/100 Crystal + 100% Crystal) to enemy heroes Deals(50/70/90/110/150 Crystal + 30% Crystal) to enemy minions and jungle. CD:(20/19/18/17/15) Not locked on:(300/500) locked on: (600/900)

Ultimate: June changes form and gains new abilities. CD from previous abilities carries over. Lasts for (15/20/30 seconds) CD:(180/140/100) June takes less damage for duration (20/22/25%) but deals reduced damage (25/20/10%) June loses passive and is now melee(~50 range)

Ultimate passive: each consecutive attack against an enemy deals 3% increased damage. Up to 15%

Ultimate 1: June fires a particle that deals splash damage and slows enemies by (10/20/30/40/50%)for 3 seconds overcharge stuns enemies instead for 3 seconds. Only enemies who are directly hit are stunned. Enemies affected by splash are still slowed. It deals (30/60/90/120/200 Crystal + 80% Crystal) Range:(800)

Ultimate 2: June locks onto target enemy and launches a missile. Missile can be dodged. Missile can only be targeted at a hero. June can store 4 missiles at a time. Regenerates a new missile every 5 seconds. Each missile does (10/15/20/25/40 Crystal + 200% Crystal) CD between missiles being launched is 1 second.

Ultimate 3: after a short delay, juggernaut self destructs and launches June to target location (range 500/1000/1500) subsequent explosion knocks back enemies and deals (100/150/300 Crystal + 100% Crystal)
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Saggycrayon » August 6, 2015 7:24am | Report
I want a hero that can summon a demon (y)

oh oh oh oh ! Maybe it can attack indiscriminately?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Infinite825 » December 17, 2017 9:24am | Report
Name: Core
Role: Warrior
Position: Jungler
Heroic Perk: One With The Shadows:
Core can see through bushes in a wide radius around himself and can spot enemy heros and mines inside them. Additionally, if Core enters a brush with an enemy hero inside, or if an enemy enters a brush Core is currently in, the enemy will be rooted for 1.3 seconds. (Only once while in bush) Heroic Perk activates again once Core and the enemy hero leaves and enters a brush again.

A Ability - Hell’s Mercy: Core extends his bladed arm to the targeted location dealing damage and slightly slowing the first enemy hero it reaches. Core is granted 10% fortified health every 4 basic attacks on the struck hero.

B Ability - Screeching Wrath: Core quickly inhales and screeches in a large cone shaped area in front of himself for 1 second boosting nearby ally attack speed and damaging and deranging all enemy heros control of direction for 2 seconds when hit.

C Ability (Ult) - Possession: Core pauses for a second and jumps onto a chosen enemy hero and entitles control over them for 5 seconds before jumping out with a burst of dark pulse that surrounds the enemy hero in a wide radius around them boosting nearby ally attack and attack speed for 3 seconds. Possessing an enemy hero allows you to attack and use the abilities of the chosen hero for the benefit of Core. All used enemy abilities cool down reduced by 2/3.

That's my idea for a hero so far. Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be the stats for this kind of hero?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Illiad » February 28, 2018 5:21pm | Report
Sounds fun :) Here's mine:

Name: Lucille, the Saint of Taking
Summary: Mobile fighter who thrives off of turning enemies into powerful buffs for herself
Role: Warrior

Heroic Perk: Saint of Taking
Lucille's basic attacks apply stacks of Crownstrike onto enemy heroes. Heroes affected by Crownstrike give Lucille +3.3 Crystal and Weapon Power, +0.5 Armor and Shield, +0.25% Armor & Shield Pierce, and +2.5 Max Health per stack, up to 10 stacks on every hero. Stacks of Crownstrike wear off if Lucille doesn't attack for 3 seconds or if she is not within 6.5 meters of her target. Critical hits deal bonus Crystal damage to an enemy if they have stacks of Crownstrike.

