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What kind of hero do u want next?

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ShadowHoang » August 14, 2017 5:49am | Report
Theres been a lot of new heroes lately, like grace and reza.
So what kind of heroes do us players want next?
brief description of game play, role, perk and abilities

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Crazedjellyfish » August 14, 2017 1:53pm | Report
I'd like another tanky support like lance. Their perk would involve buffing and protecting allies, kind of like Adagio's skills, but a little bit less. For example, the perk might be: every X amount of seconds, your next ability grants all nearby allies a reduction in damage for the next few seconds.

I'm still thinking about their abilities though.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Takuisgud » August 14, 2017 4:25pm | Report
Me Random student
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“So your a killer? Show me your War face”
“AHH! that’s a war face now show me your war face.”
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(very high pitch mic)”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

How to properly teach someone to play vainglory lmao

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ArcaneBlitz » August 14, 2017 7:45pm | Report
I would love to see a Hero with abilities that can chain combos together similiar to a fighting game. For example, in a fighting game you can combine your kick and punch buttons together to generate new forms of attacks(such as a grappling move for example).

Lets say this new Heros A ability is a Punch with 2 charges, his B is a generic Kick and Ultimate has low cooldown so one can chain combos together more often similiar to how lance has low Ult cooldown. So basically their would be lots of possible abilities to create. A + B(Grapple), A + Ult(Some Lightining stun kick), B + Ult(Lift enemies into the air juggle them), etc :3

More random examples of chaining abilities: A + A + B + A + C If you succeed in chaining all these abilities in this sequence, then lets say your last ability is some type of special attack, rewarding player who can combo effectively. The only thing I am afraid of is if a fighting Hero might be able to juggle and CC chain the enemy Heros too much. In fighting games, somethimes you can juggle enemies into the air very very long and it can be annoying as well as a form of crazy CC.

I hope I didn't eloborate too much, maybe I got out of hand xD Hope you guys understand what I mean x)

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Quote | PM | +Rep by x0xXx0x » August 15, 2017 11:04am | Report
All vainglory heroes are sh it! They are very unique and thats the main problem! When developers struggle to make heroes very complex and unique they broke them! Imagine baptiste...bassicaly you find it interesting 2 days...after you lose interest!

The problem with vainglory heroes is that they do not excell in anything and thats the main problem...the few heroes that do are the most liked by a vast majority, example saw, krul, kestrel etc

Other than that most of their heroes are just broken!

Adagio is bassicaly a healer with a very stupid heal! If thats a heal this site is owned by batman bassicaly! Also his dmg enhancing skill is ganks seconds and miliseconds matter! If you decide to enhance someones dmg you would have lost some decent time that could be used to make a better decision fall back attack chase heal use ulti use item etc!

Ardan ardan is bassicaly a warrior with the dmg of a carrot! Thats why supports are not liked in vainglory...they lack all the things...dmg, strong spells etc!

Alpha alpha is bassicaly a warrior and it works but not nerfed to bits like it is now!

Baron baron has 0 cc bassicaly and if you consider his a a cc you are dumb! He has bassicaly 0 protection against anything except his b!
He does not excell in spnothing, this patch his dmg is the same as other carries bassicaly! And he has a rocker launcher...and ringo has a revolver or wtf it is...and ringo does same dmg! Stupid game!

Baptiste baptiste wants to be a sorcerrer but his main attack spell is trowing bottles of toxic sh it! He also does bot excell in anything...

Etc etc

The problem is every single hero is weak and you are forced to gank in order to bring someone down!
Now ill give ya 3 heroes example to make you understand what an impactfull hero is without being op!

Support: range attack low hp, aoe enhances allies as long as they are in range with tthingw like dmg and plus crystal power attacks...dmg enhancement on the support is even greater, attack speed is low, movement speed is average! Has the ability to either gain strenght or dodge attack if attacked or focused! As long as energy is up allies are really difficult to bring down! Now this is a support! Support will scale with items...pick just 1-2-3 utility items...then pick crystal power! In vainglory bassicaly people trow 6 utility items on their hero and their dmg is 0 and fun factor 0!

Carry: 1 big axe, qbove average hp, close combat, hp regen is higher than other heroes, his skills base strenghts are low but heavily scale with crystal power or weapon power, even a 300 gold item in plus or minus will make difference between a strong and a weak carry! Has the ability to CARRY the team! Meaning if it is farmed enough and got trough early untouched late will be ultra strong, bullying everything around!

Jungler: compared the carry jungler has less sustain and more burst and the rest of the formula applies! Jungler abilities base dmg is high and they scale decently with items!

Skills dont have a real impact in vainglory! What has most impact is positioning wich is wrong...people should focus on skill order and combining effects in order to take enemies down! If you build echo on ardan with full hp and you double echo your carry if it is not positioned well it will still die! And these are just facts!

In a nice game you must kill the support first because thats who keeps the gank strong, in vainglory you must kill the carry first! That says it all
So why would you want more sh it heroes? I bassicaly found reza in chest and i can say he is a sh it hero! Offers nothing...its a recycled version of vox, bf, koshka, fortress etc
Favorite heroes: Fortress, Krul Support, Rona Support, Taka support

Favorite Skin: All Fortress Skins

Skill Tier: Vainglorious

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Blissey123 » August 17, 2017 7:08am | Report
Honestly, I'm just wondering why you even play Vainglory and spurt out hate on it in this site?

We already know you hate it so much, and criticize almost everything about it.

If all you say is to spread hate to Vainglory AND to other users who just want to have a perfectly normal discussion and fulfill the purpose of this site in the first place, Just DON'T post. Please.
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Heroes that I am good at but I don't have: Joule
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Tier: Worthy Foe Silver
Best Heroes: Lyra, Catherine, Idris, Kestrel, Koshka, Vox, Celeste

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Quote | PM | +Rep by ArcaneBlitz » August 18, 2017 12:17pm | Report
If you want to counter Adagios heal, then buy poision shive to apply
mortal wounds(reduce heal and lifesteal by 33%), that and you can outdraft the enemy team. In addition, buy a Crucible to block his Ult. You honestly do not make a lot of sense XoX and I think I've lost some braincells reading your post. How can you say many Heros excell at nothing then say Heros that excell at something are Heros like Saw? You kidding me, Saw? Ha you just buy Atlas Pauldron and pick a CP mage like Scarff to counter him. If you watch the esports scene, over 90 % of the Heros are picked. This demostrating how each Hero do excell at what they do and are impactful enough to be picked by the pros. Also, Skills do have an impact in the gams, I've seen Willy(formely Aramada) block so many Grumpjaw Ults that if not block would have lost them the game. True skill by utilizing items like Crucible for your team. Furthermore, what do you mean every single Hero is weak? Early game Heros like Koshka and Grumpjaw deal lots of damage and are not weak. If you are talking about Heros being weak in the late game, you are dead wrong too because Baron is perfect example of a strong late game Hero.

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