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Quote | PM | +Rep by RxyDxy » February 9, 2018 9:47pm | Report
Recently I've been seeing a lot of laners start the game by taking the jungle creeps on the safe side of the jungle, before heading to the lane. Just wondering, is this actually even a viable strategy? It ends up depriving the jungler of the gold accumulated on the creeps, who is busy in the middle contesting the large treant in the middle. I have no idea why people do it. Anyone can explain why and how this is the best strategy? Am I missing something here or are my teammates just bad at the game? I see no good reason for this unless the jungle creeps spawn in time for the jungler to clear his outer two camps, clear the elder treant (and hopefully win the contest) and walk back to the safe side, which I guess I haven't tried yet. Often times I find that my laner just spends too long clearing those creeps and the tower gets pushed so early on, that I feel it's not worth it.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by DeathWish » February 12, 2018 1:10am | Report
To me its actually normal,,
Becouse the carry actually gets a health buff over the enemy
(in case they atacked)

And at 1-5 mins into the game
No hero can solo the turret
Becouse they are still weak

And If anyone reading does this
Tip: The best option (for me)
Is to actually go with you jungler,and captain
To the jungle, help him win the elder treant contest, or even possible kill the enemy jungler , to help
You jungller with an early game invade

( i sometimes see pro players do this in tournaments )
(capital "R,E,D,W)

I usualy use any carry, but...., MEH

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