Ability A: Dash & Slash
Lucille dashes to a hero with stacks of Crownstrike nearby, gaining a quick burst of movement speed and a health barrier for 3-15% of her current health. All stacks of Crownstrike are removed from the target. When taking this Overdrive, the range of the dash is significantly increased and the target also is dealt Crystal damage based on the number of Crownstrike stacks they have. This ability passively increases how far Lucille can travel without her enemies losing stacks of Crownstrike. Cooldown: 12.25s-8s

Ability B: Slice & Dice
Lucille's next basic attack is guaranteed to apply two stacks of Crownstrike as well as being a critical hit with +5-15% lifesteal. After activating this ability, it can be reactivated at no additional cost if the enemy has 7 or more stacks of Crownstrike, consuming 7 stacks and slowing the enemy by 35% briefly. Overdriving this ability reduces the stacks of Crownstrike needed from 7 to 5 as well as dealing extra Crystal damage. Basic attacks reduce this ability's cooldown by one second. Cooldown: 9s-7s

Ultimate: Blade & Battle
Lucille dashes quickly towards an enemy hero, jungle creature, or turret, burying a spear inside them dealing Weapon and Crystal damage and slowing for its duration. The spear stays in an enemy for 3-5 seconds and applies 3.3 stacks of Crownstrike per second to the targeted enemy as well as all nearby heroes. Non-heroes will not gain stacks of Crownstrike when using this ability. Cooldown: 60s/55s/45s

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Quote | PM | +Rep by HarleyKill » April 20, 2018 4:22am | Report
Name: Karina
Role: Protector
Position: Captain

Special Features:
- 5 floating energy cards around
- Long metal claws
- Gypsy gown
- Blindfold around eyes

Heroic Perk: Arcanium Sense
Karina's senses are more increased, allowing her to see much further than the average hero. Her vision range and other vision items are increased. Additionally, she can sense and attack enemies in brush and through walls. Karina's basic attacks come in sets of 5 cards. Every first card reveals an enemy hero, the third card slows and the fifth card applies mortal wounds and all cards steal energy (health from heroes with no energy or monster camp). After using all five cards, she gains a new set. Each time she gains a new set, she consumes some of her energy.

Ability A: Aura Grasp
Kavira transfers energy from other enemy heroes in a cone in front of her. Afterward, Kavira has the opportunity to convert the energy she gained and turn it into an energy cloak that turns her invisible until all the energy she gained has run out (1 energy = x seconds). The cloak only last until it all runs out. If in the end, she doesn't decide to cast a cloak, it is given to her as energy.

Ability B: Spiritual Breakthrough
Kavira releases all her remaining cards in a target direction, damaging all targets in front of her. All basic attack effects still apply. Additionally, if a target is hit with 5 cards, the effects last much longer.

Ability C: Be Gone
Kavira gathers her senses and teleports an enemy hero to a target location. Teleporting someone instantly stuns them until they have reached their destination. Or if no target has been targeted, she can then either chooses her or another ally to teleport.

Background Story:
Kavira was a humble Gypsy that lived her life in the town of Gythia. She helped the poor by being a nuisance to shop owners and often got into trouble with her lovers family (Lyra). When she found that her boyfriend (Samuel) had a dark side, she tried to reason with him. Instead, he convinced her to help him on his dark road. Kavira wasn't really convinced but she went anyway, hoping she could change his mind on the way. She foresaw his fate and hopes that one day she could stop it.

Name: Olivia
Role: Sniper
Position: WP Carry

Heroic Perk: Reset
Basic Attacking reduces the cooldown of all her abilities and items. Unfortunately, Olivia doesn’t gain anything when it comes to cooldown reduction items. Cooldown reduction instead gives her increased attack speed.

Ability A: Backup
Olivia shoots a long range dart to the target enemy that sends them back to their former location (x seconds ago). At the end of the transportation, the target is stunned and suffers from mortal wounds.

Ability B: Slo-mo
Olivia puts down a magical Hour Glass that slows down time to all her enemies around her. Her enemies will move in slow motion and all their ability and item cooldowns will run slower. Even projectiles move slower through the field (like basic attacks, ultimates ETC)

Ability C: Frozen in Time
Olivia shoots a time capsule that freezes an enemy in time. This ability does not cancel any ability the target was currently casting but pauses it, This time capsule collides with the first enemy hit and explodes on contact, freezing all other targets around. Projectiles, ability, and item cooldowns are slowed (like in slo-mo).

Background Story:
Olivia is a pesky thief who uses her gifted time trinkets to wreak havoc in towns and villages. Her complex magic makes it difficult for authorities to catch her by surprise. One day she received a message from a crow by an anonymous person saying that there was a huge bounty transfer in the Stormguard. In the middle of her robbery, she was snapped by the guards and taking to the Storm Queen. Olivia then finally found that it was her who sent the message. The Storm Queen only wanted her Time Capsule. Banished by the Storm Queen, Olivia waits until the time is right to strike down the Storm Queen before she can use the power of the Time Capsule to her advantage. Olivia created a prototype of the Time Capsule that needs time to cool down before using it again.

Name: Victoria
Role: Warrior
Positioning: Jungler

Weapon: 2 x Cutlasses

Heroic Perk: First Mate
Victoria travels around with her dead spirit seal called “Bloons” that supports her in every situation. Critical attacks allow Bloons to strike the target, giving a devastating blow that slows and shreds their shield and armor for x seconds. Bloons also hangs around Victoria’s last hit target, giving her vision of them until they are out of range or she hits a new target.

Ability A: TNCanon
Victoria’s seal turns into a canon that collides and explodes with the first enemy hero. The explosion deals immense crystal damage to all enemy units in range. It also pushes them back. (First enemy hero gets pushed away from Victoria, others get pushed back)

Ability B: On-guard
Victoria dashes forward towards her target, dealing a critical basic attack to them. Afterward, Victoria gains increased attack speed for a few seconds.

Ability C: Inner Spirit
Victoria and Bloons fuse to become the Ultimate Pirate. Victoria’s basic attacks turn into On-guard and her TNCanon cooldown is reduced to allow constant use. Additionally, all basic attacks while in this state apply First Mate.

Background Story:
Victoria is a ruthless pirate that was cursed whilst sailing through an enchanted cave. She was trying to run fleeing from a sea monster. This cave killed her crew, including her first mate, her pet, Bloons the Seal. Her crew sacrificed themselves to save her life. Now thirsty for revenge, she hunts down the witch who had cursed them. When she found the witch, she was confronted by the Stormqueen. Victoria didn’t know what was going on until she was told that the curse had saved her because it was made to bring the Stormqueen another soldier to fight. It was because she was a natural leader that she made her own. Now Victoria fights on the side of the Stormqueen to make sure that her crew did not die in vain.

Name: Francene
Role: Protector / Assassin
Position: Captain / Jungler

Heroic Perk: Sticky
After using a

Ability A: Go Play
Francene sends one of her pet frogs to stand at a location and waits until an enemy hero comes along within its range. Afterward, the frog will shoot out it’s tongue and pull in the enemy hero before going away. Frogs can travel through walls and can only pull in one unit. They are also invisible when placed in a brush.

Ability B: Squash
Francene leaves a cluster of eggs (not made by her) on the ground that lasts for x minutes. These are hidden when inside brush. When an enemy steps on it, Francene is warned and their location is revealed. Additionally, Francene gains increased movement speed and WP power and attack speed when activated. Enemies are also rooted and slowed.

Ability C: LeapFrog
Francene super jumps in the target direction before kicking them back. Her kick is so strong, if they hit a wall they are stunned. If the target was kicked through a cluster of eggs, the target is rooted at the end of the kick. If they hit a wall they become stuck.

NOTE these ability sets may look OP but the stats will help balance out. Give some of your thoughts and what you think should change.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by minobaloko » November 29, 2018 10:15am | Report
Yangusbeef wrote:

So as summery:
Passive: auto attacks heal nearby allies by (2 x level)
1st ability: target ally takes reduced damage for a duration. The damage reduction decays over the duration. (I.e. Lvl 1 5%;lvl 2 10%;lvl 3 15%; lvl4 20%; lvl 5 30%) duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/5 seconds
2nd ability: target ally or enemy is pulled towards you. He can pull himself towards walls and turrets. This is a skill shot. It deals no damage. Maxing increases range. Each level decreases cool down, mana cost, and increases missile speed.
Ultimate: Target enemy takes increased damage and is revealed for 2/3/5 seconds (damage increase could be 20%/30%/50%)

I adore Paladins so I surmise that there ought to be one in the diversion eventually, and I believe that the changed rendition of this character could be truly great.

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